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Check out the light trails in this LowLightGram by @ljb_snaps 👏👏👏 . . . Check out their profile to see some more great shots!🔥📷 . . . Follow and use #LowLightGrams or tag to get featured too!✨💥✨


We don't use holsters.. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Mendung bukan berarti ujan.. #lookupseason #hbouthere #minimalmovement


soy peor pero me acuerdo de ti aún


The subtle onslaught, the normality


I met Wendell while filming a short for @the_skindeep with my dude @tylerrattray. I've seen Wendell before, he built his home between Eddie and Ellis in Taylor Street right outside a parking lot I often park in. He's one of the few that has built a legitimate structure on the streets of the TL. Most tent encampments are located under bridges, or on the edge of neighborhoods, but Wendell was right on Taylor Street, outside of GLIDE. Yesterday we spotted him feeding pigeons adjacent to a pile of debris, right next to where I've previously seen his home. I asked if I could film him feeding the pigeons, he gave me an affirming nod. After he threw his last piece of bread, he tilted up and made eye contact with me, then panned down to the camera hanging around my chest. He told Tyler and I that he was a photographer once, a photojournalist to be exact. Decades ago, he lugged around camera gear twice the size and weight of what most photojournalists use today, on the battle fields of Vietnam. According to Wendell, his photos of the war never saw the light of day. His work was blacklisted and ostensibly so was he. Before we left, Wendell told us that the pile of debris on the side of us, was his former home. The police and a clean up crew pulled the structure apart and threw most of the remains in the back of a truck. They then drove away with the remains of his home stacked in the bed of the truck. While discussing all of this Wendell seemed un-phased, displaying a zen like non-attachment to the events that unfolded. Without a clear resolution to his situation, he told us he was going to get his morning coffee, smiled, and slowly drifted away. His smile seemed to linger with us throughout our day.


Model: @shinanova Photographer: @mrsanjuarez Selected by: @jamked Tag #6electports for a feature!


This was down a friends alley in District 1, we presumed their tiny wooden house was too small for the whole family, it was, so they would take it in turns to sleep outside on the camp bed, fully equipped with a DVD player that seemed to be on 24 hours a day. #saigon #vietnam #asia #night #travel #street


PASSING (pasukan poesing)


Descubriremos la naturaleza de nuestro genio particular cuando dejemos de conformarnos a nuestros propios o modelos de otra gente, aprendamos a ser nosotros mismos y permitamos que se abra nuestra canal natural.-Shakti Gawain || Para poner más creatividad en tu vida síguenos @tamaragrj Via: @artevue_


•Visitor• #iphonephotography #vibrvncy #홍대 #🇰🇷




working to go on vacay...


Don't mind me, just reminiscing. 🚶🏻




Me (left) and @gorillaz 🤘🔥 #gorillaz #humanz




this city though.💕


Anti suicide squad squad.


🌐Best WORLDFEATURE today •••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo by : 👤 @gospvillegas Selected by:@16.thvvitness You can be follow @worldfeature_ and #worldfeature ••••••••••••••••••••••• Alliance's @squaretones #squaretones @whoiteam #whoiteam @worldwidegrams #wwgrams Always tag and #worldfeature for get feature. ➖➖➖👥Support hastag👥➖➖➖ #greatergriters #shootersmag #attacktheshot #all2epic #all_shots #streetframe #rsa_streetview #HeaterCentral #artisticofinspire #squaretones #urbexnesia_ #streets_vision #moodygrams #way2ill #Artofvisuals #like4like #ig_masterpiece #fatalframes #agameoftones #yngkillers #500px #illgrammers #exklusive_shot #streetxstory #crazyshooterz #preset


china town roof - a brisbane classic


Well, the sun is going to another side, the night will take good care of you.


If there are some Hopes inside my city grew




life is not a race to chase, but we realize it only when death comes face-to-face. 😕


LOVED THIS DUDE! 🎨 Unlike other salesmen, who were just chasing money and surrounding us all around the island being extremely annoying with their souvenirs, he was just chilling by his place doing his thing. So I asked him why is that. ‘I do what I do because I love it and I display it in front of my house. If people like my art THEY come and buy.’ - he said. Amazing! He even showed me his house which he also built himself and was happy to pose for some pics. And so was I, totally happy to give him some $$ for his time and kindness. ✌🏾👶🏾


Настоящий Петербуржец различает до десяти тысяч оттенков серого