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photographer @germanroamers based in frankfurt, germany hello@danielernstphoto.com

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Rough days on the Faroe Islands - by far my favorite days 🇫🇴 at Gásadalur


One of the most unreal places I've ever seen! at Faroe Islands


Tucked away behind high mountains the small settlement of Saksun is an otherworldly experience which brings you back in the early days of the Faroese life. In the frame is a traditional grass rooftop cabin captured with my #HuaweiP10Plus. @huaweimobilede #showwhatyoulove #ad at Faroe Islands


Sunsets are always better from a mountain - don't you think? 🇫🇴 at Faroe Islands


The iconic view from Trælanípa towards Leitisvatn - can you spot tiny @kirstinvang? 🇫🇴 at Faroe Islands


Chasing waterfalls with my #HuaweiP10Plus! On my recent trip to the Faroe Islands I brought along this pretty device from @huaweimobilede to test it in the harsh environment of the Atlantic. Stay tuned for a photographic review on my blog in mid September - so far it really stands up to its promises! #showwhatyoulove #ad at Faroe Islands


Enjoying the open views of Kalsoy w/ @kirstinvang 🇫🇴 Looking for new feeds - who's your favorite account currently? Tag them below 🙌 at Faroe Islands


Bird's-eye view towards the islet Tindhólmur, rising straight from the Atlantic Ocean at Faroe Islands


Afternoon hikes on the Faroes 🇫🇴 at Faroe Islands


The charming village of Gjógv on the Faroe Islands captured in the Pro Mode on my #HuaweiP10Plus. @huaweimobilede #showwhatyoulove #ad at Faroe Islands


It's always a good idea to climb a mountain - endless fjord views w/ @dominiclars at Faroe Islands


Summer in the Faroes w/ @kirstinvang 🇫🇴 at Faroe Islands

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