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Been back a day already missing Kauai. I felt like a local & I was only there for 5 days. #ChillinLikeAVillian #Relaxed #GetSome


Indianapolis tomorrow I'm in your city!!!! Don't be left out just released more seats!!! The Egyptian Room at the Old National Centre is the place to be!!! #indianapolis #FunnyFunnyFunny #GetSome


I can't stop watching this. My son used to do this when we moved into our house 4 years ago. Thank god he never missed the couch cause this woulda been the end result. #Ouch #SheLearnedTheHardWay #GetSome


Leaving Hawaii. Till next time Kauai, we gonna miss all those chickens....and that sunshine. Don't worry Indianapolis I'm on my way. The Old National Centre about to be 🔥 on Thursday night!!! #BackToReality #LovingLife #GetSome


We found this hidden beach but @trulykenya isn't happy I photobombed her beautiful beach video. #ISeeACameraIGoToIt #SheWillGetOverIt #GetSome


Found a hidden beach today on Kauai. We just driving parked on a cliff & hiked down to this spot. I felt like a rented out the whole beach. #HiddenGem #IShouldaWoreSwimTrunks #GetSome


Indianapolis & St Louis I'm coming to your cities this week March 23 & 24. Old National Centre in Indy & The Pageant in St Louis. #Indy #StLouis #GetSome


Just took our first helicopter ride over the island of Kauai. Talk about some breathtaking views. #IFartedOnTheHelicopter #LovingLife #GetSome


Thought I had a good selfie w/ @trulykenya until I realized I cut half her face off. The sun was in my eyes. #oops #FocusedOnHerStunnaShades #GetSome


This is the official March Madness Bracket Busted Face. Damn you Duke & Louisville!!!!! #IPickedWisconsinThough #AndIPickedXavier #GetSome


Got this message today on Facebook. Sometimes you never know how your jokes effect ppl. Since my brother passed away I've become active in the recovery/addiction world. Always nice to know in some small way ppl say I'm helping them. Comedians have a special way of turning tragedy into comedy.


Lonzo Ball haircut is # 8 on the poster at every black barbershop. #MarchMadness #HisDadWillBeMadAtMe #GetSome