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Pessimistic Pattys 😩


How will we stand up against the 4th team in the East? Let's find out at 7PM! With BJ being waived and Chasson Randle coming on board, we are curious to see what kind of energy this man will bring off the bench if he makes his Knicks debut tonight!


And just like that, there goes @stickity13 get well soon brother!


......really Knicks? Really though....🤦🏽‍♂️


Strong outing for Melo. We remember Tj 😈 It was a bittersweet W against the 6ers and looking to string a few wins together. If Melo can keep this type of production up...8 seed don't seem that far away 🤔.


Melo with the game winner! Overall solid performance from the only 9 players that played tonight!


Tonight a team that made no trade moves pre deadline takes on one that did. If the sixers win tonight they'll take our spot in the standings and knicks will drop to lucky 13th seed. No bueno. We need to get this homestand started off right esp with KP (ankle) and Noah out (via @knicks_everything)


At least the bright spot continues for the Knicks @willyhernangomez‼️ Thoughts so far on Billy's season?


Boxscore from tonight's loss against the Cavs




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we are back!!! With all this commotion going on around the trade deadline at 3PM, IT'S OVAH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Let's not forget we have part 4 of the Knicks and Cavs season series tonight on TNT. Cavs lead 3-0. How did this break serve us? Find out tonight at 8PM. Let's go Knicks!


Via: @espn Knicks fans who do you think? Emotions aside...from top to bottom, players, system, organizational, financial wise, etc....who's closer to winning a championship? (Stay tuned for our response on the next episode of the MGKS)😬😬😬😬


Ok Phil it's coming down to the wire...3pm deadline. What do you guys think of acquiring Rubio for Rose? Yay or nay and why?


Something is brewing, let's wait and see....⌚️


Only sometimes 😏


DEMARCUS COUSINS TO THE PELICANS! Looks like the NBA Gods aren’t scared to make some big trades. Now the questions is will the biggest market in the NBA and the NBA’s most valuable franchise via FORBES (3.3B) be sellers or buyers? Or simply stay put...the clock is ticking and only time will tell. Comment below!