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43/100 Snow Bird Poem by @heathbleaupoet On southward thermals, family flew; On trade-winds dry and fair. Toward a winter's summer, skies of blue; Towards the tropic's sultry air. Not I! Not I! No, no! Not I! Mine was a choice more absurd. To stay! To stay! Not go! Not fly! To give voice to my inner snow bird! I thought them all daft and dismally dim to fly so far for so long. Staying put sounded easy, so I did, on a whim: Alas! I could not have been more wrong! It's frightfully lonely and dreadful cold. There's nothing to drink or to eat! Staring at white on white's getting old. I'm afraid that I must admit defeat. Speaking of defeat. Defeat? The feet! I haven't felt mine in days! I've a hoarse-hacking cough in place of sweet-tweets, and I sneeze in the snottiest ways! I swear if I make it; If I survive; If I live to again feel my toes; If I make it through this winter alive I'll fly as south as southward birds go! I'll be the first to leave! I'd leave right now, if not for my frost-bitten feathers. I've learned not to be lazy. I have! And how! Or to at least to be lazy in warmer weather! #snowbird #100dayproject #poem #bird #illustration #art2ways #poetsofinstagram #winterwonderland


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