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Hey! Brisbane, Qld, Australia. A few months ago I went down to Brisbane City for a shoot to try get some storm and sunset shots and managed a few of those but then not long before I left I went to Southbank and shot this shot of the city and light trails in black and white. I hope you like this one, Cheers!


Hey Caloundra, Qld, Australia. Back in November I shot this awesome sunset, it was pretty amazing and on the other side of the sky there was a huge bright full rainbow. Hope you like this one, Cheers!


Hey, Coolum Beach, Qld, Australia. Yesterday afternoon I went for a shoot to Coolum and I captured this image of the almost full moon lighting up the rocks and got this cool water motion between the rocks. Hope you like it, Thanks!


Hey everyone, Everywhere, Qld, Australia. Since the Milky Way is no longer present in our night skies I thought I'd make a collage of my best Milky Way images from last year. I had a pretty good year shooting the Milky Way, shot a heap of different and new locations and got some great shots. 2017 promises to be even better so keep an eye out for my new Milky Way images over the next year :) Enjoy!


Hey! Moffat beach, Qld, Australia. A few days ago I went out for a sunset shoot, wasn't much sun but I did like the Moody sky as it was a pretty windy and showery day. Nearly got blown away multiple times from the gale force winds but I kept my composure and got this shot :) Enjoy, cheers!


Hey everyone, Buderim Forest Park, Qld, Australia. Yesterday afternoon I decided to go shoot the waterfalls as we had a bit of rain over the last few days. They were flowing quite nicely so I shot this image in the late afternoon light. Hope you like it, Cheers.


Hey everyone. Eudlo Creek, Maroochydore, Qld, Australia. Well here it is everyone, my number 1 image of the year! Spectacular sunset taken back in May this year, best sunset of the year and one of the best I've ever shot. It was an overcast gloomy day that was quite cold too, the cloud band then started to clear from the west in the late arvo and cleared enough at the perfect time to produce this awesome display of colours all across the sky. For print inquiries please contact me on here. Thanks for following my journey in 2016 and here's to an even better 2017, Cheers!


Hey everyone, Coolum beach, Qld, Australia. This is still the best sunset I've ever seen and shot. Taken back in June last year the sky just erupted in intense colours and I was awestruck just getting to witness this incredible spectacle. Hope you enjoy it, cheers.


Hey everyone, Montville, Qld, Australia. Here's my 2nd favourite image from this year. I haven't actually shared this one yet but I shot it back in May this year on a very cold evening with my mates from DK Photography. Marcus from The Chapel was kind enough to let us shoot this place and even dimmed the lights on the inside and outside of the chapel for us to get the shots we wanted, A huge thanks to him for letting us shoot here. I really hope you like this one, Cheers!


Hey Kings beach, Qld, Australia. A couple months ago we got treated to a pretty awesome sunset on the coast. I captured this image as the sun broke through the clouds as a cloud band was starting to clear from the west. I hope you like this shot, cheers!


Hey, Kings beach, Qld, Australia. The other day we got a small thunderstorm on the sunshine coast that produced some nice lightning and a shelf cloud. As it started to rain lightly the lightning ramped up and I shot this 4 second exposure with a few bolts in it. Hope you like this, cheers.


Hey everyone, Lake Weyba, Qld, Australia. Here's number 3 on my top 10 list. Shot this image of the Milky Way reflecting in the lake with this tree back in April this year with my mates from DK Photography. The conditions were pretty awesome that night, still water, nice and cool so the sky was clear and the reflections were awesome. Hope you like this image, Cheers!


Hey everyone Kings beach, Qld, Australia This afternoon we had a storm front come through kings beach and produced an awesome shelf cloud. Thanks for looking.


Hey everyone, Caloundra, Qld, Australia. I know this is a recent one from less than a month ago but it's my number 4 pic for this year. I wanted to get an awesome full rainbow since I first started my photography journey and it's taken nearly 6 years to finally get so I was pretty thrilled when I got it. Hope you like it, Cheers!


Hey Caloundra, Qld, Australia. Here's another image from the crazy rainbow I shot a few weeks ago in Caloundra. We got a storm move through then after the rain cleared we got treated to this rainbow when the Sun came out again Enjoy, :)


Hey everyone, Lake Weyba, Qld, Australia. Tonight I'll take a break from sharing my top 10 and share this image I shot at Lake Weyba back in April with my mate Dale from DK Photography. We shot a few nights in a row and on the second night we got some pretty awesome conditions and I shot this image of a tree on the bank of the Lake. You can follow my work over on IG too if you didn't know I had one, damian_mccudden_photography I hope you like this image


Hey guys, Kings Beach, Qld, Australia. Now into the top 5 images of the year. This one is only 2 months old and shot as a line of storms moved over Kings Beach from the west, The sun was setting behind the storm which caused the nice colours behind the front. Hoping to catch more awesome storm images like this one over the next few months. Hope you guys like this, Cheers!


Hey guys Buderim Forest Park, Qld, Australia. Took this waterfall image earlier this year when we actually had some decent rain which we haven't had now for many months. Desperately need some decent rain so I can shoot some new waterfall images. Hope you like it, Thanks.