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Merdeka month. Hence pic with our National Flag is a must. 🇲🇾


Simplicity at its best today : koyak jeans ft t-shirt 💋 #fqs #petitesootd


myspace at 15 years old and now we here. coordinating at a first meet 💕


Shoutout to the random air asia flight attendant we met on the lrt yesterday for suggesting getting food from cold storage and eating in the klcc park 🤙🏻


was a wonderful day ✨


Separuh daripada tenaga kerja telemovie #calonmenantubapak


What's up KL?? 👋🏻 Bumped into some friendly fans at the mall today 🤗 3 days until #FIGHTNIGHT!!!




Tak selamanya kau kat atas & tak selamanya aku kat bawah . Ada mase kita akan bertukar kedudukan 😎


Co Advisor visit.... 😅😅😅😅 Bila next paper ko nak submit Pah?..😆 Kita mamam dulu .. We discuss later yer Prof.😆😆😆


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