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Who let this guy talk on a podcast?! Head over to @ibrewmyowncoffee to hear our fearless leader talk about geeky coffee stuff, his grandma, and Barista Hustle PODS?! 🚨 All that and more on IBMOC Episode 58! 🎧 Photo by @meeshalrj


Need to measure inside a basket? Use silicone. 😎 #greatdistributiontooldebate at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


We got a fressshhh new video up on YouTube showing you just how easy it is to make your own water by our Marketing & Comms Queen @meeshalrj! πŸ’¦ Click the link in the bio to change your ✨life✨ #baristahustle


While August's Superlative from @sensory_lab and @sonoracoffee are landing on doorsteps all over, we're buzzing with excitement for the September subscription with @dittaartigianale. We're keeping the Costa Rica vibes going, and this one's going to be special and hella tasty. 🀀 πŸ‘‰ #baristahustle


We've released the first video log of The Great Distribution Tool Debate on the BH forum (you know where to find the link!). Only funders are given access to contribute to the thread, but any little bit counts and will definitely help move this experiment along. If you've funded but aren't able to contribute, sit tight. You'll receive an invite via email very soon. πŸ‘ Thanks for the support so far, everyone!! #baristahustle #mattburger


Water prep game on πŸ’―πŸ’¦ #baristahustle


And in the name of coffee and science, we're out to unearth some of those truths. πŸ”¬ Thanks to the support of many of you, we've raised enough funds to get started on some solid preliminary tests for the Great Distribution Tool Debate! We still need your help so we can perform exhaustive, thorough tests of multiple tools. Every cent helps, and every share is much appreciated! Also, keep an ear out for a Q&A session soon. We want to be as transparent as possible with everyone during this process. πŸ™‚ πŸ”— in the bio! #baristahustle


When the tool fits the aesthetic. βšͺοΈπŸ’― (These are in stock btw) #baristahustle


Now, THIS is a newsletter you won't want to miss!! Peep those inboxes, folks. We're introducing our new sister company, dropping deets on an experiment you can help us with✨for science✨, along with our normal spice takes for the month. πŸ”₯ Get signed up on the website if you're not! We save all the good stuff for this blast the first Friday of every month. And feedback is always encouraged. πŸ’Œ #baristahustle


Phew, the community forum doesn't hold back on the spice takes!! Jump in and join the convo. The spicier, the better πŸ”₯🌢 πŸ”— #baristahustle #stopcoldbrew2017


Just hanging out with our fam at @sensory_lab while roasting the @sonoracoffee for this month's subscription. 😻πŸ”₯ We got about 50 bags left if you want to get in on this! Believe us, this coffee is πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ πŸ”— in the bio. #baristahustle at Sensory Lab Port Melbourne


We're brewing up the last of this month's Superlative but in a few days, August's subscription coffee from @sensory_lab and @sonoracoffee will be getting roasted and shipped out to peeps all around the world! πŸ™Œ Get in your last minute orders before 8/1 to secure your bag! πŸ‘Š #baristahustle (We still encourage the use of scales, even for the gram) at San Francisco, California


We got the keys. All day. Everyday. Our learning resources are free and the community forum is open to ask questions and challenge everything. Come through. We're ready. 😎 #baristahustle


These could probably double as really nice shields, but we'll stick with bases for awhile. (New Justice League trailer was πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ though) Photo by @danielgavozdea #baristahustle


Nothing more satisfying than a brewed coffee that pleases the hell out of your tastebuds. If that's not happening consistently, consult the compass!! ↗️ You'll find the keys linked in the bio. πŸ”‘ Give us a holler if you have questions! #brewedcoffeecompass #baristahustle


A visual collection of Year 1️⃣ of Superlatives. Which one was your favorite? Photo by @makekaffeenotwar #baristahustle


🎊 We can hardly believe a year's already gone by since the first Superlative was sent out to happy humans all across the globe! What a milestone! To each and every rad roaster we've had the pleasure to work with, THANK YOU! Each coffee has been a treat to share with everyone! 🍭 But the real MVPs are our wonderful subscribers who keep Superlatives up and running with your constant thirst for tasty coffee. You make the world go 'round. 🌏 The amount of support Superlatives and Barista Hustle have continued to receive from all of you doesn't go unnoticed. We're beyond humbled and love you to pieces. πŸ™‚ To bring it around full circle, we're teaming back up with Sensory Lab for August's Superlative. If you remember last year's Juliette from these fine folks, you'll surely enjoy the Sonora Natural they've got coming. Orders are open now! (and you've got until the 1st to get them in!) Just follow the link in the bio. Love you all! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ - Matt, Michael, & Michelle #baristahustle at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Whewww!! Black tampers are sold out already! Don't worry if you haven't picked one up yet. We'll give a holler when they're back in stock! πŸ–€ #baristahustle Photo by @saitbob

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