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Hi! I'm Tim.👐 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm a foodie thats crazy for all the newest food hypes!🍕 Email:

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🍴 "The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse". A night for whiskey lovers. 🔥 Enjoy rare whiskeys and delicious small bites with 🔥 : "The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse"! @alexanderssteakhouse - 🗓️When: Thursday 8/24/2017 at 6:30pm 📍Where: The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse (Palo Alto) 📝Reservations, Call: 650-213-1111 🖥️Site: - . . . . . . #sfeats #whiskey #sf #paloalto #thesea #alexanderssteakhouse #ad #steak #seafood #foodstagram #alcohol #thirstythursday at The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse


📌 Mac'D (San Francisco) - 🍴 Finally had the chance to get in on this cheesy goodness! With the option of hot cheetos as a topping, it sure makes for a great instagram post! Tastewise, it was savory and packed a lot of meat (build-your-own style)! But overall, 🔥 Homeroom (Oakland) still was the best mac n' cheese I've had in the Bay Area, but this place is convenient if you don't want to go all the way to Oakland!👍 - @bayarea.foodies or #bayareafoodies at MAC'D


📌Proposition Chicken (San Francisco) - 🍴Got to try this fried chicken sandwich during my time at Outside Lands! The batter on the outside was very crispy and the chicken was also tender. No doubt it would be even better at their restaurant location! - 📸 Photo by: @bayarea.foodies - #bayareafoodies or @bayarea.foodies to be featured! at Proposition Chicken


📌 Huong Restaurant (San Jose) - 🍴 Bun Bo Hue! A Vietnamese noodle soup that rivals its more popular cousin, Pho. I heard this location (@huongrestaurant) opened up not too long ago and is now where Ca Mau used to be. If you're ever craving Vietnamese food, this place hits the spot! Thanks to @1mandabear for hosting ☺️ - @bayarea.foodies or #bayareafoodies to be featured! at HUONG Restaurant


🍴Burrito Fever! I was really craving burritos this whole weekend at @outsidelands 😂 I was pleasantly surprised by their carne asada burrito! 🔥 I definitely will try their restaurant location in San Francisco sometime in the near future! - 📌 The Little Chihuahua (Outside Lands SF) - #bayareafoodies or @bayarea.foodies - #outsidelands #olfood #ol10 at Outside Lands Festival At Golden Gate Park


📌Senor Sisig (Outside Lands SF) - 🍴Perfect festival food 😅 A tasty pork senor sisig burrito is all you need at @outsidelands. Definitely one better food items out here at the festival! (ps pork tastes the best) - #outsidelands #olfood #ol10 at Outside Lands Festival At Golden Gate Park


🎆Collaboration Dinner🎆 - A 7 Course dinner with @alexanderssteakhouse - 🔥Tickets are almost sold out!🔥 Alexander's Steakhouse is hosting a 7 course collaboration dinner! Go try items like the Steak Tartare and the Ohmi Barbecue Brisket - personalized by Alexander's Steakhouse Executive Chef, Marc Zimmerman, Chef Claude Le Tohic, and esteemed former 3-star Michelin Head Chef, Joel Robuchon. @chef_zimmerman @claudeletohic - 🔜When: Thursday, August 17th 📌 Location: Alexander's Steakhouse 🌃(448 Brannan St, San Francisco) ✌️Tickets: at Alexander's Steakhouse SF


🔥 Who's going to Outside Lands (SF)?! - It’s the 10th anniversary of @outsidelands, a Bay Area music festival held annually in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park! I'm definitely looking forward to Gorillaz the most! 😂 They have 78 restaurants, 40 wineries, 30 breweries, and 6 cocktail bars... and I got invited to cover the food part of the event!! 😱😱 - oh and I'll be documenting everything on Instagram story so stay tuned 😎 #outsidelands #olfood #ol10 #gastromagic #winelands #beerlands #chocolands at Outside Lands


🔥 Latest dessert hype has been these thai style ice cream rolls in a taco shaped cone! 🌮 Now that's innovative. - 📌 Ice3 Creamery(Fremont) - 📸 Photoby: @tranpigout - @bayarea.foodies or #bayareafoodies to get featured! - ps anyone excited for outside lands in sf?!! at Ice3 "ice cube" Creamery


📌BlackBall Dessert(San Jose) - 🍴First of all, this place has an interesting name that references the black pearls that are very popular with Taiwanese desserts (boba). This place is very similar to Meet Fresh in terms of the desserts being sold here, while being more accessible to those living in San Jose. Overall, I liked Meet Fresh (Cupertino) more because of the more spacious room and slightly better textures on its desserts, but this place is just as decent! - 📸 Photo by: @bayarea.foodies - #bayareafoodies or @bayarea.foodies to be featured! at BlackBall Desserts San Jose


📌 Gilroy Garlic fries (McDonald's) - 🍴 @mcdonalds Gilroy Garlic fries are back in the Bay Area (available only in the bayarea)!They are made-to-order with Christopher Ranch Garlic! 👍They are only here for a limited time through the summer, so I finally decided to try them out for the first time! The fries are quite good with a nice garlicky​ flavor. Worth checking out before they're gone! . . . . #bayareafoodies #McDGilroyGarlicFries #sponsored #fries #food #bayarea #sanjose #sanfrancisco #garlicfries #delicious #yummy at McDonald's


📌 Volcano (San Francisco) - 🍴 Located in Outer Richmond, volcano is one of the more popular Japanese curry places in SF! The chicken katsu was surprisingly tender. The portions are also very generous for $10. (You can possibly share if you can't eat that much!) PS: Spicier is better - @bayarea.foodies or #bayareafoodies at San Francisco, California

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