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Hey Sunshine coast, Qld, Australia. Waterfall photography is becoming one of my favourite things to shoot these days, just need some more heavy rain to make the falls flowing. I recently edited this secret waterfall image from last year after some good rain. I hope you like it, Thanks for looking!


Hey, Sunshine coast, Qld, Australia. Here's an older image of a secret waterfall I captured last year after some decent rain, hoping we get some more rain soon so I can go back. I hope you guys like this image, Thanks for looking!


Hey Golden beach, Qld, Australia. Here's the super duper full moon from late last year that looks like a normal full moon over this lone mangrove tree at golden beach. Enjoy!


Hey Buderim Forest Park, Qld, Australia. Here's another shot from Buderim falls yesterday afternoon after some rain. There was some cool fog up in the top of the forest and I got this shot of some of the lesser shot falls above the main ones. Enjoy!


Hey Buderim Forest Park, Qld, Australia. This afternoon I decided to go check out the falls at Buderim and to my surprise they were flowing nicely. Managed to get this shot with the cascades in the foreground and the main falls in the background. Hope you like it, Thanks!


Hey, Buderim Forest Park, Qld, Australia. Here's one of my favs of Buderim falls, this is one of the smaller falls that isn't shot as much as serenity falls is. It was an overcast morning after a night of rain taken a few years back now, I'd love to go shoot the falls again soon, just need some decent rain. Hope you like this old one!


Hey everyone Brisbane, Qld, Australia. The full moon over the story bridge at Brisbane taken last Monday night 30 second long exposure shot makes the clouds look blurry and the water smooth. Hope you enjoy!


Hey everyone, Alex Beach, Qld, Australia. Sorry for not posting much lately, my computer was playing up so had to be sent away to get repaired at the computer shop. Not much luck for me lately haha. But anyway here's yesterday afternoons sunset taken from Alex, it was a last minute decision to go for a shoot and I think it payed off :) Enjoy!


Hey Maroochy River, Qld, Australia. A few days ago I got a new lens so yesterday afternoon I went out to test it out and see how it performs, well it's a lot sharper than any lens I've ever owned. Got this long exposure shot of one of the boat sheds at sunset. Hope you like it, Thanks!


Hey Mooloolaba, Qld, Australia. Saturday mornings Sunrise from the yatch club at Mooloolaba, got a bit of colour but these low clouds decided to come in right at the wrong time. Enjoy!


Hey guys Mooloolaba, Qld, Australia. Last December I got to witness something special. Went out for a sunset shoot and got this incredible sunset, looked like the sky was on fire. Enjoy!


Hey Shelly beach, Qld, Australia. Here's a composite image I created Last night of the Milky way above this cool rock with water flowing over it. Enjoy!


Hey Moffat Beach, Qld, Australia. Here's a recent sunset image I shot down Caloundra way, It was a pretty fiery sunset and I shot this image facing towards the east. This was the day that my 6D lost it's battle with the ocean, First the lens and now the camera. Think I need to be more careful. Hope you like this shot, Thanks!


Hey Moffat beach, Qld, Australia. Here's a shot of the sunset from Wednesday afternoon at Moffat beach in Caloundra. Some nice colours in the sky towards the East so I captured this shot looking towards the best colours :) Enjoy!


Hey everyone. Palmview, Qld, Australia. Here's another photoshop created image that I've done recently. Got the Galactic centre rising above this old barn on a farm I visit sometimes. Sky: Iso-3200 / 10secs / f2.8 / 50mm Foreground: Iso-3200 / 15secs / f2.8 / 14mm Hope you enjoy this one, Thanks for looking!


Hey everyone, Coolum beach, Qld, Australia. Well if you missed out on this morning's Sunrise you certainly missed an amazing display of colours. Been watching the charts all week and thought this morning would be a good time to go shoot and I was right about that luckily. Hope you all like this image, Thanks!


Hey Point Arkwright, Qld, Australia. Here's a creative Milky Way selfie I made using Photoshop early this morning, blended the two images together and came up with this selfie. I hope you like it, Cheers!


The Road to the Galaxy!!! Hey, Well I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to have some fun on Photoshop and came up with this composite image of the Milky Way over a road. Took the Milky Way shot at point Cartwright last year with the 50mm lens and made a Pano and then blended it with an image from Esk last year also. Hope you like this image, Thanks!