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Just got to Nashville. My hotel had this nice welcome gift on my bed. Why they do that to me!!!! Be strong be strong ok 1 cookie 🍪. #SugarRush #GummyWorms #GetSome at Nashville, Tennessee


My daughter started 10th grade today. Ppl say we look a lot alike. She's a much prettier version of myself. Good to know I would be a pretty bi-racial girl. #LoveHerToTheMoon #FamilyFirst


Caption this.


Nashville I'm at Zanies this weekend August 24-26. We just added a 3rd show Saturday night. Tix are flying so gets yours ASAP. #Nashville #Cashville #GetSome


I just bet this entire bar @floydmayweather gonna beat Conor Mcgregor. White dudes really got hope. Thank you Conor for making these guys believe. #AboutToGetPaid #TheseWhiteDudesKindaScareMe #GetSome


Watching the eclipse. Had to protect my dog. She doesn't know you can't look directly into the sun. I don't want a blind dog 🐶. #Eclipse #IMustProtectThisHouse #GetSome


Thank you Sacramento for a great weekend at Tommy T's. Shout out to @boogiecousins & his ppl for coming thru. Ran into @tony_rock also. I love making ppl laugh. #SacTown #BoogieGotATallAssFamily #GetSome


You not a real Bengals fan until you get a diamond studded football. I don't know how much it's worth but I'm guessing 350,000 dollars. Hey haters. #DoinWhatIDo #MightNotBeRealDiamonds #BedazzledBengals


Dick Gregory passed away last night. Take a minute and read this post from him. Don't just read it really process what he says. We hate to often for the smallest of things. It's pretty simple look out for each other oh yeah and love. Love Love Love. #DickGregory #StayWoke


RIP Dick Gregory. Amongst comedians his legacy can not be questioned. He was still touring this week. at Tommy T's Comedy Club Rancho


Went to Folsom Prison today to visit my homie Face. Went I first got to LA this dude looked out for me. Talk about opposites he's from Compton I'm from a trailer park. But we just clicked. #Family #FriendsDontForgetAboutFriends #IWasALittleScared


A little Friday Funny. Shout out to @kingjames & @kobebryant for the inspiration of this joke. #TheKing #Mamba #GetSome at Vibe Health Bar

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