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Welcome back to the WHO SAID WHAT rumor mill from the @madgoodknicksshow. We bring you the first whisper from the association regarding the NY Knickerbockers. With Porzingis skipping the exit meeting, the Knicks will be listening to offers even if they say they won't be. (Politics) The Charlotte Hornets have yet to bring a franchise player since relocating back to Charlotte. Personally I believe Porzi is worth more than this current offer...lets see what the offseason brings. Via @fansided


Or E) other... let us know 👇🏽👇🏽


🔊🔊VOLUME UP 🔊🔊 Brand new season finale @madgoodknicksshow is up! LINK IN BIO! • • ⛹🏽NBA Draft • 🏀Carmelo's future • 📓Final Player Grades • 📉Knicks Jeopardy😂 • 🎩Shoutout @ny_freak_apparel for Pete's dope hat‼️


Celebrating the last episode of @madgoodknicksshow (dropping tomorrow), and most importantly having a toast to all of our supporters through season 1 at where else but @clydefraziers Wine and Dine.


Whatever ends up happening, Melo in pukey green jersey looks trash🚮 • • Real talk: I'm not trading Melo for anything with Boston unless it includes their #1 pick 🤷🏽‍♂️


For those fans who were sweating hard😓😓 once reports broke that @kporzee was fed up with the dysfunctional Knicks...all is good in Unicorn land 🦄. Don't worry, the @madgoodknicksshow has got YOU covered in the latest Knicks trauma saga. In a recent article from BOTP he asked if KP would like to be a Knick next year? The response was an emphatic "Of course" and he added "I love New York. I love New York". Thatta boy KP, we knew we had nothing to worry about....


Common, Thomas... @madgoodknicksshow


In "non-Carmelo-getting-a-stripper-pregnant" news, the Knicks lost the tie-breaking coin toss and officially have the 7th best odds at landing the top pick (the coin toss only plays a role in top 3). Officially, this would leave us at: 4.3%, 4.9%, and 5.8% to land picks 1-3, respectively (or around there). If you're wondering the last time the 7th team won the lottery in the weighted lotto era (est. 1990), it was the NJ Nets who selected Kenyon Martin. The last 5 years have gone to the 1-3 teams, and since 2000, 5 teams outside of the bottom 5 got the #1 overall pick. So who knows??


Melo and Lala officially done. This will certainly play a role in Melo's future as he likely won't have to consider Lala's business ties.


Now usually when it comes to Stephen A. and his New York Knicks rants I give him the side eye...(😒) minus that time he called Jared Jeffries a bonafide scrub😭😭. But this time!!! He's on to something and he has my full support, something's gotta give here. In all honesty Phil can't continue to run the Knicks like this, he's ripped apart our star player, bad mouthed our future and unicorn in KP. He loves placing blame but never takes ownership of all his horrendous decisions, all of which have backfired thus far. Stephen A my brother, the @madgoodknicksshow supports you and @espnfirsttake rant on!!!! THOUGHTS????


Here's Frank in action! SWIPE to see @madgoodknicksshow outlook on the potential next PG for the Knicks. Latest projections show that he's actually fallen out of the top 10... this guy still has New York Knicks written all over him. We had him at the 8th best option for the Knicks. 8. Frank Ntilikina, International @frank_ntilikina is the mystery man of this year's draft class, much like KP was several years back. We all know how much Phil Jackson and the Triangle offense 'values' a true point guard (😒🙄). Euro Frank, would and could be that one exception. As his 6'5 lanky frame could allow him potentially be a lockdown defender on the next level. He's pesky and has shown great awareness and court vision to be a Gary Payton type stud. Or just Dennis Schroeder pt deux with more size.


✌🏽🦄 thoughts? Something Adam Silver may have to check out if Dolan doesn't handle (which he prob won't).


"He's better off somewhere else," - Phil Jackson


Snapshot of Melo's career with the Knicks. If this is his final season with us, where does he rank among your favorite all-time Knicks? Do you think his number should be worn again in NY? @madgoodknicksshow (I don't want you to @carmeloanthony 🙁)


You know it's bad when the Knicks aren't on MSG's 1 or 2... but they on the + version now 🙃 #nextstopUP9 #letsgorangers #knickstilidie


Last year KP was 4. Mind you, in order to leap past KP in jersey sales, it took Kawhi to have an MVP year, Kyrie to win a ring, Durant to morph into a snake 🐍 and Westbrook to average a triple-double.


Have yourself a half, Billy🐐 @madgoodknicksshow


Tonight is the 80th game of the 2016-17 season.. 3 games left! The Knicks are 30-49 (12th in the East) and the Grizzlies are 42-37 (7th in the West). Lets (not) go Knicks! #tank