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Presents The Charles Bridge (Karlův Most) is the most beautiful gothic bridge in the world.  Commissioned by King Charles IV, Holy Roman Emporer and King of Bohemia, the bridge has served as an essential link between Prague’s Old Town and the Lesser Quarter and Prague Castle, for hundreds of years.According to legend, the first stone of the Charles Bridge was layed in 1357, July 9th, at 5.31am. These lucky numbers were given to King Charles IV by astronomers (135797531). However the bridge wasn’t completed until the year 1402. Another unusual legend about the bridge is that eggs were used to strengthen the mortar between the stone blocks and recent tests have revealed that it does indeed contain inorganic and organic properties. PHOTOGRAPHER @vetrana LOVES  OF THE DAY June 19, 2017 LOCATION | #prague #chezchrepublic ADMIN | @IdaValenti PROFILE | @LOVES_UNITED_EUROPE OUR TAG | #LOVES_UNITED_EUROPE MEMBER OF * @Loves_United_Family * @Loves_United_Life PARTNER OF * @Loves_United_Italy * @Loves_United_Life * @Loves_United_Places * @Loves_United_World OUR MAIL * #l_u_t_c_e_2017_June __ #EarthFocus #BestVacations #Earth_Shotz #Eclectic_shotz #AGameOfTones #BeautifulDestinations #us #islands #fantastic_earth #earthofficial #awesomeearth #bestdiscovery #destinationearth #ourplanetdaily #world_places #earthlandscape #living_destinations #lost_world_treasures #worldbestgram at Prague, Czech Republic


Presents LOVES_MEET SWEDEN WHEN: Sunday May 28, 2017 TIME: 15:00 WHERE: Stortorget A photographic tour through the heart of Stockholm, the old city with its old and new views. We will walk through the old part of the city to view the old buildings dating from the 14th century until the very recent ones. We will find restaurants and boutiques with the old autentique atmosphere. We will walk through a pittorescue labyrinth of  alleys with brigthly coloured houses and charming small stores. 🍃🍃🍃 En fotografisk tur genom gamla stan i Stockholm med dess gamla och nya vyer. Vi kommer att vandra genom gamla stan med dess byggnader som dateras alltifrån 14talet tills nu. Där finns charmiga restauranger och butiker med gammaldags autentisk atmosfär. En pittoresk labyrint med vackert målade hus i de trånga gränderna och charmiga butiker. Dear igers of @loves_united_sweden, we will meet you there! We will have fun together! Please visit our Facebook page And click on our biography to subscribe to the event. at Stockholm, Sweden

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