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Im going to stay calm for this win... but if you guys continue to go on a winning streak, and ruin our top 5 draft pick... oh boy. This game might very well haunt us... just like back in 2015 when our Melo-less team decided to win some games at the end of the season for no reason, ruining our odds at the first pick. There's not really much to say about this game. I could really care less what anybody does, I'm happy to see KP playing well finally, but it's just overlooked by me to the fact that our playoff hopes are long gone, and this is just hurting our draft pick. Now, I'm gonna try to stay positive and look at the bright side. In our final 8 games, we have 6 playoff teams to play, the Heat back to back, Celtics, Wizards, Grizzlies and Raptors, and the two non playoff teams are Chicago and Philly. Knowing the Knicks, we'll probably end up beating a playoff team like Toronto, which I'll be furious about, and losing to the non playoff teams. That final game at Philly should be pretty nerve racking, considering we're so close in lottery standings. Also, hats off to the Pistons for being so garbage. Thanks to players such as the dollar tree version of Melo in Marcus Morris, it took you guys 7 minutes in the 3rd quarter to score against the Knicks defense. It's the Knicks. Hopefully the " #KnicksTank" picks back up next game vs Miami.


FYI, if the Knicks win this game, they go from currently having the best odds at the 4th pick, to best odds at the 7th pick. Knicks are currently up 20. It's kinda hard to not beat this trashy Detroit team when they haven't scored on the Knicks defense all 3rd quarter.


A player that has won championships in the Triangle, Pau Gasol, exclaimed that Phil Jackson should back off of the Knicks and let the team find a system for itself. “It depends on the personnel,” Gasol said. “Everyone has to buy in for any system to work, not just the triangle. The triangle has won championships. But it’s up to the players and coaching staff. ‘This is the route we’re going to go. We’re going to work at it, make it work or not.’ It can’t just be because Phil wants it to work. Everyone has to be on the same page. And it does take a specific personnel, with the approach to the game and skill set to have a better chance for it to work. If the players are in, great. If not, run something else the players believe in and allows them to play at their best.” Also, Pau was surprised/disappointed that Jackson never called him during Free Agency. “No, no contact. I was surprised, too,” Gasol said. Would've been great to have Pau in NY to mentor both Willy and KP. Willy said that Pau was "my idol when I was a kid," and he was very excited before the game, in which he dropped a career high 24 points and 13 boards.


#InjuryReport: Carmelo Anthony will play against Detroit tonight. Joakim Noah is going to re-evaluated tonight to determine if he can be cleared to practice. Knicks hope Joakim can be cleared on for Wednesday's game vs Miami to start his 20 game suspension early. (The suspension doesn't start until he's cleared to play)


#GAMEDAY: It might still seem weird to say, but tonight is another crucial game to lose, and it's one of the teams I'm worried is very "beatable." Knicks are currently in a three way tie with the Sixers and Magic for best odds at pick 4 in the draft, and tonight we play the Pistons at 7:30 PM EST, in MSG. Out of the last nine games, this is one of the 3 that we play against non playoff teams (as well as games vs 76ers and Bulls.)


If he is available, the Knicks will reportedly select SF Josh Jackson from Kansas, a projected top 3-5 pick, even if there is solid point guard talent still available. (via NY Post) If you haven't seen this kid, go check out my mix I posted of him a few days ago


Shoutout to the Kings for going on a 22-3 run to beat the Clippers Why does this matter to us? Well, if they would've lost they would be in a 3 way tie with the Knicks and Magic for the 4th pick. Thanks for the favor Sacramento #KnicksTank #TankSZN Note: Now we're in a 3 way tie with the Sixers and Magic anyways.


Out of these 4 prospects, which one would you draft? You could make a good case for all of them. (via @knicks.hub) #MalikMonk #JaysonTatum #DeAaronFox #DennisSmithJr #NBADraft


#ThrowBack: Carmelo Anthony with co MVP's Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox (current Kentucky teammates) at the Jordan Brand Classic last April. Now, there is a large possibility that one of these prospects will become teammates of Carmelo on the Knicks.


2017 Draft Prospect: Dennis Smith Jr! Smith, a 6'3" PG averaged 18 PPG, 4.6 RPG, and 6.2 APG, 46% shooting and 36% 3PT shooting with NC State this season. He is projected to be picked from 5-10 in this years NBA Draft. If you had the opportunity, would you select him? Leave reasoning on why/why not if you can. NBA Comparison: Steve Francis/Gilbert Arenas (Let me know who the next draft prospect mix should be of, leave some feedback, and tag @desmith4!) #Smith #NCState #DraftProspect


Knicks lose to the Spurs, and are now tied for the 4th worst record in the NBA, 4th best odds in the draft lottery. #KnicksTank #TankSZN We might be talking about the lottery way too much, but you gotta look at the bright side to probably the most disappointing season in franchise history.


Derrick Rose will play tonight in San Antonio after sitting out against Portland, but Carmelo Anthony (knee) and Lance Thomas (hip) are out. Long Island native Danny Green is out for the Spurs.


UPDATE: NBA announces Joakim's suspension for violating the drug policy will start once he is available to play (healthy). So it's probably going to be a full 20 game suspension to start off next season, because he's expected to sit the last 10 games of this season anyways. He has been fined 2.77 million dollars by the NBA. EDIT: Supplement was a testosterone booster


#GAMEDAY: Knicks play the Spurs at 8:30 PM EST in San Antonio. No report on any injuries yet. If we lose tonight, we are TIED for the best odds for the fourth pick! #KnicksTank #TankSZN


Joakim Noah will receive a 20-game suspension from the NBA for violating the league's anti-drug policy, a source told ESPN's Marc Spears. Noah will be suspended for the last 10 games of this season (that he already was going to be injured for) and the first 10 games of next season. The over-the-counter supplement that Noah was tested positive for (which was not named) is banned in the league's current CBA, (collective bargaining agreement) but Noah actually would not have been suspended/penalized under next season's CBA that is set to start this offseason, ESPN says. UPDATE: The NBA has fined him 2.77 Million Dollars. UPDATE: Supplement was a testosterone booster.


Knicks GM Steve Mills was at the Kentucky and UCLA game today, closely watching prospects such as Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox. Fox dropped 39 points, the most by any freshman in Kentucky history, 4 AST and 3 REB. Monk put up 21 points, 3 REB and 1 AST Mills was also reported to be at at least one Kentucky practice to look at Monk and Fox.


Obviously non knick related, Phoenix Suns Devin Booker who is a 20 year old second year player just dropped SEVENTY points. 6th player in NBA history. I'm speechless.


2017 Draft Prospect: Josh Jackson! Jackson, a 6'8" SF/SG averaged 16.5 PPG, 7.2 RPG and 2.9 APG with the Kansas Jayhawks as a freshman this season. He is projected to be picked around 1-3, and the Knicks are one game back of the best odds for the 4th pick in the draft, with increased odds of a top 3 pick. If he was still available, would you pick up Josh Jackson? NBA Comparison: Andrew Wiggins (Comment who the next draft prospect mix should be of, leave some feedback on these mixes, and please tag @josh_j11!) #NBADraft #Prospects #JoshJackson