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3rd best prospect: Josh Jackson, SF _ Season averages: 16.3ppg, 7.4rpg, 3.0apg _ Height: 6-8 | Weight: 207lbs _ NBA comparison: Kahwi Leonard _ As a freshman, Josh Jackson exceeded expectations at Kansas and is now considered a lock in the top 3. Jackson was always an intruiging prospect because of his special defensive abilities, but questions regarding his offensive skillset were causing scouts to question his potential. However, from the midpoint to the end of the Jayhawks season, Josh put his foot on the gas, propelled his scoring average to 16 points per game and shot over 50% from behind the three point line. When Kahwi Leonard was drafted, you knew you were getting stellar defense and rebounding but his offensive game was a work in progress. With Jackson, scouts know they are getting an exceptional defender, an talented rebounder, and a more advanced offensive talent coming into the draft then Leonard had. _ A/A+. We know Jackson to the Knicks is unlikely, but if it happens, consider the Knicks having another potential franchise player. A report came out earlier last month that Jackson is at the top of the Knicks list. The Knicks will be hunting for a Point Guard, but will also not hesitate to draft a small forward to fill Carmelo's likely open spot. If drafted by New York, Jackson can certainly be the first step to getting the Knicks back to a winning franchise. _ Should the Knicks draft Josh Jackson? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


A trade that sends Carmelo Anthony to the Celtics this summer is one that is becoming increasingly likely _ The Knicks have shown interest in Jae Crowder _ Crowder is currently in his second year of a 5yr/35mil contract _ Even though a swap is certainly not the only option, is a Carmelo Anthony - Jae Crowder swap realistic? If not, what sort of deal is realistic? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Despite blowing off his exit meeting with Phil Jackson earlier this week, KP reassures fans that he loves New York and wants to be a New York Knick next year. _ There were recent reports that came out saying that KP is frustrated with the Knicks organization and wants time to himself away from the team, but after KP's statement we understand that KP needs time to recover from the past grueling season and get ready for the upcoming season - not that he is planning to step away from the organization for good. _ #Knicks #Knickstape KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


4th best prospect: Jayson Tatum SF _ Season averages: 16.8ppg, 7.3rpg, 2.1apg _ Height: 6-8 | Weight: 205lbs _ NBA comparison: Paul Pierce _ Jayson Tatum was a highly touted recruit coming into this college basketball season. Having won multiple prominant awards, playing under Coach K and leading Duke as a freshman, Tatum has become a very attractive draft choice for the Knicks come June. He started off slow which is why his scoring is not as high as other top prospects, but as he became more comftorable at the college level, Tatum displayed his talented offensive and rebounding skillsets. With the Knicks falling to 7th best odds, its unlikely Tatum will be in a Knicks uniform. However, if he is miraculously available, hes a must for Phil Jackson and the Knicks. _ A. Before the end of the season, you thought Tatum to New York would be a real possibility. That chance has decreased because of the meaningless victories at the end of the season which gave the Knicks 7th best odds. If the Knicks luck alters and we move up, Tatum would be an exceptional draft choice. With the likelyhood of Carmelo being traded in the offseason, Tatum could immediatley step up and fill the small forward spot. The Knicks would gain a young player who is ready to score at all times from any spot on the floor. _ Should the Knicks draft Jayson Tatum? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Knicks lose tiebreaker to the Timberwolves and recieve 7th best odds at the #1 overall pick _ This also means that if both teams do not land in the top 3, Minnesota will draft higher than New York regardless of position _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Tune into NBATV at 3PM EST to see the cointoss between the Knicks and Wolves that will determine who will have the 6th and 7th best odds in the draft lottery _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


After 7 years of marriage Carmelo Anthony and wife La La have separated _ Melo has always said that aside from basketball related reasons, he wants to stay in New York because his family is happy there. Now that Melo and La La have split, do you think this will affect Melo's feelings on leaving New York? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Adrian Wojnarowski reported yesterday that Kristaps Porzingis is ready to take a step back from the New York Knicks following a season full of controversy. He cited sources who said that "Porzingis is planning a long trip back to Latvia that may not include a return to New York until closer to the start of training camp." _ This report came a day after Ian Begley reported Porzingis, who grew frustrated over the "dysfunction and drama surrounding the organization," skipped his exit interview with Phil Jackson and members of the Knicks' front office.
_ Porzingis isn't the only Knick that is frustrated. Wojnarowski also reported Knicks players are "privately fuming that they want no part of the organization’s summer slate of triangle offense regimen at the team’s suburban New York practice facility." _ What does this mean for the future of the face of our franchise and the future for the organization in general? #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Key points from Phil Jackson's talk to the media today: _______________________________________________________ Regarding Carmelo Anthony: _ • Asked if he wants Melo back, Phil notes that the Knicks haven't been able to win with him and that Melo is a player who might be better off chasing a championship elsewhere. - "We've not been able to win with [Anthony] on the court at this time... I think the direction with our team is that he's a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship." • Phil added that he thinks "the direction with our team is that he [Anthony] would be better off somewhere else" • Phil told Melo in the exit meeting, "you don't want to end up your career not winning," and he shouldn't want that label [of losing] • He stated that his Phil 'partnership' with Carmelo hasn't worked out but he credits Melo for "carrying the load" with the Knicks • Phil stated that the organization would like a significant player in return for any potential Carmelo Anthony trade. Even though Phil does not clearly rule this out, this might mean that Phil would not be willing to trade Carmelo Anthony for future draft picks, but only for an established player • Phil states that he doesn't think that the way things have played out between the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony will impact the Knicks negatively in free agency _ Regarding Kristaps Porzingis _ • Phil said that he doesn't think Kristaps Porzingis at the young age of 21 isn't ready to be the face of the franchise _ Regarding Jeff Hornacek _ • He plans on having Jeff Hornacek remain the Head Coach of the Knicks going forward _ Regarding Derrick Rose _ • Phil said that Rose told him that he would like the Knicks to resign him this offseason since he would like a chance to redeem himself _ General performance of the team _ • Phil Jackson says the Knicks starters never developed chemistry or consistency to win close games #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Congratulations, @willyhernangomez ! _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Carmelo Anthony is leaning towards waiving his no-trade clause _ Via Ian Begly / ESPN _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


5th best prospect: Dennis Smith JR PG _ Season averages: 18.1ppg, 4.6rpg, 6.2apg _ Height: 6-3 | Weight: 195lbs _ NBA comparison: Derrick Rose _ Dennis Smith is an explosive guard who is one of the most intriguing prospects outside of the top 5. He has drawn comparisons to Derrick Rose because of ableness to drive to the basket and his impressive leaping ability. Smith's stock slid a little over the past month due to the fact that he did not make the the NCAA tournament with North Carolina State. However, Smith is no doubt a potential franchise point guard who can immediately make a difference on the next level. _ B+/A-. This would be in our opinion, an outstanding pick for the Knicks who will be in desparate need for a Point Guard if Derrick Rose walks in Free Agency. Smith could fill the point guard position to start the season and what would also be the start to a new young core in New York. Behind some of the top prospects, expect Smith Jr to be right there on the Knicks wish list unless Phil Jackson wants to turn heads once again. _ Should the Knicks draft Dennis Smith Jr? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Breaking: The Knicks have picked up the 2 year option on Phil Jackson's contract _ This means that Jackson will remain the Knicks President of Basketball Operations for another two years to finish off his 5 year contract. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


If this is the end, #ThankYouMelo _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks


Joakim Noah has suffered a torn rotator cuff which will require surgery. His timetable to return is 4-6 months. _ Reminder: Noah is currently suspended for the first 12 games of the 2017-2018 season, meaning even if he is healthy for the beginning of next season he will not be eligible to play. _ Is this a sign for Jo to take an early retirement? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


The Knicks play their season finale today when they face off against the 'Sixers at 8:00 pm EST to end what has been a bully season. _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #GoKnicks #TheMecca #NYK


Will Wednesday's game be Carmelo Anthony's last game as a Knick? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks #ThankYouMelo


After putting up 24 points and 11 rebounds in todays game, Willy Hernangomez leads all active rookies in double-doubles with 11 _ Should Hernangomez be a ROTY candidate? _ #Knicks #Knickstape #KnicksNation #NYK #TheMecca #GoKnicks