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The Knicks blow a 15 point lead and lose on a buzzer beater to Demar Derozan and the Raptors 92-91 _ The Knicks certainly took advantage of a Raptors team missing Kyle Lowry. Despite not being able to stop the leagues 5th leading scorer, Demar Derozan, the Knicks specifically Lance Thomas and Courtney Lee put out an impressive defensive performance filled with effort and intensity. The Knicks blew a 15 point lead in the second half, but did not fall out of the game. Mike Breen said it perfectly, this game had the intensity of a playoff game because of how physical and up tempo it was. Courtney Lee had the go ahead 3 to put the Knicks up 90-91 with 10 seconds left. Derozan came back with the ball and hit an impossible turn around deep two over Rose with 1.9 seconds left in the game. The Knicks had a foul to give but made a big fat mistake and did not use it. Carmelo Anthony got a wide open three, not one man around him but rushed it and missed what would have been an epic game winning three pointer. This is the Knicks 13th loss in a game decided by 5 points or less. _ Top Performers: Melo: 24pts, 4reb, 2ast Rose: 16pts, 6reb, 4ast Lee: 16pts, 3reb, 3ast Willy: 8pts, 9reb, 2ast Lance: 12pts, 6reb _ The Knicks start a lengthy road trip when they take on the Orlando Magic, Wednesday 3/1 at 7:00PM EST! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Kristaps Porzingis is OUT in tonight's tilt with the Raps. KP is expected to be ready to go for the Knicks game vs the Magic on Wednesday. Tipoff is at 7:00pm EST! #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


BREAKING: Joakim Noah will miss the remainder of the season and will likely undergo arthroscopic knee surgery. Get better Jo! #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


BREAKING: The Knicks will waive Brandon Jennings and sign Chasson Randle to a roster spot _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


KNICKS WIN! Despite a late breakdown, Melo hits the game winner with .3 seconds left to seal a rollercoaster win over the Sixers! _ It was just one of this nights for Melo. It was a vintage game from him - lights out shooting and a clutch shot to win the game. To be fair it should've never come down to that last possession but the Knicks did what they did best as they blew a 17 point lead as the Sixers made a 9-0 in the final minutes. Disregarding the fourth quarter the Knicks defense looked sharp and the Knicks played with intensity, not afraid to take any contact on the defensive or offensive side. Body's we're flying all over the place and the Knicks were able to keep with this young Sixers team. It wasn't pretty but it sure was exciting and a win is a win - Knicks fans haven't felt that much of a thrill in a while. _ Top performances: Melo: 37pts, 6reb, 2ast Rose: 18pts, 5reb, 3ast KOQ: 9pts, 5reb, 5ast _ The Raps (34-24) come to town on Monday for a 7:00pm EST. battle at the Garden! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


The Knicks fell behind in the first half going into halftime down 19, and aren't able to climb all the way back, en route to a ugly 119-103 loss to the Cavs. _ The Knicks simply weren't able to stop the drive and kick out game that the Cavs execute so well. When Lebron and Kyrie drove the Knicks defense would collapse in the paint leaving any of the Cavs knockdown shooters in Richard Jefferson, Iman Shump, or Korver wide open for an uncontested jumper. The Knicks simply weren't able to solve this problem all night. As Kevin Harlan said it best, it felt as though the Cavs were toying with the Knicks all night. The Knicks would make some mini runs but the Cavs would quickly storm back. On a good note, the Knicks proved early in the fourth quarter that defense truly leads to offense as a sequence occurred of three straight steals/blocks led to 2 made treys and one jumper. If the Knicks are able to play with that intensity on defense every possession, it would improve their offense too and solve all their problems. It's that simple. _ Top performances: Lee: 25pts, 6reb, 5ast Melo: 20pts, 5reb, 5ast Willy: 11pts, 10reb, 4ast _ The Knicks next play Saturday, 7:30pm EST. as the Phili 76ers (21-35) come to town for a battle at the Mecca! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Update: There are no trades being processed so the Knicks have not made a trade at the 2016-2017 deadline _ What this means: Negative: Derrick Rose will most likely walk this summer, which means the Knicks just lost him for nothing in return. Additionally, this means Kristaps Porzingis will have to play with a point guard whom he does not work well with for the remainder of the season. _ Positive: It seems as if the Knicks are aiming for a top draft pick. If that is the case, if Rose walks, that Point Guard spot is wide open for a draft pick. The Knicks can draft a stud of a PG which can at least put them one step closer to the Playoffs _ Photo Via @knicksnews_rumors _ _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


It is being reported that the Wolves have reached out to the Knicks about a potential Derrick Rose trade _ Opinion: Phil Jackson, do not make a trade with the Wolves unless it involves Kris Dunn or a 2017 1st Round lottery pick. Please do not trade Derrick Rose for Ricky Rubio. _ Thoughts? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Congratulations to our very own Kristaps Porzingis on winning the 2017 Taco Bells Skills Challenge! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


What should the Knicks do with Derrick Rose at the trade deadline? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The streak continues! Melo will replace Kevin Love in this year's all star game earning his 7th straight appearance and his 10th of his career! #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


KNICKS WIN! The Knicks snap their 4 game losing streak, force San Antonio to have their worst shooting game of the season with a 94-90 victory! _ The Knicks turn in easily one of their best performances of the season. The Knicks played lockdown defense on the best three point shooting team in the league. They locked up the perimeter. Despite Kahwi Leonard turning in an excellent performance, the Knicks matched it with high level offense. The game was up tempo, but then got slower as the Knicks fell down 10. Not only did the Knicks not give up, but they stayed together, came back stronger and went into the half down 6. They came out in the third and most of the fourth appearing ready to win this game. As a typical fan, you hold your breath in the final two minutes because you know with the Knicks the lead is never safe. However, today that was not the case. Carmelo Anthony scored two straight baskets to put the Knicks up 6 with 33 seconds left and beat one of the leagues best, the San Antonio Spurs! _ Game Notes: Lance Thomas (Orbital Fracture, Concussion) returned | Willy Hernangomez started at C _ Top Performers: Melo: 25pts, 7reb, 2ast KP: 16pts, 7reb, 3blk Willy: 12pts, 9reb, 1ast Rose: 18pts, 4reb, 2ast _ The Knicks take on the Thunder Wednesday, 2/15 at 9:30PM EST! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


After a miserable loss to Denver, it is time for the Knicks to tank and try to land one of these future superstars to put next to Porzingis _ True or False? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Phil Jackson's tactics to insult Carmelo Anthony out of New York are backfiring on him, now the fans are rallying behind Anthony to get Jackson out of New York _ True or False? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks lead for the entire second half, but blow the lead and lose to the Clippers 119-115 _ The 80 minute long scrimmage in practice must have worked because the Knicks came ready to play tonight. The team finally looked like the exciting, passionate, and most of all talented squad we have been waiting for. The Knicks never let up even when they fell behind. It was neck and neck the entire first half, as the Knicks were down one point despite scoring 67 first half points. The Knicks came out of the first half gates storming the Clippers on offense, they just would not let up. They did the dirty work and survived off of offensive rebounding and second chance points, which have become a huge source of scoring for the Knicks. The offensive rebound was simply outstanding. Heading into the fourth the Knicks had 95 points and were up 95-88. Losing Porzingis to foul trouble early in the fourth did not effect the Knicks, Anthony and Rose ran the offense to perfection. It was quite ironic to see the ball moving so much after Porzingis's comment about selfishness on this team, comments like that really light a spark for players to give more of a team effort. Late in the fourth, the Knicks blew their 10 point lead and went down 2. Hornacek called a much needed timeout which fueled the troops to get back on track. The Knicks then fell down by 5 after such a hard fought 47 minutes. Anthony hit a three ball with exactly 49 seconds left to put the score at 116-114. After playing lock down defense and forcing a missed layup, the Knicks let Jordan come in and tip it in to put the game even more out of reach at 118-114. Porzingis got fouled on a dunk attempt, makes one free throw and the Knicks go down 118-115. They foul Jordan, he misses both, Knicks get one last chance and Melo misses a three pointer to tie the game. _ Top Performers: Melo: 28pts, 9reb, 1ast KP: 27pts, 6reb, 2ast Rose: 20pts, 7reb, 8ast KO: 18pts, 6reb, 2ast _ The Knicks continue their homestand as they take on the young and running Nuggets on Friday, 2/10 at 7:30PM EST! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks get absolutely manhandled as they lose to the Lakers 121-107 _ The Knicks showed no energy or passion from the opening tip. The body language was terrible, it seemed as if not one player on the team wanted to be on the court. It seemed as if they would rather be at home. The game got so embarrassing that in the final minutes, the fans started to chant "Metta" for Metta World-Peace of the Lakers to enter the game. This miserable loss just adds to what is starting to become a failure of a season filled with horrible losses, underwhelming individual performances, and constant trade rumors. The Knicks front office will pull the trigger soon because there is no way they will sit by while this type of play continues. _ Top Performers: Melo: 26pts, 3reb, 5ast Willy: 8pts, 13reb, 1ast Holiday: 14pts, 1reb, 0ast _ The Knicks host the other LA team the Clippers, Wednesday, 2/8 at 8:00PM EST! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks make a late attempt at a comeback, as they cut a 27 point deficit to only 5, but Lebron and the Cavs prove too be too much down the stretch as they fall 111-104. _ Top performances: Melo: 17pts, 6reb, 2ast BJ: 23pts, 5reb, 10ast Willy: 16pts, 5reb, 4ast _ The Los Angeles Lakers come to town on Monday for a 7:00pm EST. battle at the Garden! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


As the trade deadline nears, we are wondering what kind of moves you guys, the fans, think Phil and the front office should make. _ Let us know your thoughts! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK (📸 SBNY)