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Had a great time today hosting Will & Jada Smith Career In Entertainment event in Washington DC. Always awesome to see the passion of our youth. #CIEDC #jadapinkettsmith #GreatDay


I'm hosting the Will And Jada Smith Family Foundation Career in Entertainment event today. Always good to give back. Not sure why my face looks confused? #CIEDC #ItsEarly #GetSome


NFL draft is a few days away this is who I want my beloved Cincinnati Bengals to pick either @ferrarifoster or @run__cmc C'mon guys make it happen!!!!! #BengalsBaby #RideOrDie #GetSome


On my life there's something sexy about coming home to vacuum cleaner lines in the carpet. It's screams CLEAN ASS HOUSE. #IDontWannaWalkOnIt #AprilFresh #GetSome


Omaha, NE. I'm in your city this weekend at The Funnybone April 27-29. Rumor is @gabunion invited 159 family members. #PeytonManningLovesOmaha #Omaha #GetSome


I keep telling ppl I'm crossing over. These ladies came to check out 1 of my shows in San Diego. They quoted my chitlin joke from back in the day. Clean it, Clean it, Clean it, then you eat it. #SnowBunnies #WifeyApprovedThisPic #GetSome


After I workout I like to dance. This dance is called "Palmdale" it's a crip walk mixed with the suburbs. #SafetyFirst #HappyFeet #GetSome


Thank you to everyone in San Diego that come to check me out at the House Of Blues. We had 3 shows that were all 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! When I say I love my job I fucking ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️my job!! #SanDiego #HomeAwayFromHome #GetSome


Ran into these 2 kids leaving my hotel today. They knew who I was & started rattling off knock knock jokes. And the boy started bagging on me. I'm like ok I gotta get a picture with these 2. #FutureComedians #CantTeachPersonality #GetSome


My favorite low key spot to eat in San Diego Salud. Good ass Mexican food. #ImGonnaFartLater #UnoMeans1inSpanish #GetSome


San Diego 2 shows tonight at The House Of Blues. Last night was CRAZY! Im about to be on @fox5sandiego at 9:45 am so turn your TV's on now!!!! #SanDiego #CaliforniaLove #GetSome


House of Blues was OFF THE CHAIN tonight in San Diego!! 2 more shows tomorrow. #ReppinThat513 #SanDiego #GetSome