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I used to get it in Ohio....

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#tbt to Halloween 09 when we decided to dress up as the characters from the "run this town" video and head down to Ohio university for the festivities ๐Ÿ˜‚ "we ain't gone do nothin but fight krishauna and her friends.." at Olentangy Commons


Peace and love to the homie, GOOD LUCK!


Gang Gang, we a family!!!! #Final4postcollege #tbt


Survive and advance!!! @scarletgraytbt @the.tournament


Stopped by to check out my guys at @thegoodcounsel! Hat by @bmfranklinco #wearegoodcounsel at SoHo


"Young bul stay focus, but I really wanna crash. Think about where you at then think about yo past I really came from shit but I won't change for shit.."


"Thad's boys" had a great time catching up and celebrating Coach Matta's 13 years at The Ohio State. I'm grateful to be part of a brotherhood so strong #buckeyenation


Columbus, my guy is blessing you all with another opportunity to learn how to ball hard like he does! Take advantage! Make sure you wish him a 29th bday, as well


Happy Father's Day to everyone out there!


@ftv_ddot2.0 doesn't understand fashion lol my jeans will fit better in September


Had a great time being a honorary chairman at the 41st Woody Hayes Golf Classic benefitting nationwide children's hospital! The entire event was amazing and the cause was even better! at New Albany Country Club


#tbt shrine nightclub back home in the chi during the lockout in 2012. Great pic for #nationalbestfriendday because I've shared unique bonds with Everyone in this photo one way or another!

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