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I am a Berkeley mama, writer, photographer, recipe developer. Most of the food you see here will be in my book. Details soon!


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I am so excited. I made pizza with balsamic-grilled spring onions , hella cheese (cheddar, pecorino, parmesan, goat cheese), boquerones, and garlic/lemon oil. And look at that, my nails are ready for the Academy Awards. Now for the rest of me. #captainfantastic #captainfantasticoscars


Richard Diebenkorn's world is beautifully captured over at @diebenkornfoundation's Instagram. I am very proud and moved.


I know a mama who loves making granola. This batch has oats, hemp, chia seeds, shredded coconut, peanuts, peanut butter, vanilla,. brown sugar, coconut oil, maple syrup, butter, and salt. And I might add some chocolate chips tomorrow because life is short. Click on link in profile for some granola 101. And play! There are no rules.


"You feel one hand on your shoulder and another on your lower back as he leans in to kiss you on the curve of the neck where the hair sometimes stands up. It is so unexpectedly gentle that some sort of warmth spreads along your spine until you feel all wrapped up in this casual kiss. And you start to cry from relief because you no longer want to throw a plate at his head or tell him to move the fuck out. You just settle. Into the dishes. Into your cooking clogs. Into the mess that you've made. The chaos that you've chosen." Excerpt from a Valentine's Day post I wrote.a few years back. And pancakes! Link in profile.


My little dude has got my number. #resist


Chicken pot pie therapy #motherfuckingom


I am in love with these little boquerone snacks. Head on over to @biritesf's Instagram for the details. Or click the link in my profile for all of the recipes. #CookYourHeartOut #BiRiteProduce #BiRiteCommunityEats


#CookYourHeartOut #BiRiteProduce #HellaSalads. @biritesf link in my profile for recipe details.


Head on over to @biritesf's Instagram for details about my Brown Butter Chocolate Cupcake Brownies. Or click on the link in my profile for all of the recipes. #CookYourHeartOut #BiRiteProduce


What happens when you let me loose à la Supermarket Sweep in San Francisco's Bi-Rite Market? Beer-braised beef tacos, Treviso radicchio salads, and brown butter chocolate cupcake brownies. And that's just the beginning. @biritesf will be sharing my adventures on their Instagram and #BiRiteCommunityEats all weekend long! Or you can just head straight on over to their blog to see my recipes. Link is in my profile. #CookYourHeartOut #BiRiteProduce


We all need breakfast for dinner. Yes we do.




Back in Berkeley. All stocked up with @gjustabakery goodies. Into the freezer it all goes. Some beauty was needed to help get us through the next few weeks.


This guy. #sagawards #sagawards2017 #captainfantastic


Nothing like a fancy porta potty selfie. We lost. But we won. What a beautiful night filled with moving words about what matters most. #sagawards #captainfantastic #resist


Fueling up for the SAG Awards with cottage cheese pancakes and Nutella. Recipe link in profile. #captainfantastic #SAGAwards #SAGawards2017


Some things never get old. Like avocado toasts, boquerones, black nail polish, and a woman's right to choose. #resist #toastsagainsttrump


Well, look at that. A best actor Oscar nomination for Viggo's performance in my husband's beautiful film. Congratulations to the whole Captain Fantastic team. So proud. What a year. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. STICK IT TO THE MAN. #captainfantastic