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I am a Berkeley mama, writer, photographer, recipe developer. Most of the food you see here will be in my book. Details soon!


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Whole chicken legs with white wine, fennel, olives, lemon, and 20 other things.


There are always heads of old radicchio hiding in the back of my produce drawer. The beautiful truth is that it's usually just the outer leaves that are disintegrating. If you peel off the brown yuckiness, you will find some dormant beauty underneath. Crank your oven to the limit. Halve, core, and then quarter the heads (eighths if they're large). Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lemon zest. Aggressively splash with garlic oil and thick balsamic. Bake until the leaves are browning, softening, and just start to separate (8-12 minutes). Top with finely chopped pecans and Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Add another splash of garlic oil and thick balsamic. You can eat this right out of the bowl. You can smash it onto grilled bread. You can toss it with al dente pasta and 1/3 cup pasta water. #phyllisinthekitchen #motherfuckingom


My dirty martini is in a cup holder. Is yours?


Lots of good activity on my phone today.


Nutella, crunchy peanut butter, and fleur de sel grilled brioche sandwiches. I have made a lot of after-school snacks over the last 14 years but this one might just win the gold medal.


Hallelujah for some things


I do love having the evening light again. Nice to capture what is going on the table. This is pickle-brine chicken with green olives and white wine.


Escarole and Treviso radicchio salad topped with bread-crumbed goat cheese rounds that were marinated in olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, Marash pepper flakes, thyme. I made the salad dressing out of the remaining goat cheese and olive oil marinade by adding Dijon mustard, honey, sherry wine vinegar, lime and lemon juice. Just remember to be bold. The dressing must be sweet, very acidic, salty, and garlicky or you will be all whoa this is hella boring. Be brave! Or read my story about my friend @margiyoung over on @food52. Her recipe is beautiful. And she is one of the smartest and bravest women I know. Link in profile. #hellasalads


Every few weeks, I take all the random bread slices from my freezer, butter them on both sides, press them Into a buttered dish, and drench them in vanilla orange custard (eggs, whole milk, vanilla extract, salt, orange juice/zest). I top it all off with turbinado sugar and bake It until fluffy and golden. I serve it with powdered sugar and lemon or maple syrup. I cut whatever is left into squares and freeze them for the next bonkers school morning. They are also good with caramel sauce and ice cream. #phyllisinthekitchen #FreezeRefreeze


Did you know that granola freezes beautifully? So always makes extra. Recipe link in profile. #phyllisinthekitchen


I am not the best filmmaker in the family but I do know how to quickly bust out an anchovy garlic paste. P.S Don't lean the camera up against a jar of anchovies.


March reflections and light. #nofilter


I am ready for 6 months of Birkenstocks. But go see the Diebenkorn Matisse show if you can. So much beauty and color and inspiration.


Well, I had a few glasses of wine at the Matisse Diebenkorn show so that explains this annoying photo. But wow wow wow the show is so exquisite.


Creaking and shaking my way back to my forearm stand with a little help from my red Sriracha shirt, a pink yoga block, a Natalie Merchant song, and all of the amazing women who keep me floating and strong Thank you all. #internationalwomensday


Just a few of my favorite things in a bowl: hearts of romaine, treviso radicchio, parsley, chicken breast, pecans, dried cranberries, goat cheese, Maldon salt. And pickle brine vinaigrette!!! #HellaSalads