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The Sacramento Kings are actively shopping PG Darren Collison, SG Arron Afflalo and Ben Mclemore. Should the Cavs pursue Collison as their backup point guard?


If Sacramento drafts smart and gets the right players, I think they will win this trade. I feel like they are gonna be just like the Timberwolves. New Orleans did get a super star and got better, but they still don't have a bench... especially now. And no draft picks for the future. I don't see NO shaping out the way we thought they would.


We never signed D-Will.... CREDS: @HARAMBEPRODUCTIONS


Lmao smh @sacramentokings 😂😂😂


Thoughts on Davis-Boogie duo? I see bust all over it


A Rose between two thorns 🌵🌹🌵




Did someone photoshop this because I'm pretty sure I've seen this pic somewhere else but they had different jerseys


West wins. Helluva game by AD!!!


Who will win MVP? Don't be bias


The Timberwolves are highly interested in guard Iman Shumpert. Who should we receive if we gave up Shump to Minnesota?


Just like what LeBron said, the Warriors and Cavs ARE NOT rivals. I've been saying this forever. A real Cavalier rivalry is the Bulls, Pistons, Pacers. The Bulls have been a rivalry forever. Mj's shot on Ehlo. Lbj shot in the playoffs. That is what a true rivalry is. I rivalry is a game played between two teams, that has and will always be a close score no matter the roster, no matter the time of existence. Cleveland-Chicago games have always been close. We play each other 4 times a year unlike the 2 times we play GS. Bulls games are ALWAYS down to the wire, instead of being 30 point blowouts. I'm sorry to all the fans that have just became fans and are living in the Cle-GS era. But don't tell me GS is our rival bc it's only been 3 damn years. We've been rivals with Chicago since the 1990's... #CN23Rants


How many times has Kyrie played in an All star game? (Including tomorrow) #CN23Trivia


How many all star appearances does K. Love have? (Tomorrow doesn't count) #CN23Trivia


Gonna post 3 easy answer pics and tomorrow when I wake up I'll announce the winners. First 3 to get them right will get shoutouts. First question: HOW MANY ALL STAR MVP DOES LBJ HAVE? #Cn23Trivia


Late night SPEED trivia?