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Derrick Rose

Point Guard, New York Knicks

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Knicks lose 113-110 Rose- 20 points, 5 rebounds. We did good until the end, but what do you expect anymore honestly. I bet Rose is pissed. #drose #derrickrose


All-Star Voting ended a few days ago and I hope Rose got in! With my help and all of your help, we got Derrick Rose 3,071 VOTES on Twitter! That's amazing! In 4 separate posts on twitter, we got D-Rose 3,071 Votes! Just awesome! Thanks to everyone who retweeted (voted) all the posts! Let's hope Rose got in! #drose #derrickrose #NBAVOTE


GAME-DAY! Knicks vs Wizards! 8:00 EST on TNT! #drose #derrickrose


A Legend and some guy named Derrick Rose. #drose #derrickrose #scalabrine


🌹 #drose #derrickrose @persources


Derrick Rose joins Jamal Crawford & Gerald Wilkins as the third Knicks guard with at least 30 pts, 10 rebs & 5 assists in a game over last 30 years. #drose #derrickrose


🌹KNICKS WIN! KNICKS WIN!🌹 117-106 D-Rose was on fire!! Double-Double!! 30 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #drose #derrickrose


GAMEDAY Knicks vs Boston! 7:30 EST! #drose #derrickrose


Knicks Lose Rose went for the game winner and was fouled hard as hell!! AND THEY DIDN'T CALL IT!! Even the announcers and post game NBA TV said it was a foul. Smh refs. 108-107 Rose- 18 points and 9 assists Melo- 30 points Noah- 7 pts, 17 rebounds #drose #derrickrose


Okay Everyone! Go to our twitter @droseformvp_ and retweet this tweet! EVERY RETWEET COUNTS AS A VOTE! EVERYONE RETWEET AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO RETWEET! Let's get D-Rose into the All-Star Game! #drose #derrickrose


LAST DAY TO VOTE! Vote Rose into the All-Star game! Vote online and then go to our twitter @droseformvp_ and vote! Hurry everyone! Let's get Rose into the All-Star game! #drose #derrickrose


Game-Day Knicks vs Hawks 1:00 EST NBA TV #drose #derrickrose