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God is the reason (stand up comedian) for booking contact: dewayne.colley@gmail.com

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When you ask your 3yr old daughter what she gone to do whe she grow up goes wrong! #helpisonthewaytour #cleancomedy


Virginia Beach VA I will see y'all all weekend at the (Funny Bone)! #helpisonthewaytour #cleancomedy


Virginia Beach I will see y'all all weekend at the (Funny Bone)


I met this girl seven years ago may 2010 and I could not believe how beautiful she was and I asked my cousin Riri Hunter who is she and she said her name is Gena and I chased her for five months after that! We been through a lot together she was with me when I was just calling myself Kountry Wayne and people was saying I will never become famous! She stayed down and never stopped believing I was going to get us and the kids in a better situation! She would listen to me talking about my dreams all night even when she didn't feel like listening and she never underestimated my relationship with God! And now she is my wife! Thanks @realkountrygirlgena for believing in me and the best is yet to come!


When you walk in the bathroom behind the wrong person! #helpisonthewaytour #cleancomedy #kountrywayne


When a dude wake up and realize he got married the day before! @realkountrygirlgena


Meet me in Omaha NE at the (Funny Bone) July 13th! Go get tickets now at www.omaha.funnybone.com


Kountry Wayne upcoming tour dates! #helpisonthewaytour #cleancomedy


Meet me in Des Moines Iowa at (The Funny Bone) July 12th! Go get tickets now at www.desmoines.funnybone.com


Clean Comedy even got the kids coming out! #positivity #helpisonthewaytour #kountrywayne #cleancomedy


To all my kids! This is why daddy is not home on Father's Day! #helpisonthewaytour #positivity #working #daddyloveya at Arlington Improv


Happy Thursday Everyone! #kountrywayne #returnofthemacktour #helpisontheway

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