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To travel is to live. - Hans Christian Anderson. at Moselschleife


The golden sunset of this moment was so spectacular... imagine it... at Costa Rica


at Glacier Lanes


In the wastelands of today, when there's nothing left to lose, and there's nothing more to take, you have to force yourself to choose. at Icaraí


He had his hand on my knee. at Chouer, Mont-Liban, Lebanon


I swear its different... 🌼


It's been 6 months since I was in #Yosemite; I miss it so much Bc it's literally the best place, ever. Thank goodness I'll be in #Sequoia in 22 days. I'll be sad if I don't see a bear, though🏕 at Yosemite National Park


I took my nephew for a hike on my birthday. This was his first 1000ft up. Thanks for tagging along dude! at Mission Trails


The constant rain made this into a gorgeous waterfall again! MAGIC. I'm constantly amazed by this place. It's always changing. I fall in love with it more every day. at U.S. Forest Service - Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center


Life is so much better with some sand between the toes at Manhattan Beach, California


Cable beach 📷 : @from.miles.away . . Share your story #folkdiscovery


Any one else thinks this church is creepy? I felt so uneasy as soon as we pulled up but I started to walk up towards the church anyways, and instantly, got this really weird feeling someone or something was around. I kept walking towards it anyway and began taking pictures when I heard steps running from behind me. (yes, I was alone at this point; while everyone else was in the car) I was trying to dismiss it because maybe i thought it was the rain, but then I heard it louder and faster and I turned around with my camera. NOTHING. Then out of nowhere a black German Shepard runs right past me and circled me while i screamed like a little girl and started running back to the car. Yup, at this point, I was pretty much done taking pictures. Have any of you been here before? Do you feel the same way? 😂🙈😩 // . . . . . #wherewillwegonext #timeoutsociety #welltravelled #girlslovetravel #femmetravel #bbctravel #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #darlingescapes #fromwhereistand #adventureinspired #iamatraveler #girlsborntotravel #travelfinds #travellershouts #thetravelwomen #ladiesgoneglobal #sidewalkerdaily #exploreshareinspire #traveladdict #worldnomads #travelstroke #globelletravels #traveldeeper #doyoutravel #passionpassport


Last of it at Pacific Ocean


Does water looks warm? Well it wasn't.... but I'm okay with that. ☺️ #coldwaterlover • • • Stoked that I am finally learning how to get colorful shots durning the middle of the day! I think I'm also going to take a more saturated and true colored approach to editing pictures. Cause the real colors are just to beautiful! at Merced River


at Ardèche


Follow me to paradise at Varadero, Cuba


📍Havasupai, Arizona -- The past few weeks has been great, filled with lots of friends and family time, but I am itching for some outdoor adventure! at Havasupai Indian Reservation


"I drove my feet through a desert, and watched time level mountains." at Great Sand Dunes


Failing light in Glacier at Logan Pass


On a freezing cold morning. The Razorback lookout provided the goods. 🌅📷 at Great Ocean Road


For lack of any other options, we took to bathing in the glacial lakes. Instant goosebumps and some curious stares by tourists. It didn’t matter, we were happy and carefree


The way back to the car park, trying to beat the approaching thunder storms. @annasarahsmith @mountaindesigns at Italy


That's one way to deal with a hangover 🌊 at Taylors Mistake


Favorite part about visiting other coasts is seeing the different colors the water takes on at Long Beach, California


🌲🌲🚶🏻🌲🌲 at Dorrigo National Park


@reedboggs cruuuzin at whip offs


Semoga hubungannya nggak Kaya jalanan Jakarta yang banyak macetnya By @juliuswahyuagung at Bogor, Indonesia


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” - Winston Churchill at Dallas, Texas


まさに旅する家🚐 はじめてのヴァナゴントリップ、キャンプ場3箇所、道の駅2箇所、嫁の実家2泊、まだまだアマちゃんコースですが、ヴァナゴンと7泊8日信州ロードトリップ楽しんできました✌️うーーん、これはたまらない🔥子どもたちも病みつき、ヴァナゴン病発症のようです😏 #roadtrip #shinshu #yatsugatake #camp #vanagon #vanagonlife #vanlife #westy #gowesty #westylife #westfalia #projectvanlife #weekender #therollinghome #campvibes #modernoutdoors #greatnorthcollective #vanlifediaries #homeiswhereyouparkit #ヴァナゴン #vw #t3 #ウェストファリア at Yamanashi Prefecture


let the light hit the bump. 🤰🏼👶🏼 #maternity #portrait


Feet dangling off the tower deck, a cold brew in hand, good friends, and an amazing view to end the day. 👍🏻


Enjoying my vacation with this thug in #tofino at Three Hills, Alberta


I think one of the most important things I've learned in this trip is never be afraid to take risks, and it also taught me to never be afraid to fail only to look forward and keep working hard is what drives me to do these kind of adventures and be able to tell you my story. Thanks @foreverbuttvirgin @beccaplau and @le___lisa. at Horseshoe Bend


#mood 🦄 at Utah


• eyed dragon 🤔 • 📸: thanks Timmy at Patrick's Point State Park


at Pfäffikon, Zürich


Paskibra - Indonesia Pembaris muda Pembaris pilihan bangsa Dengan tekad dan kemauannya, mereka bisa. Ayo ikutan @coklatbiskuit @cangkeju @zhandays #FunwithBlibli #ShootTimeMerdeka #InimahSumedang #RI72 #Merdeka #72 at Sumedang


OH! Just a sculpture of a pig popping out of a restaurant window! These pig sculptures are a common sight around the town (in the most random places). They were created for an art competition. 🐷🐷 - #sharetravelpics #goexplore #travelworld #mytravelgram #loves_united_places #places_wow at Tettnang


Haven't posted in a couple days. at Hawaii


Something to remember: never stop doing great just because someone doesn't give you credit 📸 / also #sponsorme #nike at Downtown Los Angeles


Hazy skies are hard to avoid latley but do offer some soft colourful glows during sunsets. I usually don't post this style format but I thought I would give it a try and see how it does. Have a goodnight folks✌🏻️ ******************************************************* Waterfowl Lakes Banff National Park AB🍁 ******************************************************* #lost_world_treasures #theearthoutdoors #earthfocus #enjoycanada #bevisuallyinspired #hubs_united #wonderfulglobe #fbn10k #ExquisiteEarth #LiveOutdoors #majestic_earth #ig_today #colors_of_day #aroundtheworldpix #splendid_earth #Greatshotz #watchthisinstagood #amazingphotohunter #nature_wizards #globalcapture #vzcomood #worldprime #modernoutdoors #visualsofearth #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #main_vision #ig_photostars #artsyheaven #theoutbound


A sword in the middle of the light 😎 #nightphotography #lightbeamz #magical at Foresta Lumina


. how long has it been since you had that sense of excited anxiety? the one where you don't know if you have what it takes, you're scared as hell, because what if? one hundred small voices begin saying "yeah right. you're only. they'll laugh at you." but there's another voice, the one of excitement that's screaming "it's time! you were made for this! start right now!" there are three distinct moments in my life where I can remember this feeling and the clear sound of that voice, and they've all lead to the richest of life experiences. it's time📣


There's something about coming home from a weekend camping and suddenly catching a whiff of that campfire smell, sending you right back to that moment. Take me back to the mountains.


Liked this one too much for it to not have its own post so here it goes! Also: I wrote something and I'm no blogger but if you like adventures it might appeal to ya! Link in bio as they say.. #thatsWY


On the 6.5 mile approach to Capitol Lake we could only gaze in amazement at the magnitude of Capitol Peak and wonder what conditions would be like when we found ourselves committed to the climb. As the journey carried on it became clear that we had underestimate this mountain ⛰ ---------------------------------------------------- #aacgram #rockclimbing #climbing_worldwide #AdventureStartsHere #climbinginspiration #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion #sportclimbing #climbinglife #leadclimbing #timetoclimb #bouldering #iloveclimbing #goclimb #timetoclimb #rockandicemag #liveclimbrepeat #dirtbaglife #mesarim #grippedmagazine #doyouclimb #iloooveit #justgoclimb #tradisrad #tradclimbing #aspen #colorado #rockies at Maroon Bells–Snowmass Wilderness


Exploring the less appreciated things. at Peru


Wanting to run away to the beach like I did back home on #Guam, but I guess Lake Hefner will do for now. 😢 Also, this photo I took in Tulsa makes me think of Japan. 😭 - #hellolovelyliving #islandgirl #feels at Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tonight's my last night in PEI! The long road home is ahead of me, with stops in New Brunswick and Ottawa 🛣 at Prince Edward Island


Great value Joshua Tree


Gnight 😴 #nycprimeshot at New York, New York


What else can you do during a beautiful BC summer? Well, hike up a mountain with floaties and huck yourself off a cliff of course. Model: @littledavey7 #chasingsunrise #makeitcount at On Top Of Mount Seymour...


It would be easy to glance over, fail to see what's here. I understand. After all, it's just another pretty photo. You see, the man in the rear is the one who first introduced me to backpacking. If not for his influence, it would have taken longer or might never have been a part of my life. That guy is my brother in law, Dan. Nearly three years ago, my first wilderness trip was in Kenosha Pass, Colorado. It was short of magical, nearly all things to begin with a novice fumble. It was certainly not an exception. After years, and many trips later, I've found myself in an affair with the soft whispers of the forest and the freedom of roaming these wild lands. It's a privilege to share with you through images and bring back a glimpse of what is possible. I suppose it's my hope that these stories might inspire you to find that connection which weaves into your heart once you terminate the tethers of the fast paced, noisy life that lies outside the edge of the wilderness.


if you have a moment check the link in my bio I have to page about sailing and some photography on the magazine @facethecurrent #lifeonthewater #saillife #instatravel at Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park


Geikie Gorge National Park. The cruise up the river was great, the park ranger explained all there is to know about the gorge and the wildlife. Definitely recommend it if your around Fitzroy crossing at Western Australia