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Celtics won a total of 62 games combining regular season and playoffs, and this is how our MVP of the night awards panned out. Shout out to everyone as it was truly a team effort all year long. Are there any surprises ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #onesuperstar


THANK YOU BOSTON! Even though it didn't end in the best fashion, this season has been simply incredible. The best part is that we'll be back next year. We learned so much and our team will only get better. Now isn't the time to cry about this season but we should be celebrating it and getting hyped for next season 💚☘️💚☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #banner18in2018


GAMETIME: Whether or not this may be the last game these group of guys ever suit up together, we gotta go play our hearts out and show what Celtics basketball truly is ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck


GAMEDAY: Do or die tonight. Let's protect the parquet ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


Finally someone shows the Celtics some respect, and it's Tyronn Lue out of all people ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck


Even though we blew a big lead, still very proud of our performance. There isn't much that you can do when Kyrie and Lebron get that hot. Cleveland may know a thing or too about 3-1 leads, so it would be a shame if we gave them some of their own medicine 😏 ☘️☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotover


GAMETIME: Let's even out the series and shock the world ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck


GAMEDAY: Gotta just keep giving it our all and the rest will settle itself. Let's even this series out ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck #keepdoubting


We may not have the stars that Cleveland or Golden State have, but no one has heart, passion, and toughness like us ☘️☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #itsnotluck


Ice cold ❄️ It's Your Night @averybradleycamps !☘️ Celtics overcome a 21 point deficit to shock the Cavs. They said it was over, but they don't know Celtics basketball ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


GAMETIME: Let's go out and give it our all ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


GAMEDAY: Game 3 at Cleveland tonight. Starting lineup will be Marcus - Avery - Jae - Al - Amir ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep


Still amazes me how all these non Celtics or Cavs fans and the media continue to hate on the Celtics despite the fact that they haven't had a quarter of our success this year. We have had one of the BEST seasons in recent times and it has been a blast to be a part of, so I can't relate to all these haters that just wish their team could have one like ours ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep • Also apologize for no livestream link yesterday


Congrats to Isaiah on making All-NBA second team! Well deserved! Isaiah also beats John Wall as John makes 3rd team. So who's the better guard now 🤔 ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #it4mvp


New generation, but we meet again Lebron ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #madehimleaveclevelandlasttime


GAMEDAY: Game 1 of the ECF, let's protect home court and prove the haters that keep saying we're gonna get swept wrong ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #beatthecavs


Two dubs in two days. First pick in the draft for the first time in franchise history. What's even better is that we might get the first pick in 2018 too 😂 ☘️☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #thankyoubrooklyn


Back in the offseason, Al was deciding between joining the Celtics or the Wizards, but the Celtics were finally able to reel him in because he loved how passionate the Celtics fans were. Safe to say Big Al made the right decision ☘️☘️ #celtics #greenrunsdeep #thankyoual