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2008: Tyler Zeller named Mr. Basketball in Indiana over Gordon Hayward. 2017: Tyler Zeller released to clear cap space for Gordon Hayward #SlowNewsDay #CelticsNation


+ Gerald Wallace and the draft picks #TBT


Today we remember the great Reggie Lewis as he passed away on this tragic day 24 years ago. Rest in peace legend 💚 #35 #CelticsNation


Jae Crowder has added a lot of chips on his shoulders this summer! #Underappreciated #Bossman #99PROBLEMS #CelticsNation


Great news!! #CelticsNation


JAYLEN BROWN 💧💧💧🔥 #CelticsNation 🎥 @fchwpo


This man lost his sister just a day before game 1 against the Bulls and could've easily sat out a couple of games, but nahh he's got a heart of steel and played through it all. He put up a crazy performances in the playoffs including a 53 POINT GAME. Not to mention that he was also dealing with a hip injury during the playoffs but still gave it his all! - - - And some of you want this man to be traded smh Isaiah Thomas is a better fit for this team than Kyrie Irving! #TheLittleGuy #IT4 #HeartOverHeight


So Kyrie Irving has now unfollowed LeBron James on Instagram lol it keeps getting better 😂😂 #CelticsNation


Gordon Hayward on why he chose to sign with the Boston Celtics over Utah: - - - - - "It was a different feeling in Boston that we had. It was like a gut feeling. When we broke it down, the city, the coaching staff, the players. The feeling of putting on a Boston Celtics uniform and competing for a title outweighed everything." #CelticsNation 📸 @gdhayward20


@gdhayward 🔥🔥🔥 #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


I wouldn't mind having Sully back but unfortunately our roster is full. #CelticsNation


Nahh Isaiah Thomas is my point guard!! #CelticsNation

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