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As a kid who grew up feeling alone, helpless and having to take a deep breath every time I came home because I didn't know what was coming my way when I walked through the front door. I covered my pain with jokes at school but inside I was broken. When I hear about kids being abandoned or abused it brings back all those feelings I had when I was a kid. Here is a kid Jessie Bailey who I couldn't walk away from. With everything he's been through in his life I'm glad I could help him by giving him a 4 year scholarship to Capital University.


Orlando & Kansas City I'm coming Memorial Weekend to your cities. May 26 to The Plaza Live in Orlando, May 27 The Midland Theatre in Kansas City. Go to for ticket info. #Orlando #KC #GetSome


Shout out to Yo Murphy for working me out this morning in Tampa. He said I was the greatest physical specimen he's ever seen this morning. It doesn't matter I'm the only person he saw. A win is a win. #DoinWhatIDo #DreamChaser #GetSome at Tampa, Florida


2 years ago today my baby bro passed away. May 20 is always gonna be a tough day for me. I think about everything. Could I have done more? I wish you would have called me instead of sticking that needle in your arm. I remember the time you did call me asking for help. Driving you to the rehab facility I kept looking in the backseat as you slept happy you called me & happy I was in a position to help you. There was so much hope when you checked in got clean & checked out. As I've learned heroin is a lifelong struggle. To anyone in recovery, if you get that urge to start using again know that you are not alone, your life means something. I love you Dallas. #MissYouBabyBro


Here are the first 4 scholarship winners from the Gary Owen Family Foundation. I wanted to reach back to my high school alma mater & give kids scholarships that have overcome obstacles in their life. A lot of times we just expect kids to do their school work not knowing what they could be going thru at home. I couldn't be prouder of these kids. They made it out of situations that could could have broken a lot of kids. Jessie Bailey, Katelyn Woodruff, Michael Nava, AJ Schwab congratulations!!! We are Talawanda Braves.


Last night was one I will never forget. I was able to go back to my old high school Talawanda & give this young man in the blue shirt Jessie Bailey a 4 year scholarship to Capital University in Columbus, OH. His story is nothing short of AMAZING. He lived in a tent at one point, then he was sleeping in his grandfathers trailer on the floor no bed, no covers, no blanket. A girl he went school with started giving him her lunch so he would have something to eat at night. That girl asked her mom for a pillow and blanket so he could sleep on something. That girls mother is a cafeteria aid at Talawanda high school. The mother asked Jessie to stay at her house 1 night. That night turned to a week that week turned into a month & now that cafeteria aid is Jessie's legal guardian. When I heard his story and met Jessie I couldn't sit back & not do anything. As I said last night Jessie hasn't been dealt the best hand in life, I just think it's time the cards started coming up in his favor. Thank you to Principal Tom York, Shelly Pollock and her whole family for changing Jessie's life and taking him in. And to my wife @trulykenya who told me we have to do something for this kid. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Jessie. at Talawanda High School


Don't forget I'm on @iamsteveharveytv today. I know in Cincy it's comes on at 3 pm on WLWT channel 5. #DoinWhatIDo #IAmChessingHard #GetSome


I'll be on @iamsteveharveytv today giving summer road trip advice to parents. Check your local listings to see when it comes on in your area. #DoinWhatIDo #TimesHaveChangedParents #GetSome


Tomorrow night I'll be at my alma mater Talawanda High School to give 5 students various scholarships from The Gary Owen Family Foundation. I feel it's important to recognize & help students who overcome obstacles outside of school that make it tough to flourish in school. The awards program is Thursday night at 6:30 pm at Talawanda High School. My school & the ppl in it I can honestly say helped change my life. I hope this in some way will do the same for other kids.


Walking my dog this morning stopped looked at my backyard and had to count my blessings. Growing up in a trailer park to this! Come on you can't tell me to stop dreaming. I visualized this in high school. I knew it in my heart. I wasn't the smartest or the best athlete but I could always make ppl laugh. Once I realized this was my gift I embraced it and went to work. #DoinWhatIDo #DreamChaser #GetSome


Somebody caught my dad in a groove. When your song hits it don't matter where you at it's gonna take you over. Love you dad. #DoinWhatIDo #RealHipHop #GetSome


Tampa I'm coming to your city this weekend at The Improv May 19-21st. Go to for tix info. #DoinWhatIDo #Tampa #GetSome