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The Knicks upset the red hot Boston Celtics 117-106. Next game is tomorrow at home against the Washington Wizards on TNT at 8:00 pm est! Rose MVP 🔶Top Scorers🔷 Rose: 30pts, 10rbs, 5asts, 2stls, 2blks Willy: 17pts, 11rbs, 1stl Kuz: 17pts, 6rbs, 2asts Holiday: 13pts, 5rbs Melo: 13pts, 4rbs, 3asts Jennings: 11pts, 5rbs, 4asts, 1blk Lee: 9pts, 8rbs, 7asts, 1blk Plumlee: 5pts, 6rbs, 3asts, 2blks ANALYSTS: . What a game. Everyone contributed. The bench really stepped up, 55 points and 45 rebounds. Even thought KO and Burgundy started, they had 20 mins combined. What a game for Rose. 5 assists off a Triple-Double. Ended with 30 points, tied his most. The Knicks outrebouned the C's 57-33. Very good win against the hot Celtics team. We did this almost without Melo. Willy didn't start but got more minutes (20) and posted his 2nd double-double. Hopefully Jeff realized this man NEEDS to play. Kuz had a solid game with 17. Holiday, as usual, played well. He's always going to score 10-15 points. He is very consistent, especially his shot. Now Courtney. A near Triple-Double! Name 2 Knicks that had a near trip double in a game... 9 points 8 rebounds and tied a career high 7 assists. Maybe him off the bench is the way to go. Plumlee got some action in awhile and played pretty good defense with 2 blocks. All the big men, expect KO, stepped up in KP's absence.


Porzingis is out once again. Also, expect the same lineup from last game. Baker in, Lee off the bench, Kuz at 3.


Melo has informed Phil Jackson that he wants to to remain in New York.


Rose was fouled twice. Knicks lose in a thriller 108-107 to the Hawks. Next game is Wednesday one the road against the Celtics at 7:30 pm est on MSG. Heartbreaking game that we should have won 🤦‍♂️. 🔶Top Scorers🔷 Melo: 30pts, 7rbs, 2asts, 1stl Rose: 18pts, 4rbs, 9asts, 1stl, 1blk, 2 bad calls Kuz: 14pts, 5rbs, 2asts, 2stls Baker: 12pts, 3rbs, 1ast, 2stls Noah: 7pts, 17rbs, 3asts, 2stls, 1blk #KnicksTank


Starting lineup. Yes you are seeing this right.


KP will not play once again. There is a chance he plays on Wednesday against the Celtics. #KnicksTank


Lance Thomas has been ruled out for today's MLK game against the Hawks. Kuz could start but Horaceck has hinted differently. #KnicksTank


I personally don't want Carmelo gone. Not one bit. He's not the issue. It's so stupid to me when people say trade Melo. What is that gonna do for us? We're losing our best scorer, and we probably won't get that much value back except for picks. If the right trade comes and it helps the team. I would do it. But giving Melo for nothing is not want I want. If a trade happens, I want Melo to go somewhere where he wants to go while we get picks. Thoughts?


The year that never was... by Phil Jackson #KnicksTank


It's GAMEDAY! The 18-22 New York Knicks are on the road to take on the 26-13 Toronto Raptors! After coming out with the impressive win against the Bulls without KP, the Knicks will have to do that again. Kristaps will not play once again due to his sore left Achilles. Lets try and get this win! Games starts at 3:00 pm est on MSG! Lance will start in place of KP at the 4 spot. 🔶Stat predictions for Rose 🔷(pts, rbs, asts) Winner get a shoutout.


KP most likely will not play tomorrow against the Raptors due to his sore left Achilles that has been bugging him for a few weeks now.


I thin it's a no brainer that the Knicks should trade back for Tim Hardaway Jr. Shouldn't have traded him in the first place. He's a guy who can defiantly shoot to ball and a guy you can rely on to score the ball. He was my favorite Knick after Jr. I think we should trade some seconds because that's what they are asking, and if he have to, trade Lance. This is a guy who fits into our lineup and what Jeff likes to run. Although his defense isn't as great as Lance, he is one hell of a scorer. He's needs to be on the roster. TAG TIM SO HE SEES THIS! @timmyjr10






Knicks have defeated in Butler-less Chicago Bulls 104-89. Next game is in Toronto against the Hot Raptors on Sunday at 3:00 pm est on MSG! 🔶Top Scorers🔷 Melo: 23pts, 9rbs, 6asts, 1stl Kuz: 19pts, 4rbs, 1ast, 2stls, 1blk Rose: 17pts, 4rbs, 3asts O'Quinn: 12pts, 11rbs, 3ast, 4blks Noah: 12pts, 15rbs, 1ast, 1blk We played very well tonight. Pretty weird because we didn't show any effort in the past 10 games and we put up this performance. Noah has a very solid double double game. Getting easy dunks is how he scores and he did that tonight. How bout some KUUUUZ! Career high 19 points! Melo played like Melo tonight another 20 pt 7+ rebound game. Surprised he didn't drop 30 with Gibson on him. Rose was attacking and scoring early and that really set the tone for us offensively. O'Quinn off the bench with anther great game, double double and 4 blocks! Played very hard tonight. We out rebounded the best rebounding team in the league 47-43. And we held Wade to single digits in scoring in the first half. He finish with 22 and most coming in garbage time. Very please with out offensive and defensively consistency we shows out their tonight. Lets see if this continues against the hit Raptors who are a great defensive and great overall rebounding team. Gotta stop DeRozan and Lowry. Hopefully Rose and Lee can lock up.


Porzingis will be inactive for tonight's game due to a sore left Achilles.


GAMEDAY! Knicks host the Bulls. Both teams are doing much less than expected. Lets see if we can get a win tonight. Game is at 8:00 pm est on @nbaontnt. Jimmy Butler will not play due to an illness.


Carmelo has passed the great Robert Parish on the all time scoring list. He moves into 26th! Congrats Melo!