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Frank finna 2-step on the league this year like....


A closer look at the Nike Uni... I know @madgoodknicksshow is hungry for that black alternate 😏


2/5: @nyknicks vs. @cavs -- Last year's season opener was a disastrous 29 point loss against the Cavaliers, an omen for the rest of the season. The @madgoodknicksshow will be paying attention to the first matchup against Cleveland this season, the eastern powerhouse, and a bellwether game for any playoff aspirations. BONUS: Kyrie in NYK? at Quicken Loans Arena


🔊🔊VOLUME ALL THE WAY UP 🔊🔊 Our @madgoodknicksshow contributors Far & TK go in depth discussing @kporzee strengths and weaknesses as well as 2018 season expectation. This is 1 of many MADGOOD PROFILES to come, so please stay tuned as we release the others...LINK IN BIO‼️ at The Garden


1/5: NYK vs OKC -- Season opener against Westbrook and PG13. Frank Ntilikina's first NBA game related experience will be against the triple double machine. Excited to see how our guys will match up against this new half 'superteam' at the end of October! at Chesapeake Energy Arena


First 5 games.. what's our record?


We already know KP finna bust OKC's ass game 1 of the regular season. The remainder of the 2017-18 schedule will be released today at 6pm on NBA TV. @madgoodknicksshow 🦄🦄🦄 #feedtheunicorn


@kporzee keeping us on our like a champion. OH YEAH, ITS A VIBE....That's what the @madgoodknicksshow likes to see. 🦄 🦄 🦄 at New York, New York


Would you be happy with Frank's Bleacher Report prediction? @madgoodknicksshow had similar numbers but closer to 5 boards. Stay tuned for Franks MadGood Profile dropping on YouTube soon. LINK IN BIO!


With the state of the current team, and the roster slowly but surely shaping itself. Mills and Perry have their work cut out for them, as we're not quite sure what direction we're headed in just yet. With that being said, the @madgoodknicksshow is interested to see your take on how many games this team could win WITH Carmelo Anthony on the roster (currently) this season??? Thoughts??? ***Also stay tuned for our NEW MadGood Profiles where we break down each current member or the roster and give our thoughts and projects as well.*** LINK IN BIOOOOOOO at New York, New York


Agree or disagree? 👍🏽👎🏽 KP will be the go-to guy on offense WITH OR WITHOUT Carmelo Anthony? 🔸🔹LINK IN BIO🔸🔹 @madgoodknicksshow is rolling out player outlooks leading up to the preseason. First up: @kporzee at The Garden


I'd be OK with this... via @nyksadface


Smooth... 📷: @knicks_everything


To answer our own question, I'm starting @frank_ntilikina right out the gate like my man Mark Jackson suggested. Plus he's trained w our bro @cbrickley603 so we know he's prepped and in good hands.🙏🏽🙏🏽 (via @cbrickley603 ) -TK at New York, New York


We have quite the trio of point guard options now that D. Rose is a 'cast off'. @madgoodknicksshow wants to know which one of these super studs (🙄) should grace the court on opening night as the Knicks 6,458th starting point guard in the last few seasons? Frank, Ramon or Baker??? And WHY? Shoot.... at New York, New York


The @madgoodknicksshow got wind that @timmyjr10 and @dwyanewade had the chance to workout together this past week. Here's what D. Wade had to say...Via @taylorrooks expect BIG things from THJ this season... at New York, New York


It's been almost two weeks now since the @carmeloanthony trade rumors have died down (thanks to Perry and co.) but we've still been getting a lot of questions regarding the Melo saga. So here's our take...the @madgoodknicksshow thinks at this point it's in our best interest if Melo starts the season as a New York Knick and we gauge and re-evaluate his trade value come the deadline if necessary. What do you think? Should we get rid of him now prior to training camp, even if it means taking on bad contracts? Should we let him stew on the bench, even if it puts the locker room in jeopardy? Should we buy Melo out and let him choose a contender? Or finish out the season as a NYK and see where it goes....? Also, this doesn't get discussed often enough, but the importance of having Melo around for @kporzee development is key. at New York, New York


Michael Beasley and the Knicks are closing in on a deal. Veterans minimum.. Thoughts? at New York, New York

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