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Happy birthday to our future Knicks NBA superstar star Willy Hernangomez. Willy's future is very bright! Tag Willy so he can see @willyhernangomez @willyhernangomez @willyhernangomez @willyhernangomez @willyhernangomez @willyhernangomez


This is an unofficial rumor. The Knicks have interest in D'angelo Russell. To get him we would have to give up our 8th pick, 2018 1st round pick and possibly a player. Thoughts? Would you guys like that trade to happen?


The Knicks have interest in signing Ricky Rubio, Jonathon Simmons, PJ Tucker, and Dante Cunningham in free agency. Thoughts?


The Knicks will not bring back Joshua Longstaff who was reportedly Kristaps's favorite coach. Thoughts?


@courtneylee we needed you! I admired your three point shooting and all the clutch things you've done for NYK! Courtney, friendly advice from me is improve your defense, other then that I admired your game and I admired your great personality! Everyone tag Courtney so he sees this. @courtneylee @courtneylee @courtneylee @courtneylee @courtneylee


I'm confident about the Knicks though the draft. The best way of rebuilding is through the draft. The Knicks obviously won't get marquee free agents but they could get very solid players or future NBA stars through the draft. It's tough to see the us as a possible champion in the next few years but definitely in the future when KP, Willy and even more young guys we draft are older. Then we might be contenders. Imagine Frank Ntilikina, Porzingis, Hernangomez and Justin Jackson on the same team. Justin Jackson if the Knicks do trade for another 1st round pick. But anyways, that could be very deadly. Who agrees?


Phil Jackson and Kristaps Porzingis's brother Janis met and discussed some issues that resulted in Kristaps skipping his exit meeting. The meeting didn't have positive results. The goal of the meeting was to get Kristaps and Janis on the same page as the Knicks. Thoughts?


The Knicks are interested in hiring Pablo Prigioni as the assistant coach. He'd be much better then Kurt Rambis and Pablo is very knowledgeable about basketball. Thoughts?


Lance Thomas said this about Carmelo Anthony. "I love him here. I love him as a teammate, love him as a competitor, love him as a person. Everything else is out of my control, but his approach has always been great. He's an amazing professional. I'm not going to comment on what's happening with him and the organization and trade rumors. I just know I love him as a teammate. I want it to work out". Thoughts?


The Knicks are interested in signing JJ Redick in free agency. Thoughts?


We got 8th pick 😤


Hoping Clyde's lucky suit pays off. He's calling it "royalty"


Walt Frazier will be representing the Knicks tomorrow in the Draft Lottery! Bring us some good luck Walt


The best bet is building through the draft. Agree or disagree?


De'aaron Fox said this about playing in the triangle offense and with KP "I don't know too much about the triangle. Everyone says it's hard to learn but if I go in there I'll have to learn quickly. And Porzingis, he's amazing. Watching the NBA this year, I really paid attention to the NBA this year knowing I'm about to go into this business. I had to stop watching it as a casual fan and start thinking of it as a business aspect. Porzingis is great and if I get to play with him, I feel like we can do something special" thoughts?


Thoughts about what Phil Jackson said?


The Knicks met with De Aaron Fox today. Some Knicks fans are high on De Aaron Fox. Thoughts?


The Knicks will meet with Markelle Fultz in Chicago during the NBA draft combine. Thoughts?