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Joe Little III/The Rude Boys🎙

Entrepreneur-FlyGuy-Ambivert 🎼Grammy/Billboard Award Winner Cleveland #The Land Is where I'm from Everywhere In This Universe🌐Is Where I Be✈️🌎

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Within This Universe🌐 You can't please everyone when it comes to YOUR LIFE not even the one's who Love You most... Am I hear to please others? Am I even here to please me? NO IS THE ANSWER... I am led by what is Within Me & that would be The Creator of All things above & below... I Look not out into this 🌍 for answers for I know where my TRUE TREASURES reside... When STRICTLY doing as instructed which would be going Within,The Creators Will It is reviled to me... That's where the answers to everything I need is and it is the understanding of not of my own but The Creator's.... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe


I Learned The Hard Way That The The Pain of Discipline Is Much Better than The Pain of Regret... So Now I Stay Focused On What's Pleasing to The Creator & Not Myself I Stopped Judging Others Because With My Words & Actions I Judge Myself...I Learned to Forgive & to show Empathy... I Now Use My Talents for Positive.... All these provide for Me....For What's for Me is for Me... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe


Continuing to work with the city of East Cleveland councilman Martin & Branch for the betterment and revitalization of the city I grew up In. The city of East Cleveland and its citizens have been systematically marginalized for years, which has lead to a decline in the population and businesses operating within the city it is currently 17,842 citizens which was 34,000 when I growing up there. This has left a sense of hopelessness, helplessness joblessness and has created a combustion in the neighborhood and within City Hall A dark cloud is hovering over East Cleveland which is evident as I observe through my daily travels observing. Over the years this has engulfed and ravaged a once thriving suburb community converting it to a neighborhood later to THE HOOD.. LET'S REBUILD LET'S REVITALIZE EAST CLEVELAND #JoeyBeanz #EastCleveland


No Disrespect to anyone's opinions...Donald Trump has major negative personality issues and is very disrespectful this is true....But why are so many people concerned in a negative way, about Kanye West,Martin Luther King III,Steve Harvey, Chrisette Michelle and whoever else decides to talk, listen or deal with Donald Trump? WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE WORLD BUT ADDING MORE NEGATIVE FEUL TO FIRES? Im not a Trump Fan Whatsoever BUT If I were requested I would go listen to what he had to say and would voice my opinions on various topics... SING FOR HIM NO I WOULDNT...I care not what people would say... You ask where are our African American/ Black leaders? Well someone must speak for us OR hear what he says..... WHOEVER IS PERSECUTING THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST AS IGNORANT AS TRUMP... HAVE SENSE ENOUGH NOT TO JUDGE & FOCUS ON YOUR OWN CHALLENGES THAT YOU FACE AND YOUR OWN BUSINESS....WORK ON YOURSELVES LOOK IN THE MIRROR OR HEY MAYBE YOUR PERFECT ...WE ALL HAVE BIGGER ISSUES DEALING WITH ONE SELF THE CREATOR WILL DEAL WITH HIM AND WHOEVER ELSE FALLS INTO THE TRAPPING WITH NEGATIVITY... YOUR DOING JUST WHAT TRUMP WANTS PEOPLE OF COLOR DISRESPECTING PEOPLE OF COLOR... Thanks for continuing Black on Black crimes #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #trump #donaldtrump


As I walk my Journey I have discovered that Pain Changes You... You Never Realize How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is Your Only Choice.... You must go through different pains to grow... PRESSURE BUST PIPES... PRESSURE MAKES DIAMONDS... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #Pain #Strength


Within This Universe🌐 While we are here in the flesh Their are situations that one must take a strong stand on when guided from within... Great & Powerful meeting at the city of East Cleveland city council meeting last night as I sat with some of the council members and got down to SOME of the facts and lies,which there are more on both accounts that will be reviled. MY FIGHT to help restore & rebuild The City of East Cleveland is REAL!!! East Cleveland has been terribly abused over & over again and has been left for dead by ones trusted by its citizens... SELFISHNESS, GREED & THE LOVE FOR MONEY & POWER TAKES NO PRISONERS DESTRUCTING WHATEVER IS IN THE WAY FOR IT'S OWN WORDLY DESIRES... INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING... I am an advocate for the people and what's right I grew up in East Cleveland & I care... Great things are to come for East Cleveland.... REMEMBER I TOLD YOU THIS... #JoeyBeanz #EastCleveland #eastclevelandsfinest


While Rotating In This Universe🌐 KNOWING SELF👁INNER PEACE Are the Keys to excepting that nothing is about what I want but what the Will of the Creator Entails EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT THEY GOT THE KEYS TO THIS & THAT...YOU BETTER BE HAVING THE KEYS TO YOUR INNER-SELF🔑 Nothing Else Matter..... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #knowthyself #innerpeace #innerstanding #TheCreatorsWill #mindyourownbusiness #seekknowledge


Everywhere In This Universe🌐 The Real Cleveland Representative... Who Else Would Be Better... #joeybeanz #casinojoe #cleveland #theland #216


Me & The Nephu @heartbreak_preme Follow him & check out his new single & video "Only Friend" available on iTunes JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #PremeDibiasi #HeartBreakPreme


Within Your Universe🌐 Keep Seeking for Your Ultimate Destination & You will Find It...You won't find it out here 🌍 though #joeybeanz #casinojoe #withinyou #knowthyself #ascension #narvana #thekingdomofheaveniswithin #kundalini


Somewhere In The Universe🌐 Brighter Days... It's on YOU... Take Control... It's on YOU... Control Your Day... Don't let it Control YOU... Become The Best Version of Yourself... It's work that must continue till your Soul leaves the shell in which it Dwells... Go within for that's where the Keys to Victory are... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #narvana #thekingdomofheaveniswithin an at hand #castyournetontherightside


Failure is Not an Option When it Comes to my Souls Conquest to Wholeness,Balance,Vibrating on the highest level of Consciousness and Ascending. Life is a short journey and grows shorter as each day passes... Nothing is about Me or What I want... It's the Will of my Heavenly Father that matters which is Seeking for what resides WITHIN ME not the treasures of this world for where my treasures lay so will my Heart Be.. I ask for NOTHING and guess what I will be provided for... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe


Singing It's Cold Outside In The Land #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #Cleveland #TheLand #Winter


All my Ig Family, Friends and Associates I am requesting you to Please go follow @take5cleveland and Spread The Word... Looking forward to seeing all my Cleveland people come out and support We will be having some Amazing events and Artist gracing our stage this year. Appreciate you and Thank You in advance... #take5rhythmandjazz #take5live #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe


You Can Win In This Universe🌐 Just Go Within.... You Can Keep Right On Ascending Once Your Number Is Called... Just Go Within... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #Universe #NothingButEpicProportions


My Relationship Status: Committed to Self Love... Inner Peace... Growth... Gratitude... These are essential for you to live a Happy and Fulfilled life. First Rule of Thumb is Self Preservation... To Know Yourself is Everything... #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #IAm Thank You @Her_Special I keep telling them... Love You


Still Here Physically Within This Universe🌐 Going within my Universe🌐 Taking No Thought & Asking for Nothing of This World. I have Faith that whatever I am in need of it will be supplied. I AM seeking WITHIN so that I may rise and Ascend to The Kingdom Heaven which resides within me and to sit on the right hand of my Heavenly Father who keeps me daily. This hellish world where I have been programmed from birth to be on a paper chase and strive for material desires is the real illusion for the real chase while I dwell in this shell Is to know who I am and travel along my journey to save My Own Soul... That is MY objective... GOD Is Everything GOD Is EveryWhere GOD Is Within YOU no matter who You are so exercise that instead of exercising the Devil in You GOD/GOOD v.s devil/evil in YOU choose cause whatever you choose you will be displayed outwardly in this world #JoeyBeanz #CasinoJoe #IAM