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Texas A&M '17 Century Men's Society ~ Fish Camp

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Comment below which one you think is me 🚨🤔🚨🔥🚨🤔🚨


@Karbach........ or @Seaboch????? 🤔🤔


Lmao never done this before and tbh I felt kinda guilty after but YEET


There's nothing formal about this pic but she still made me put on my jacket and button my shirt to take it... (PS- she didn't break my phone this year)


Dunking rings and mean mugging things.


Yesterday I had to show my parents what it was like to be an Aggie here in College Station, so naturally, I got my ring and took them to Los Cucos for margs... thank you to everyone who came out and supported yesterday and everyone I've met in the last 4 years who have helped me get here today!


I was Superman last night. These were my subordinates, Batman and Spider-Man :-))


My personal ring dunk champs. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of Mičulká and giving me an experience I will never forget. I owe the world to you two people. Congrats on your Aggie rings!


Right before we smoked these Hogs 🐗


Proud. Very proud. Thank you Texas A&M University.


So hard to believe I am headed into my senior year of college. I couldn't be more proud to graduate with this group of people though #mičulkáragefest


Still trying to convince her to act like she is my partner for Fish Camp, she's on the fence about it :-/ #mičulkáragefest


Squad made a 4th quarter rally during Chilifest


Nothing's really changed ¯\_( ˘͡ ˘̯)_/¯ #tbt


*every girl who tries to casually show off their tattoo* Thank you for finally growing up and not ruining my life everyday, ily Roscoe.


I'm so lucky to get another shot at Lakeview and incredibly proud to introduce the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2020 to everything this university has to offer! This is a family. Camp Mičulká.


I enjoyed being the source of everyone's entertainment by shredding the powder with my face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The Seaboch Zoo continues to grow and I couldn't be happier about it! 🐾☃🎄 Enjoy today!