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Thanks @juddapatow for the high praise. Coming from someone who I admire a ton & hope to work with one day this means a lot. Can't wait to see your new film The Big Sick.


Went to former Cincinnati Bengals David Fulcher's golf event. Bid on this Pete Rose poster. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. If I can get Pete to sign it, man that would make this perfect. Put Pete in the Hall Of Fame already. The fans want it for him so bad. #Hometown #CincyTilliDie #PeteRose #GetSome


I cohosted @therealdaytime today. I think @thejeanniemai didn't realize how sexy I was until this very moment. Soak it in ladies. #DoinWhatIDo #BringingSexyBack #GetSome


Just watched All Eyez On Me. The movie changed my attitude. You can see how I walked into the movie & how I felt after the movie. #RealHipHop #DoinWhatIDo #GetSome @ryann_sunshine thank you sorry I was rude. The movie took me over


Another successful weekend in Memphis & a lot of money raised for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. This is the 6th year we have brought together the NBA, NFL & entertainment for our bowling event, kids football camp & comedy show. Shout out to Thaddeus Young, @deangelowilliams @laughs_prin for coming together again. I will be back in Memphis July 14-16 at Chuckles Comedy Club. #Memphis #GetSome at Memphis, Tennessee


This goes out to all those men that stepped up. Love this quote!!! FYI it is possible to have a great father & stepfather. I know my son Emilio is my "step" son but he is my son. But he also has an amazing biological father also.


I just tried to call 4 ppl in 4 different parts of the country & nobody answered the phone. I'm like am I an asshole? Why is nobody answering the phone? Anyways I'm in Raleigh NC & Norfolk Va. June 30 & July 1st. And The Cleveland Improv July 6-9. at Horseshoe Casino & Hotel Tunica


Yesterday was awesome! Me & @deangelowilliams went to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN. to pass out toys & visit the kids. No better feeling then putting a smile on not just the kids but the parents faces also. Shout out to @laughs_prin & @doingbell_all_the_time for helping put this event together. at Memphis, Tennessee


After watching the 1st 48 I know Memphis can be rough sometimes. So I parked in between 2 cop cars. I think my cars ok this morning. #DoinWhatIDo #StillLockedMyDoors #GetSome at Memphis, Tennessee


One my favorite movies GLORY. Denzel loved the 54th. Morgan Freeman was old in this movie. #OhMyLordLordLordLord #FerrisBuellerWasInThisMovie #GetSome


My new comedy special "I Got My Associates" comes out Sept 8th on Showtime at 9pm est. Set those reminders in your cell phones, set your DVR's do what you gotta do to make sure you watch it. #September8th #IGotMyAssociates #GetSome


Busted my ass at the gym. With the verdict in the Philando Castile case this shirt seemed appropriate to wear today. Like Trevor Noah said where is the NRA?

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