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Today is the last day you can vote Russell Westbrook into the starting lineup for the NBA All-star game. You can vote via Twitter or Facebook using the player's name and the hashtag #NbaVote. You can also follow the link on my page to vote. Via @shiftrefresh


An individual has not started living until they can rise above the narrow confines of their individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Martin Luther King Jr paved the way. For me, for you, for everyone you know.He did something in his life that impacted the way you live and the way you think today. - He wasn't a special man, no different than you or I. But he did believe in the human race. He believed in people. He believed in youth. He believed in a better future. And he stood up for it. - So for at least today, stand up. Stand up not for yourself, but for others. In order to make the world a better place, we must be able to come together and harness love as a tool. The ultimate tool. The tool that can fix anger, mend sadness, and end hate. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have loved to see the progress we have made as a people. But he would continue to push people to be better. To love more. And to hate less. - Oh, and this isn't in any history documents or recordings, but according to those who knew him best, Dr. Kings favorite two words were this: Thunder Up!


Rise up. @vicoladipo #YoungStar


Steven Adams left tonight's game with Concussion like symptoms after banging his head on the floor. #GetBetterSteven


Russell Westbrook is just the 3rd player in NBA history to record 20 triple doubles in a season. The only other two to do it: Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson.


Your @okcthunder take the win against the Sacramento Kings 122-118. - Russell Westbrook had another triple double with 36 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Enes Kanter had a huge night with 29 points and 12 rebounds. - Victor Oladipo started us out great in the first half with 17 points and ended the game with 23. - Great W. #ThunderUp


Your @okcthunder take on the Sacramento Kings tonight in hopes to improve to 25 wins on the season. When: 9:00 E/T, 8:00 C/T Where: Sacramento Who: Kings Projected Starting 5: PG: @russwest44 SG: @vicoladipo SF: @flydre21 PF: @dsabonis11 C: @stevenadams - We need to keep winning if we hope to unseat the Clippers for fourth in the West so every game is crucial right now. Statistically we haven't been as good on the road, but let's change that tonight! - Let's get this W! #ThunderUp Pic Via @sparks.thunder


Modern Day Legend. #MVP #MDL


That last post was fake. My b. I got triggered by someone who DM'd me. We all good. #ThunderUp #ThankFullForAllOfYou


Trade Target #5 : Carmelo Anthony Height: 6' 8" Weight: 236 Age: 32 Season Stats: 22.1 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 3.2 apg. (33.4 minutes per game). - Look, I'm not even gonna act like it's a likely trade to happen. This is a long shot trade but is possible and could bring a huge boost for the Thunder. - There has been some quiet trade rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony in New York. There was a thought that the Knicks might try and get Blake Griffin for Carmelo and a pick or so, but that hasn't exactly panned out. - We could possibly trade Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler and a draft pick for Carmelo and the Knicks might consider it. Seems unfair at the sound of it, but it offers the Knicks a Center to put alongside Porzingis that actually can do something. It gives Kyle Singler a second chance at being productive on a team that would need him and it gives an older Knicks team a draft pick that can help make that roster younger. - Of course it gives us exactly what we need and more. We need a scoring small forward who can play second fiddle to Russell Westbrook and Carmelo could do just that. He would also bring experience to a youthful team. It also makes the Okc Thunder a legitimate title contender immediately. - You have Russ, Victor Oladipo Carmelo, Sabonis and Adams as a starting lineup. This would also allow Andre Roberson to come in and do what he does best, lock people down when needed. It also gives him someone in Carmelo to learn from and become better on offense so when Carmelo retires, Dre is ready to produce. - Like I said this is a long shot trade but it certainly shouldn't be disregarded because it is an option. #CarmeloToOkc? #ThunderUp


That's my boi!! For all y'all who don't know, I go to UNC so you're just gonna have to deal with UNC posts every now and then. Will always be basketball tho lol. #GDTBATH #TheoPinson #FSLose


Midway through the season and We Ok. #MVP #WEstbroOK #KingRuss #WhyNot Via @russellwestbr00kmvp


Your @okcthunder fall short in Minnesota 86-96. Westbrook picked up his 19th triple double of the season.


Current NBA Player Power Rankings. - Disrespectful. So disrespectful. LeBron James is the number 1 player in this league and it's not even close. - Russell Westbrook and Harden for the number 2 player in this league is a toss up. I obviously prefer Russ because he is on the Thunder and is a much better defender than James Harden. But Harden has proved that he should be recognized right with Westbrook as the second best player in the league. - Kevin Durant doesn't even deserve to be in the top 5. His presence has actually hurt the Warriors and he has been no where near as good as LeBron ever, is no where near Westbrook or Harden right now, isn't even close to the way Anthony Davis has played and you could argue he isn't even the best small forward in the West behind Kawhi Leonard. - The Nba is infuriating. So disrespectful.


Via @allsportslive


Double tap if you would cop one of these blackout jerseys 😍 Via @basketballforever


Your @okcthunder take on the @Timberwolves tonight! When: 8:00 E/T, 7:00 C/T Where: Minnesota Who: @Timberwolves Projected Starting Lineup: PG: @russwest44 SG: @vicoladipo SF: @flydre21 PF: @dsabonis11 C: @stevenadams - Not many storylines heading into today's game besides the fact that if Westbrook gets a triple double tonight and the next 3 games they play, he will be back on pace to tie Oscar Robertson's record for most triple doubles in a season. - Let's get this W! #ThunderUp


18 triple doubles in 40 games, 1st in the league in points, 2nd in the league in assists, 11th in the league in rebounding. First player to average a triple double for half a season since Oscar Robertson. Leading his team to a top 5 spot in the Western Conference. Oh and somehow third in voting in the All-Star game. Smh, I'm done with fans in the Nba. Half of y'all fake. If LeBron had these numbers he would be locked in to win MVP right now. I'm sick of people turning a blind eye to what Russ is doing. Appreciate greatness while it's in front of you instead of voting for someone because they have been great in the past. Curry is a good player, I hate pretty much everything about him, but he is a good player. But he has done absolutely nothing this season to deserve being ahead of James Harden or Russell Westbrook in All-Star voting. And I didn't even get started on Zaza Pachulabitch. Please end this nonsense. Russell Westbrook #NbaVote