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2 ppl in this picture are related. Can you guess who? I'll give you 2 guesses. #Vinsanity #McGrady #GetSome


Me & @trulykenya had to come to Memphis for @mrvincecarter15 surprise 40th Bday Party! The red velvet cupcakes are 🔥🔥🔥 #Club40 #VinceCanStillDunk #OnceAWeek


Atlanta since the city is partying & in a good mood I got some more good news...I'm coming Feb 17-18 to the Atlanta Comedy Theater!!!! Go to for showtimes. #Atlanta #RiseUp #GetSome


Atlanta Falcons are going to Houston for the Super Bowl. Strippers are looking for buddy passes as we speak. Lap dances are gonna cost 2k a song Super Bowl week. #ImStayingHome #TrafficJams #GetSome


Presented at the Trumpet Awards tonight. It's airs Jan 29th on Bounce Tv. Some ppl thought it was odd to have a white guy present so I made this sign for the red carpet. #LightSkinned #TrumpetAwards #GetSome


Toledo Ohio I'm coming Feb 2-4 to the Funnybone. Make sure to get your tickets ASAP. #Toledo #RocketsInTheHouse #GetSome


I'm in Atlanta stopped by my dawg @mohamedsanu crib to wish him good luck on Sunday. You see all the Bengals gear in the back. Whipped his ass in ping pong grabbed a bottled water & dipped out. #WishHeWasStillInCincy #RootingForFalconsOnSunday #GetSome


I'm coming to Atlanta Comedy Theater Feb. 17-18!!! Had fun with @bigtiggershow & @talentdacomedian today on V-103. Get your tickets ASAP they gonna sell out fast. Go to for tix. #Atlanta #ObamaMightBeThere #GetSome


My face right now watching the inauguration. Not sure what's about to happen. Gonna be interesting that's for sure.


Thank you Mr. & Mrs. President for everything. A personal thank you on behalf of my family that I've been able to show my kids anything is possible. We have been able to look at your family as an example of class, style, grace, & swag. 8 years in office not 1 scandal, think about that not 1. You know ppl were digging. You truly lived up to the name "The First Family" #ThankYou #8YearsWentByFast #HopeForTheBest


Just wanna give a shoutout to Team Owen @bradwilliams36 @sayemcomedy @geneharding we argue, we fight, we laugh, we cry, been through a lot with these dudes. Family isn't always blood. Family are those that never turn their backs on each other & are there for each other no matter what. Not sure why I look high in this pic we took it at the beginning of the night lol. #Family #TeamOwen #GetSome


Happy Birthday to my oldest son Emilio. Couldn't ask for a better son & big brother for Austin & Kennedy to look up to. Kind, Generous, Laid back are 3 things that describe you best. Love you & Enjoy your day!!! #emilioestevez #TheMightyDuckMan #HappyBirthday