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I just wanna clear the air I have NEVER I repeat NEVER slept with Nicki Minaj. There's a rumor going on that we did & I wanna squash that right now. I now know what @treysongz is going thru. #WifeyNotHavingThat #StayOutMyBusiness #Squashed


This Remy Ma diss on Nicki Minaj is epic. She went IN. OMG things about get interesting! I'm just gonna sit back & enjoy the ride....from far away. Note to self don't get in Remy's bad side. #HipHop #ImStillInShock #GetSome


Me & @sayemcomedy are in the Pacific Northwest so we had to grab some Starbucks. I love telling jokes & traveling all over the world. Best job on the planet. #Comedians #tacomawashington #GetSome


Came to Tacoma, WA. forgot to pack a hoodie. So this weekend everyone will think I'm a UW alumni. Tacoma Comedy Club not many tickets left Saturday is sold out, tonight only a few left for the 7 pm show. 10 pm show is sold out. #TacomaComedyClub #ItsStillCold #GetSome


#fbf 10 yrs ago this month I got the call I got the role Bearcat in the movie "College". When we were in New Orleans filming I thought this movie is gonna be HUGE! Oh well wasn't exactly a huge hit. Still a fun movie to shoot & a funny movie. If you haven't seen it look it up. #Bearcat #IHaveANudeScene #GetSome


Movie never gets old. Coming To America & Randy Watson. #SexualChocolate #EddieMurphy #ComingToAmerica


Tacoma, Washington I'm in your city & it's COLD ❄️❄️❄️!!!! Tacoma Comedy Club is the place to be Feb 23-26. #Brrrr #RichardShermanBringMeSomeBeefJerky #GetSome


Thanks University Of Memphis & @doingbell_all_the_time for letting me workout while I was in town. Tell @deangelowilliams I made his alma maters gym my bitch. #No1st48 #OfficerMasonWasntNeeded #GetSome


Relaxing at the top of the Pyramid in Memphis. Asked for some iced tea forgot to say unsweetened, I almost went into a diabetic coma. #MyLegsLookToDifferentColors #Chillin #GetSome


You can take the kid out the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out the kid. I took the jelly & the jam. #NoShameInMyGame #ToastAboutToBeTasty #GetSome


Ladies I saw this at the Cincinnati Airport. No longer do you have to whip that titty out & wonder is anyone pervert looking. No blanket, no problem. Finally your baby can eat in peace. #Milk #DontSquirt #GetSome


Life is just easier smiling & laughing.