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Knicks play the Blazers tonight at 10:00 EST on MSG. Melo (knee) Drose (ankle) and Lance (hip) all out. This is a very important game for both teams. If the Knicks lose, we'll be getting closer to the 4th pick. If the Blazers win, it will continue to help their late playoff push. Expect a lineup of: PG: Randle/Baker SG: Lee SF: Kuz PF: KP C: Willy #KnicksTank


Derrick Rose on him being a free agent. “Not even thinking money,’’ Rose said Wednesday night after injuring his right foot in the second half of the Knicks’ loss in Utah. “I’ve got more than enough money saved. If I stopped playing basketball now, I’ll be alright. I want to win. I want to be happy and feel at peace with myself wherever I’m at. But being at the negotiating table, you never know. I’m not going to negotiate with people where money is the No. 1 thing I’m asking for. I want to win. “This will be the first time I’ll be a free agent. I don’t know how that process goes. After the season, me, my agent, my brothers, family will have to talk about it. Of course I want to be here, just being in this environment, being in New York, being at the Garden every other night, it’s a blessing. But, again, I have to really talk it over with my agent and my brothers.’’


Jennings on why he left the Knicks. He basically said, he doesn't enjoy the triangle, wants to play "fast" and praises Willy and KP. Also talked about the inconsistency at the offensive end. Brandon Jennings starts with saying... "I think what just happened was they were just going in a different direction. I wanted to play fast. I didn't really understand the triangle," Jennings said. "I think that was my biggest thing. I really didn't understand it. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I just felt like the way the game is being played today, I just felt like you got to score. You got to score. You got to get up shots. When I came to New York, I wanted to put on a show every night. I wanted to put up shots with nice passes and things like that. So I guess it just wasn't the right timing." • Anybody who is watching the game, you know if you're watching the game. When the ball got to the pinch post it was never. …," Jennings said, speaking in general terms. "You got Derrick Rose, who can score, who can do things. You have (Porzingis). Guys could never really find their shots or find their rhythm. So it was like, something's wrong with that. You have Derrick Rose who can get to the rim with ease and score. But even he was out there lost. That's how I looked at it. I looked at it that he didn't know what was going on. KP, he was trying to come into his second year trying to find himself, and he couldn't really find a rhythm either. So it's definitely difficult." • To be clear, Jennings didn't call out Anthony or any specific player. He was speaking in general terms about New York's selfish play. But Jennings was clear about who the Knicks should focus on moving forward - young big men Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez. • That's who they should build a team around, those two (KP, Willy)," Jennings said." That's just my personal opinion because they're very young, they're very good. I mean, Willy, in a couple years, he's going to be probably one of the best big men. He reminds me of Marc Gasol."


Former Knick Coach Derek Fisher on Kristaps Porzingis. (Via: @theverticalwoj)


GAMEDAY! Knicks @ the Clippers at 10:30 PM EST on TNT. Porzingis is expected to return tonight. Expect for Rose to have a good game as he and Chris Paul will go at each other.


Somewhere right now, Phil Jackson is jumping up and down in pure excitement, or at least trying to jump... (Via: @teamporzingis)


With the 6th pick, in the 2017 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select...


Which hair style is best for Derrick?


Carmelo sums up this season: • “This year is disappointing due to the talent we have in this locker room and team. For some reason, we couldn’t get it together and get it going. It’s more difficult this season than in the past.’’


ITS GAMEDAY! Knicks host the Nets at 7:30 PM EST on MSG! Porzingis will not play. Lance most likely to start. We will also be using these jerseys tonight! (Swipe Left)


Despite this horrific 27-41 record, it seems Jeff Hornacek's job is safe as the Knicks Head Coach. This is good news my opinion.


Jeff Teague is a soon to be free agent in 2017. Would you guys like to see him land in New York? • Teague wanted to be traded to New York instead of Indiana back in 2014. (via: @knicks.clique) • I would personally love this. Teague is pass first PG who could also shoot. This would be a good player to pair with KP and Hernangomez. This is something we should target, especially with the possibility of Rose walking.


Willy finally gets a haircut 😂


Knicks win! 87-81 is your final. Next game is Thursday at home against the Nets, 7:30 PM EST on MSG. Melo hit another milestone with his 24,000th point. Congrats Melo! Keep on climbing that chart Melo! 🔶Top Scorers🔷 Melo: 22pts, 13rbs, 1ast, 1stl, 15pts in 4th Rose: 16pts, 2rbs, 4asts Willy: 13pts, 16rbs, 4asts, 3stls, 1blk KP: 11pts, 3rbs, 3asts, 1stl, 3blks A lose would have helped but a win is a win. A good win that is. We played very well defensively. Even though Indiana isn't a good offensive team, George did not give us too much trouble. Willy with another double-double and would have had his 17th rebound at the end of the game but box score credited Lance for it. That would have been a career high for him. KEEP EATING WILLY! Next game is Thursday at home against the Nets.


Knicks vs Pacers game will not be postponed and they face each other tonight 7:30 PM EST on MSG.


As most of you know, snow storm Stella is on its way to the East Coast. Expected to be at least 1ft of snow. Expect the Knicks Pacers game tomorrow to be postponed if forecasts are accurate.


In Melo's famous Vice Sports video, there is a scene where former Knick now Cavalier, Iman Shumpert asks Melo, "You think they'd let me hoop at the facility or nah?" Melo responded with "I don't know" then Iman said, "As long as I don't gotta see Phil" (This is after he was traded) • Wow this says a lot...


Mr. 10k #StayMe7o