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Josh Longstaff, the assistant coach that the Knicks let go yesterday, was a favorite of Kristaps Porzingis and other players within the organization. _ Longstaff went overseas last year to help train KP, and Porzingis had even requested that Longstaff serve as an assistant on his Latvian national team this summer for the European championships _ Not only is this move strange since Longstaff was known as one of the most beloved and hardworking coaches, but it is a move that increases the already growing tension between Porzingis and the Knicks organization and makes matters worse. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


RUMOR: Knicks may target D'angelo Russell as a potential trade target if they are not impressed with any of this years NBA Draft Prospects _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks have cut ties with Assistant Coach Josh Longstaff _ Via Bleacher Report _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Phil Jackson reportedly met with Kristaps Porzingis's brother, who is also his agent, about Porzingis' frustrations at the end of the 2016-2017 NBA Season _ The meeting also reportedly didnt accomplish much, as Jackson seemed determined to stay attached to his strategy for future success and was not willing to alter any of his potential plans _ Via ESPN _ What do you guys think about this meeting? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks have reached out to Dennis Smith Jr's reps to schedule a workout _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Before Knicks fans start worrying about our pick in this year's draft, don't forget that the Knicks took Willis Reed with the eighth overall pick in the 1964 draft. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


The Knicks were given the 8th overall pick in the NBA Draft and here are some realistic selections for them come June _ If you are in the Knicks draft room, who are you taking and why? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Knicks get the 8th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


1985. The last time the Knicks landed the first overall pick. It's about time this drought comes to an end. _ The Knicks come in with the 7th best odds to win first overall pick but ANYTHING is possible! _ Tune in to ESPN at 8pm ET. for the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Phil Jackson has chosen Walt "Clyde" Frazier to represent the Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery tomorrow night _ Will Clyde bring back luck for the Knicks in the lottery? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


In a media session last month, Jackson revealed his intentions of becoming more hands on in practices and game planning in the upcoming season. He says he is planning "to do a little bit more on-scene, on-target” teaching of players and coaches. _ Jackson acknowledged that this "hands on" approach will be perceived as undercutting Head Coach Jeff Hornacek. _ Yes or no? Phil Jackson should fire Jeff Hornacek and assume the role as Head Coach himself so that he could more easily instill his philosophies and culture into the players - a problem he has encountered over the past season, being at a front office position. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Draft Combine Updates: _ Point guard D'aaron Fox said he would "love to play for the Knicks with Kristaps Porzingis" _ The Knicks have met Markelle Fultz, D'aaron Fox, Caleb Swanigan and others _ There are also reports that the Knicks are "in love" with point guard Frank Ntilinka's game and are also eyeing sharpshooter Malik Monk from Kentucky _ Phil Jackson reemphasized his desire to trade Carmelo Anthony this summer by restating that he would want to see him win somewhere else _ The NBA Draft Lottery is Tuesday, May 16th _ The Knicks have about a 5% chance at the top pick, 18% at a top 3 pick, and above 50% to land the 7th overall pick. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Recently, in a long profile published by ESPN, Mike D'Antoni made the claim that "Anthony said the team needed to choose between him and D'Antoni," an ultimatum that led D'Antoni to resign. _ With all the drama surrounding Phil Jackson and Carmelo, and the frustration that Melo feels toward Phil, do you think it is appropriate for Melo to issue one of these ultimatums in which the organization would have to pick between their superstar and their president? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


The NBA Draft Lottery is one week away and the Knicks have a 5% chance at the top pick _ Where do you think the Knicks will land? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks #NBADraft #NBANews


Report: After skipping exit meetings, multiple teams reached out to the Knicks to discuss a Kristaps Porzingis trade _ Via Ian Begley _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #Knickstape #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


The Knicks are very high on point guard prospects D'aaron Fox (Top) from Kentucky and Frank Ntilinka (Bottom) from France _ Via ESPN's Ian Begley _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Vote KP for Block of the Year! _ Link to voting is in our bio. #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


2nd best prospect: Lonzo Ball, PG _ Season averages: 14.6ppg, 6.0rpg, 7.6apg _ Height: 6-6 | Weight: 190lbs _ NBA comparison: More athletic Jason Kidd _ This past year, the Ball family has made headlines in the basketball world to say the least. Being the oldest of the three brothers, Lonzo is an elite point guard prospect with an all around game. GM's and scouts have now entertained looking for all around point guards, hoping they could one day attempt to replicate Russell Westbrook's historical triple double season this year. Ball has a tremendous basketball IQ, which is one key comparison to Jason Kidd, he is excellent in transition, and does not lack a jumpshot. Teams will draft Lonzo hoping to find a special player and a new face of the franchise. _ A+. Ball would be a spectacular fit alongside Kristaps Porzingis and would certainly boost his scoring averages. In the case of Derrick Rose leaving, the point guard position would be wide open for a player like Ball to step in and turn the franchise around. New York could use another player with superstar potential and Ball certainly looks like that much needed player. _ Should the Knicks draft Lonzo Ball? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks #LonzoBall #NBADraft #NBANews