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I am a Berkeley mama, writer, photographer, recipe developer. Most of the food you see here will be in my book. Details soon!

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@gjustabakery inspiration drive-by at Gjusta


My Bella at magic hour in Lalaland. at Santa Monica, California


Tonight, I really needed to bake nectarines coated in garlic oil and kumquat brine, sprinkled with salt and thyme. I really needed to toss corn in the sweet and briney remains coating the bottom of the cast iron pan. I needed to pick mint and basil and parsley. I needed to aggressively chop. I needed goat cheese. Lots of it. I really needed to move around my kitchen, thinking only of myself.


Escarole drenched in garlic anchovy vinaigrette. Parmesan croutons. Escarole needs hella acid and garlic. Be brave. See profile for my friend @margiyoung's escarole salad recipe on @food52. #hellasalads


Final few days. See it if you can! And thanks for the photo, @joperyle. at SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Wedge salad, French fries, Sauvignon Blanc, and some #loveandtrouble. Not going to tell you where I'm eating because the lettuce tastes like bleach. But this book! This book! It's so fucking good. Come help me celebrate @clairedederer at @booksmithsf. Tomorrow night (5/24) at 7:30pm. And big bonus: she will be in conversation with Peggy Orenstein.


Finished the dishes and then I made dinner and more dishes so nothing is ever done.


Don't worry. I fucking got this. No problem.


Trying to remember how to lengthen my arms and crank open my heart. #yogawithdrinks


A lemon drop and the Dashiell lilies. Link in profile for a story from a few years back. Cherries and ricotta and apricots are involved.


Chilling in my Volvo, waiting for my daughter, wishing it were nectarine season so I could make this gorgeous Radicchio, Nectarine, and Burrata flatbread from Lily Diamond's new cookbook KALE & CARAMEL: RECIPES FOR BODY, HEART, AND TABLE. If you live in the Bay Area, come meet Lily this Saturday (5/20) at 3pm at @omnivorebooks. She and I will be holding court discussing all things @kaleandcaramel. There will also be sweet treats and a surprise giveaway. #kaleandcaramelcookbook.


8-inch STRAWBERRY CHEESE DANISH. Yup. #motherfuckingom


I know. I know. Avocado toast. Boring. But I added pickled kumquats! (Check it out, @mariannemccune.)


My mama with her first baby.


I just yanked some rhubarb out of my mom's garden. She taught me that you never cut it or you can introduce disease. And the leaves are poisonous! What should I make with the rhubarb? Something savory, I think? Ideas please! Thank you. And Happy Mother's Day to the mamas!! xoxo


Ricotta addict. That's me. Wow. Thank you, @kaleandcaramel! #kaleandcaramelcookbook


Classic. Butter lettuce, lemon zest, parsley, garlic lemon vinaigrette, fleur de sel. #hellasalads


Avocado bowls forever. #hellasalads