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#Repost @lucky_bastard_ftw with @repostapp ・・・ An absolute first in our culture, congratulations to @tattoomuseum for being the first tattooer to be knighted by the Dutch royalty. This is a gigantic step for the legitimacy of our art form around the world and we should all thank Sir Hanky Panky for all he has done for us. Congratulations boss!


Checkout our new @tacsciences Stable Healing line! Available for purchase at TAC Sciences Stable Healing SPF Lotion is dermatologist tested and formulated to help protect and heal your tattoo(s) during minimal sun exposure. The SPF lotion can be used to moisturize and heal your tattoo(s) and protect from sun exposure. It can also be used as a Daily SPF Lotion to protect tattoo(s) from the sun. NON-METALLIC FOR DAILY AND HEALING USE


Happy Easter


Congrats to the homie @eamonofficial on his new single!!! #eamon


@coreymillertattoo and crew invite you to @sixfeetundertattooparlor 20th anniversary today!!!


#Repost @comptondavid with @repostapp ・・・ 1 yr. Ago today we lost a good soul. VICTOR BONO: A Watts Legend. (Top Photos) are photos of Victor before he passed and on the left is a photo of Victor at age 26 before he went to prison to serve 32 years! (Bottom photo) Me & Victor & @chueyquintanar Victor Bono was a Master Coppersmith Artist of Mayan Art, a street Legend, a Mentor and an Advocate for changing lives, Although he sadly passed away Last year of cancer, his Work, his Words, and his Legacy will live on forever. He was an Artist that took the same pride in his work as he did his Culture and those who had a chance to meet him can all say they were Truly Blessed. Growing up he was a street wise individual, and even till his last days Repped his Neighborhood and never Forgot where he Came from: Chicano Varrio La Colonia Watts in California. He once said, { "Reppin My neighborhood is important to me" } and I go there all the time and Never Forget My Roots. When asked how he defined success, his response was Coming out of Prison after doing 32 yrs. and introducing myself to the Art community and being able to stand there with my form of Art, with no one to compete with is my definition of success. R.I.P. Victor Thank you for sharing a piece of your Life with everyone whom you encountered. You Truly Touched Many Lives... 🌹✊💯 c/s (song) 🎶 Another Sun Down in Watts 🎶 #og #veterano #chicano #victorbono #ripvictorbono #watts #coloniawatts #25gangwatts #quartergangwatts #anothersundowninwatts #watts #artist #art #coopersmith #legend