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Ron "Burgundy" Baker poured in a nice effort today w/ 12 points on 4 threes today. Personally I think Ron should stick in the starting lineup for the next few games just to see how it goes. Once KP is back, I'd like to see a tested lineup of Rose-Baker-Kuz-Melo-Kristaps just to see how good that can be. That would leave Lee to produce of the bench alongside Holiday, Jennings, Kyle and Willy/Noah. But we will have to wait and see... Next 10-12 games will determine if we can even make a playoff push.


Courtney Lee posted (now deleted) two pictures from the movie "Dumb and Dumber" after being removed from the starting lineup today.




When asked about how loyal he is to the Knicks, Melo said "I think I've proven that."


One thing I take away from this game, is that Melo is a way better player at PF. He won his scoring title at PF. He should be starting at the 4 position from here on out. #KnicksTank


It's sad that players who go up strong don't get any calls nowadays. You have to sell calls just to get them, DRose doesn't get any. Another missed call by these horrible NBA refs, costing us the game. (via @madgoodknicksshow)


Knicks lose off Dennis Schroder game winning 3 w/ 20 seconds left. #KnicksTank


Thanks to my favorite PG for the like 💪🏽💪🏽


Jeff Hornacek confirmed that if Porzingis was healthy and playing today, he was going to start him at Center and bench Joakim Noah. Lineup would have been Rose, Baker, Kuz, Melo and KP. #KnicksTank


This is the starting lineup Hornacek is going with today. How do you feel about it? This sets us up for a bench of Jennings-Lee-Holiday-KOQ-Willy This is what Ive been asking for, just a change to try and find out a workaround to our problems. We dont know if this will work or not, but the change is what I like to see. #KnicksTank (hornacek confirmed Kristaps was gonna start at C if he played)


Starting Lineup change for today's game (via @NY_KnicksPR/twitter) -Baker starts over Courtney Lee -Kuz starts for injured Porzingis Thoughts? #KnicksTank #RonBakerForMVP (Hornacek confirmed Kristaps was gonna start at C if he played)


Kristaps (sore left achilles) has been ruled out for today's game against Atlanta. This is his 3rd straight sitting. #KnicksTank


Lance Thomas is out, still has to be fitted for a face mask after fracturing his left orbital bone. Jeff Hornacek hinted at a possible starting lineup change during the pregame. KP is out as well. #KnicksTank


Kyle O'Quinn should be starting for this Knick team. I'm not pointing fingers at Joakim and saying he's the problem, the whole team is the problem as a whole, you cant blame one player... BUT, you can't just be satisfied with this losing team and not be making any changes. Im kinda disappointed that Jeff hasn't made this change already. Why not take a shot and just throw Kyle in the starting lineup for a few games, we really have NOTHING to lose. Changes need to be made, this starting lineup is not, and will not work. #KnicksTank


The look when you're 41 games in and no progression has happened... 😭😭😭 #KnicksTank


It doesn't feel like it, but we're at the halfway mark in the season. Knicks have played 41 out of 82 games, with a disappointing record of 18-23. What do you see coming from this team going forward in the next 41 games?


Now here's where I ask for your opinion: First off, there's a poll in my bio regarding what I'm about to ask, but I wanted to expand this controversial topic further than just a yes/no question poll. 1) Do you personally want Carmelo Anthony traded out of NY? 2) If so, where would you trade him to and for who?