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Turister i Sogn og Fjordane får ikke lagt ut bilder av den fine utsikten på turistveiene på grunn av dårlig mobildekning. Noen steder er det ikke dekning i det hele tatt som på utkikkspunktet på #Gaularfjellet som kosta 20 millioner kroner. Nå prøver Sunnfjord utvikling å skaffe trådløst nett til turistene. På #Trolltunga er det dekning og de bruker nesten ikke penger på markedsføring, fordi folka som er der deler så mange bilder og videoer, skriver @nrksf 😀📸 #nrknyheter




A chi mi domanda ragione dei miei viaggi, solitamente rispondo che so bene quel che fuggo, ma non quello che cerco. #norvegia #fiordi #paesaggio #travel #norwegian


Som om at utsiktspunktet ikke var høyt nok over bakken fra før..




Mist er turist i eige fylke ❤


Der var vind..


From a small trip earlier this week to Utsikten:)


Utsikten, nasjonal turistveg Gaularfjellet.




A few gems from today's adventures with @ryanspicard 🤗 Waterfalls, mountains, fjords, sheep, delicious vegan food and fresh cider! In other news.... We want a summer home in Norway!! 🇳🇴


The cycle route stayed true to its title yesterday and led me deep into the mountains. It weaved up the first mountain in tight curves like a big snake through a dense green forest. The road was less traveled and therefore Gadmo could walk next to the bike which reduced the weight of my load a little bit. I was still slower than Gadmo though and he kept glancing back at me to make sure I'm still there, although this wouldn't have been necessary as I'm sure my heavy breathing was loud enough for him to hear. At the top we couldn't see anything else but other bald peaks, but as soon as I started to speed down the hill there were views of lakes shimmering between the mountains far below. It's so much fun racing down a hill, wind blowing in your overheated face, riding effortlessly through the scenery. After a short ride through a beautiful valley with a small village and blue lake the next ascent waited for me. It was way longer than the first one and I spent the whole afternoon climbing up the mountain. The views were spectacular though and well worth the effort. Mountains surrounded us on every side, waterfalls rushed downhill in many places, huge and impressive. The trees looked so different, they were thinner and the bark looked grey and as it had thousands of crinkles. Somehow they seemed to be the old people of trees. Between them grew so many fern you wouldn't have been able to walk there. Sheep hid between the trees, walked on the road, slept on the narrow nearly nonexistent shoulder and ran away when I neared with the squeaking bike.


Gøy himmel #nofilter #mobydick