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Anyone out there able to explain how we are almost halfway through July? 😂 We've been busy bees over here editing long days away to get weddings and sessions to clients on time (on little to no sleep haha), so our Instagram posting has taken a backseat. But we've already made some stuff this month we are excited to share soon, and have some other exciting shoots coming up too! But for now, back on the editing and album design train 🚂 Thanks for being awesome, friends, and hope you have a peaceful Sunday night! #exploretocreate #coloradogram #coloradoelopement #naturelovers


"Take a moment to reflect where we're going Let reason guide you, See all tracks lead you out from the dark." - José González // I love everything about the José González "Vestiges & Claws" album. There's been many full days when it's all I've listened to all day. So good. What music are you listening to right now? --Chris . . . #coloradolife #nashvilleweddingphotographer #coloradoelopement #letsadventure #holdthemoments #mountainlife #exploretocreate #thatsdarling at Green Mountain


We're working hard this week to get things done before a little break! Breaks are important for your work. "Your work" defined as the things you make, your relationships, your health, your interactions. If we don't take breaks, all of those things suffer. All that to say we are about to hit the beach, yo! 🙌🏻🍹😎 (not this beach, but sooooon!!) . . . #adventuretogether #travelersnotebook #livefolk #liveauthentic #cannonbeach #westcoastbestcoast #soloverly #haystackrock #nashvilleweddingphotographer at Haystack Rock


When people settle into poses, it can look forced. That's what people mean when they say: "we look awkward in photos." When people settle into "them" it always works. And that's the kind of stuff we look for when we're shooting. When you can just let go and be you. - Chris


I always love looking at our blog stats and seeing that someone has been looking at some of our all time favorite shoots! *waves hello to whoever was looking at Griffin and Ross's Breckinridge engagement session yesterday!* 🙋--Jen . . . . . #nashvilleweddingphotographer #coloradogram #lakedylan #destinationweddingphotographer #adventureeengagementsession


When a day is full of so many sweet moments, it's so hard to narrow it down to just 10 images! Brittney and Nick were so thoughtful in planning their wedding day, with so much care and heart in every detail! It was incredibly sweet to see their delight in each other throughout the day, from a sweet prayer during their first look through an epic sparkler exit! Can't wait to share more of their day! ❤️ // Tap for vendor credits! Planning by Helen Morisette. at Wightman Chapel At The Scarritt Bennett Center


So I totally keep forgetting that we are solidly in to summer, and keep referring to "spring." But it's summer time! And it's also Monday (give me allll the iced coffee). Thought I'd kick off the week by sharing a few things we are looking forward to this week! 1. Tomorrow we've got an incredible shoot planned by the amazing ladies at @modernvintageevents. Can NOT wait to share how this one turns out! 2. Getting to see our friend Krista @pathandcompass (she's pretty much a genius) 3. Photographing a Friday wedding this week, which is extra special because it's my cousin's wedding! Can't wait to celebrate with you, @elizjurrie and David!! // What are you all looking forward to for the week? --Jen . . . . . #creativeprenuer #monday #lifeofaphotographer #nashvilleweddingphotographer #communityovercompetition #creativelifehappylife #risingtidesociety #exploretocreate


I was just thinking about how it's been too long since we've been to the mountains. Don't get me wrong, there's some epicness here in Tennessee too! We just took a trip out to Fall Creek Falls to scout some locations for an upcoming elopement! There's just something about the the mountains, the Rockies especially, that make our hearts sing. Plus we're excited to introduce Jack to the mountains -- this needs to happen asap :) at Red Rocks Park


"Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread through shadows to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight." - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings // Happy Monday! what adventures are you guys getting into this week?! at Furnas, Azores, Portugal


Pure joy, families coming together, and the energy of the celebration. That's what Katie wanted to remember from her wedding day, and it delivered on every level! Sometimes it rains and things don't go according to plan. But you gather up your family and friends and a bunch of umbrellas and have the most amazing day anyway! // It was absolutely impossible to narrow down to just 10 images for this sneak peek. These two live and love so big, and their wedding day was filled with so many sweet, beautiful, funny, joyful, amazing moments! Congratulations, Katie and Art!! We can't wait to share more images! ❤️// Shout out particularly to @kellydellingerevents for being so on top of the last minute changes in weather! Tap photos for vendor credits. at Cheekwood Weddings & Events


I spent yesterday afternoon walking around in the rain in Nashville with our 3 month old strapped to my chest. I was listening to a course in my earbuds and drinking a cup of my favorite coffee. Jen was in a coffee shop having a meeting with some new clients/friends and Jack and I met up with them towards the end of the meeting. This is what most of our work days look like. // Your days don't have to be spent in epic places to do your work. The truth is: our work, our life's work, ends up being made in the everyday/normal places. So I'm grateful for rainy days and for coffee shop meetings. I'm grateful for normal--May we never take it for granted. Happy Thursday, guys!


Bringing together all the people who mean the most to you and hanging out with them all day? Awesome. at Green Door Gourmet


For #fridayintroductions today we've got an extra special introduction! I'm Jen, and my husband Chris (who is usually doing our posting!) and I are photographers. And life has looked a little different the last three months for us following the birth of our sweet boy, Jack, in February! Running our own business it's always tough to know how much personal life to share. But ultimately, what we do comes down to relationships. And this little guy has already taught us so much about the good that comes when our hearts are opened and shared with others 💙We are honored to document and be a part of the stories we get to photograph for all our wonderful couples, and we are honored to share our story with you as well! And we are so grateful for all of our friends, family, clients, and vendor friends who have been here to cheer us on as we are getting started on this new adventure! 💙 And thanks to all of you who share your stories with us! So excited for our weddings this year--and I'll be the one crying behind my camera during the mother/son dances 😜// 📸 Photos 1 &3: @joshandjillianphotography at Nashville, Tennessee


"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore." -- Vincent Van Gogh // Fear + Doubt -- these are not sufficient reasons to remain stagnant. To remain on the shore, the sidelines of life while the adventures of the sea call you. In any venture there will be things dangerous and storms that rage. But the fear that you're not enough or the doubt that you have don't what it takes, although real in feeling, are false in reality. So build things, try things, pursue things. Because while we may want adventure to be safe, it just doesn't come that way. at Big Sur, California


This photo was taken in the @airbnb just inside from the yard where they said their vows. In front of friends and family they celebrated their marriage. Then they cooked lunch for them and gave them all gifts: a beautiful act of gratitude. // Marriage should be a celebration. And this was exactly that in every way. We're grateful we were a part of it!


We stopped here on our trip up Highway 1 last winter. Spent two nights in an airbnb where we could see the rock from our front porch. We had the BEST French dip sandwich and the best little restaurant. It was January so we felt like we had the whole town to ourselves. Even this morning on the beach, it was just us, some really fast walking birds and a few locals walking their dogs. . It's funny how some stops on the road end up being more meaningful than you planned. It's the unexpected parts of the story that we remember most. . Has that ever happened to you? Those little unexpected treasures that come along on a trip that end up sticking with you? at Morro Bay, California


It's a southern tradition that burying a bottle of bourbon will make sure you have good weather for your wedding day--and it obviously worked for Missy and Nathan!! They had such a gorgeous and incredibly sweet wedding day at @graystonequarry this last weekend. We just had to share a sneak peek of all the joy--Swipe to see more! {tap for vendor credits} at Graystone Quarry


Over stone bridges and icy streams, to the misty mountains of a Scottish isle: there lies beauty beyond compare.

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