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Quick collage of the progress history of my project #nsxr Man this was such a pain in the ass but rewarding at the same time. Made some new friends too thru the sharing of the struggle lol. Target end date is saturday!!


SoCal ppl come by this Sunday for a pre- #niseishowoff meet! Come kick it with us and @evox_jun and his @junproject team for a min and grab some boba. I'll be bringing my hopefully finished car too lol at Honey Boba


This is what I currently feel about wrapping.


Holy crap. I thought the rear bumper was hard. Spent alllllll day on just the top half of the front bumper and still ended up having to seam the edges. FML #nsxwrapclub


When I look at the finished parts, this build was worth it. When I look at the unfinished front bumper, I question if I should've picked a different hobby like drugs or mountain climbing


Just a couple more days and then I can stop regretting ever starting this damn project lol


Just a touch of carbon fiber


#NSXR progress. Man, way too hot in the garage to do more today lol. I'll finish up by Sunday hopefully. Discovered some mistakes I made on both doors but don't have enough vinyl to redo them :(


Man... F that rear bumper. The WORST part of the car to wrap for sure. Lol. Anyway, almost done with this madness. Front bumper should be done by next weekend. Then some minor finishing touches and the car will finally be ready


Happy 86 day everyone. I dont have my frs anymore but here's a pic from when me and my boy used to cruise together in our generation twins at Osaka


Whew!!! Passenger rear quarter panel was the last big piece and done! Went a lot smoother than the first time since I kinda prepared for the trouble spots from before. Just the bumpers are left and project #NSXR will be done barely in time for nisei!


One body panel at a time.....


Project NSX R continues


Holy shit. The rear quarter panel was no joke to do. The prep work alone was a major pain in the ass and my knuckles are all scraped up trying to take that stupid ass vent off. Damn I'm tired, spent the whole day on just this one panel *whew Thanks @superstreetgarage @superstreet for the limited edition chrome red slap!


Project NSX R progress for #niseiprep. Driver door done and both side skirts. Half way point reached. *sigh


Two-tone Tuesday?


Progress continues for project NSX R. I think I've already lost like 5 lbs in water weight the past few days working in the hot ass garage

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