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It's Your Night @al_horford !☘ Celtics shoot 23/23 from the FT line and only have 6 turnovers in an amazing dub to go up 3-2. Now let's get the job done Friday ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls


GAMETIME: Feels like forever since we've played a game but here we go let's take the lead in the series ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


GAMEDAY: Back at the Garden tonight. Brad Stevens has never won more than 2 games in a series in the playoffs. Let's change that tonight ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls


Isaiah claims that he knew Gerald had all this in him, but for everyone else this man has been an amazing surprise. Hope he keeps it up the rest of the playoffs we can really use him ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck


Brad knows that this team has been through it all this season and that we didn't become the 1 seed by luck. Now let's get these 2 remaining dubs ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls #itsnotluck


It's Your Night @isaiahthomas !☘ Celtics even up the series as they head back home following amazing performances from Isaiah Al and Gerald Green ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls


GAMETIME: Celtics looking to keep the momentum going and tie up the series ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


GAMEDAY: Celtics looking to even up the series as they take on the TNT Bulls ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


Shout out to this man @gmb_chum12 who has really stepped up this series when given an opportunity. Rozier is shooting 60% and has a +/- of +30 for the entire series ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls #givehimminutes


It's Your Night @al_horford ☘️ Celtics finally start playing like the 1 seed hitting 17 threes and totaling 34 assists. Let's stay focused and move on to the next ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthebulls


GAMETIME: Celtics and Bulls square off in a pivotal game 3 ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


GAMEDAY: Back to the old template because the new template wasn't getting us wins. Celtics looking to bounce back strong tonight and get in the win column. Rondo will not be playing for the Bulls after fracturing his thumb ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


The combined +/- from games 1 and 2 are awful. Especially Jae's. Really excited for tomorrow as I expect us to look completely different. Also not included on the list are Rozier and Zeller. Rozier is +11 and Zeller is +2 ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


Brad has announced there will most likely be lineup changes for game 3. Which starting 5 do you think we should go with ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


Celtics make the wrong type of history tonight as they become second 1 seed in NBA history to go down 0-2. FUN FACT: The 93 Suns were the other team and after they went down 0-2 in first round, they went all the way to the NBA finals where they fell short to MJ and the Bulls ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #onegameatatime


GAMETIME: Celtics looking to bounce back and get this much needed W tonight ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #win4isaiah


GAME 2: Let's even up the series and get back on track ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


For us to bounce back strong tomorrow night I think these two really have to step it up more. Avery scored 14 but disappeared in the second half while Jae only had 9 which isn't going to cut it at all. Who do you think gotta step up for us ☘☘ #celtics #greenrunsdeep