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Happy Birthday My brother. Can't believe that it's been nearly 2 years since you left us and I last heard your voice. They say time heals all wounds but this wound you left us with will never heal, I fucken miss you "PEPPS" and not a single day goes by where you don't cross my mind. The Circle will never be the same without you 😔 till we meet again my brother I Love You Forever "PEPPS" #GoneButNeverForgotten #OldHabits


I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love ❤️ #marilynmonroe #sexicon #gonebutneverforgotten #endlessbeauty


Rest In Peace, gods called back a precious angel..may we see you in another life brother #restinpeace #blayne #blaynecaballero #angel #oneday #gonebutneverforgotten #peacefulsoul #neverforget


I sadly had to find out this morning that my sweet baby girl passed alway last night around 1am. I'm devastated she's gone and I didn't get to spend much time with her in the last few days, but I'm happy she's no longer in pain and suffering as much as she was. I will miss her every day, but she will always be in my heart! ❤ #gonebutneverforgotten


As spring approaches I miss you more then you will ever know ! My favorite thing was to get up in the early mornings take pictures until I had a million and I never caught a bad one you!!! I know you are bright over me today 🌷🌷 #myperfection #withmeinspirit #gonebutneverforgotten #bestfriendgoals #oneluckymomma


#Repost from @tiffanyjink - Today was a beautiful day ❤️ Jontavious would have been 30 years old #celebrationoflife #gonebutneverforgotten


March 27th is my least favorite day: It's the day I lost my father. And while I HATE remembering this day, the memory of the horror always comes back. The world lost a beautiful soul that morning in 2003... and I lost the person I loved most in the world. It. Never. Gets. Easier. Ever. 14 years later, I sob just as long and just as hard for this man. The pain never stops. The hurt never lets up. You simply have to learn to live with the gaping hole in your heart 💔💔💔 #imissyou #everysingleday #daddy #daddysgirl #gonebutNEVERforgotten #deaddadsclub #onceyoureinyourein #FUCKcancer #findacure #fightforit #standuptocancer


This one is Super Special ♡ A gift to a Grandmother as a memorial of the grandson that lost his battle with leukemia in January a few days before his 13th bday. He loved orange, Chinese food (Orange chicken), and wanted to be a marine biologist. His leaving has left a huge whole in her heart. #TeamMahlon #kickleukemiasbutt #gonebutneverforgotten #ihatecancer



Oh my God I wish you were here. I need your advice, I need your shoulder to cry on, I need you to tell me people are assholes just because they can be and they don't know any better because they have an empty space where their heart should be. Then you would always tell me how much better I was than all of that and to stop being so nice that I ended up letting people walk all over me. You had to say that. You were my cousin and I need you and you're gone. Why do all the good people leave so soon? I miss you and love you so much and it still hurts. I know you're here with me. I just wish I could talk to you one more time. Blakey. #blake #cousins #friends #missyou #gonetoosoon #gonebutneverforgotten #icantwaittoseeyouagain #rip🙏 #ripblake.


On a rainy day much like today, three years ago, I found out you had passed. Fast forward to now and this day is still on of the toughest days of each year. I miss you so much and wish I had more time. I wasn't prepared to have our last time hanging out be my graduation party, I wish I could come home and be able to hang out with you. You may be physically gone from here, but I have never, and will never forget you Hannah. Love you and miss you #CrushCancer #HakunaMatata #3Years #GoneButNeverForgotten


Today would have been my Papas 100th birthday! What a charachter! What a gent! My pap died holding my hand when i was 13 years old and i know if he was alive now i would most certainly be a very different person! Happy birthday Bert King! Pentwynmwrs finest stock! Look forward to a family meal tonight celebrating this amazing mans birthday!! #gonebutneverforgotten


Happy Birthday Brian, you are so missed.💙💙 I can only hope that you have unlimited amount of Henny and CC up there today 🍻💙 #gonebutneverforgotten #happybday #DubB #truelymissed #wishyouwherehere #rip💔


I was going for the whole see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil theme but the "smart" monkeys didn't catch on 🙈🙉🙊 (Bonus: whoever can guess the right amount of monkeys in this pic wins #replyinsta let's see who calls me a monkey first)


One day you're here and the next you are gone. I can't believe that it has already been a year since God called you home. There is not a day that goes by when I miss you, and everyday is still a challenge knowing you are no longer with us. I love you and I miss you so much, grandma. #gonebutneverforgotten #mygrandma


Mornin 🌎 my MCE my baby my aggravation U r foreva on my mind n in my heart I miss n love U sooo much words cud or wud neva explain it continue restin peacefully baby #my#myangel 😇 #myaggravation #myhomie 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I just want to #BallLikeE #mymcm #mce😍 #gonebutneverforgotten 💔💔😢 I no U watchin ova Us😇


Monday's where made for my two Angels👼🏾👼🏾 my MCM's💙 better than URS 💯 continue resting y'all I love yall forever and always 😘🤘🏽 #FOE #immybrotherskeeper #E4Dre #E4kenGlo #gonebutneverforgotten ‼️


I love your face in this because it's exactly as I remember you - hearing the laughter even through a photograph. I miss you, Cheryl. #RIP #cheryllynn #gonebutneverforgotten #memories


Ride in paradise @bronx1018 you will for ever be missed #newimagefl #custommade #florida #mybrother #bikelife #gonebutneverforgotten @maxwrist


8 months gone. I miss my little Frankie every day. 😟❤


Shit Crazy Just Seen Bro Yesterday Rest Upp Shiemy Ima Miss Uu #Gonebutneverforgotten 😩😒😢 #Realsinceday1


🙏🏽Eric Lynn Wright #rip_esaye #cpt #nwa #easymotherfuckinge #gonebutneverforgotten #fuckthepolice 🖕🏽sep. 2/'64-mar. 26/'95 🍾


Logan Taylor Gause, 19, of Florence, South Carolina passed away on March 13, 2017 after an 11-year battle with cancer. She was first diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 8. Her mother said: "On March 26, 2006 our life was turned upside down. Logan was having some headaches for a couple of days and we just thought it was allergies but when she couldn’t stand to see light and was throwing up we decided to take her to the ER. The ER doctor said that it was probably just sinus but he want to do a CT scan just to be on the safe side. When he came back into the room with the entire nurse staff and just stood there and look at us for a minute with this sad look on his face we knew something was wrong. When he told us that Logan had a brain tumor and the worst part he said that it was so far in the brain it would not be removable. She was diagnosed with an aggressive adenoma."... After numerous treatments, involving chemotherapy and radiation and surgeries, the tumors continued to grow. When she was 16, doctors found two inoperable tumors. She could not have radiation again and doctors said her condition was terminal. Logan was an inspiration and a hero to many. She participated in a video with MUSC Children's Hospital to show the process of radiation treatment for children with cancer. She hoped that by documenting the process that kids and their parents would have a better understanding and that they won't be as fearful. She also spoke to young people about her condition and how it affected her life and the way she coped with it. Her final act was to donate her brain to John Hopkins so that the cancer could be studied. We hope a cure is found from the research that will done because of her. Her family says that, "Logan was a loving daughter and friend to everyone she met. She was truly a fighter and kept her faith in God till the end." Our deepest sympathies are with her parents and many loved ones and friends. Rest well Logan... 🎗 #logangause #riplogan #instamemorials #loganstrong #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #adenoma #braincancer #restinpeace #gonebutneverforgotten #restinparadise


My heart is so heavy today. Lately, it seems I am constantly surrounded by reminders that this life is precious and we shouldn't waste a moment of it with any foolishness. The world lost a beautiful soul, but Heaven is a better place for having you in it #tashiastrong #gonebutneverforgotten


Have a good day!💕👼🌹


14 years of searching. I found him. I can finally have talks with my best friend again. #rip #grave #searchisover #reunited #cemetary #gonebutneverforgotten #imissyou #bestfriend


Me and #mymax in 2014. #missinghim more than normal today. It's his #birthday. #mydog #myboy #myheart #pitmix #pitmixagram #gonebutneverforgotten 💔💔


A year ago you left us too early,you had a very contagious smile that would always cause others to smile.REST IN PARADISE Lilatoni Vetemotu oute alofa ia oe. #gonebutneverforgotten


I might reuse this picture way too much but it's my favorite. Too long it has been since you've been gone. I think about you every day and my little world will never he the same without you. You were and still are one of the biggest impacts on my life. See you soon grandpa. #5years #gonebutneverforgotten


OMG look what I found on time hop. This was for my birthday and it was the best night ever. I miss him so much I so needed this. #gonebutneverforgotten