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Still life and food photographer, visual story teller and blogger: a blog dedicated to beauty, the simple joys of life and memories of food. Similar users

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The ever so decorative bananabread! ❤️ No, it's not fucking cucumber as a certain person believed. You know who you are... Well, it really is tasty depite its suspicious appearance... • Det dekorative bananbrød venter altså på dig på bloggen...😘 Det skal bages og smages af netop dig, så hvad venter du på? at Copenhagen, Denmark


My dear neighbour's ever so tempting peaches... What a joy to have organic, fresh fruit free of all pesticides, just clean, fruity flavour! What lovely, local produce! I can't wait till the house is ready, then it's time to establish the garden... It's my ambition to be as self sufficient as possible and some day soon I'll have fruit, berries or something lovely of my own to exchange for my neighbour's peaches. I want to live like that. A local community of people sharing and caring. So neighbour, show some good will and share your peaches already...😘 • Fine ferskner og livsfilosofi...❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Darkness is dear to me. It appeals to my view on beauty with a sense of elegant yet dramatic allurement, like the secret of the photo is just waiting to be revealed by the attentive viewer. In the shadows a story awaits an opportunity to tell itself. Darkness demands attention. Well, however great the potential of darkness, I want to renew arrangements, explore a lighter mood and create a new sense of life in my pictures as I'm currently missing the sense of accomplishment and creative development... Do you feel like that sometimes? 😔 This is me (face not photographed...) Cause I'm secret like that. at Copenhagen, Denmark


My version of a classic in Danish cuisine, similar to the beautifully simple Summer treat, strawberries with cream. Only it's a porridge of all sorts of red berries and it's simply a joy! I love how the sorrel ever so delicately decorates the surface like baby butterflies... How's that for edible poetry? 😘 Well, it's my absolute favourite Summer treat, so if you haven't had the pleasure, please treat yourself to what Danes call "rødgrød med fløde" ❤️ • Venner, rødgrød med fløde, fordi det simpelthen smager af glade minder, møgvejr og myggestik! Dansk sommer er en fryd! ❤️ • Link for Danish recipe in profile now! at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, all my great ambitions of a memorable anniversary celebration will just have to wait... As can be expected of the Danish Summer weather, it's shit and as a result I'm sick...😞 Just a feeling of fatigue and the occational sneeze. What a celebration! I was hoping to impress you all with a festive photo. Oh, well... Content yourselves with some berry beauty. Home harvested strawberries and just in time, as the snails are devouring all the joys of the garden by now. I can't wait to show you what I made of them... Happy Monday! ❤️ • Nyd møgvejrs mandagen, venner! Hilser fra sneglene som laver jordbær ballade i haven...🐌 at Copenhagen, Denmark


This day is a celebration of the happiest moment ever, when I married the love of my life... ❤️ 1th of August 2008 was the start of a new life for me and July 30th 2016 my dear and I enjoyed the wedding of a life time, celebrating love to perfection in Tivoli. Tivoli is dear to us for all the great experiences it has provided and this festive event has only contributed to our sentiment for the old but always memorable amusement park. An instant sense of happiness affects me when my wedding comes to mind. Of all the people in the World, the greatest is mine to love. A certain sense of nostalgia as well... If only I could live that day again... But that's the beauty of it I suppose. Memories and love for a life time. Words can't express my appreciation for you. Thank you for all that you are and the life I live in your precious company. I love you! 😘 Happy anniversary! at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, at the moment I'm working on a blog renewal. New design, new features and new independence as I attempt to professionalize my life as blogger. It's challenging, technical and time consuming, but just as I greeted the new year, deciding to invest in an actual camera to excel and perfect my technical skills regarding photography, now it's time to perfect the blog. I always aspire for a sense of accomplishment in life, personally and creatively and like you who I admire so, I want to live of blogging. A life beautifully captured in perfect, memorable moments. Thank you for inspiring me to live this life of food and photography! 😘 I hope it'll take me places... I certainly have the will. I hope I have the talent. at Copenhagen, Denmark


So, I managed to bake a banana bread while entertaining a baby... Good for me! 😍 Now I'll treat myself to a piece to the sweet sound of snoring and the occasional fart by a peacefully sleeping baby... The idyll is infinite. I'm just so impressed by all the mothers who manage to shoot culinary perfection while caring for a baby... Good for you! ❤️ • Livet er idyllisk med friskbagt bananbrød og babyfis...😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


A moment of bliss a sleepy Sunday morning 🌿 • Lykke en søvnig søndag morgen...❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


As some of you are aware, I'm the happy wife of a beautifully decorated man, @rubentattooer and luckily my husband's hand is perfect for presenting this gin & tonic elderflower treat! Enjoy! 😘 • Som glad kone til en dekorativ mand, er jeg så heldig at have den perfekte hånd til at præsentere denne gin & tonic hyldeblomst is! Nyd den! ❤️ • Link for Danish recipe in profile! at Copenhagen, Denmark


As a lover of cocktails and seasonal treats, I'm contemplating a combination of gin and elderflower in celebration of Ask joining the World! 🌿 This Nordic gin is perfect obviously for the name but also for the herby flavours of verbena, stonecrop, saltwort and "sarurt" (what's the English word?) which is my intend to complement with a fresh taste of Summer and elderflower. I hope it'll taste good... • Jeg er tosset med cocktails og sæsonens lækkerier, så jeg roder med en kombination af gin og hyldeblomst for at fejre, at Ask har hilst på verden! 😍 Denne nordlige gin er logisk nok perfekt for navnet men også for smage som jærnurt, steenurt, salturt og sarurt, som smagen af sommer og hyld skal komplimentere. Jeg håber at det smager godt... at Copenhagen, Denmark


Love tastes like chocolate and cherry cake and I'm in a lovely mood! 😍 I'm enjoying my new life experiencing how motherhood changes you for the better. A new person is in my life and he renews me. As I love the sense of perfection and accomplishment, patience is new to me, but my child reminds me that I'm good enough. To myself and people I love. Good enough is perfect for now...❤️ And chocolate is a comforting joy at emotional times (at all times really...) so for now I'll enjoy the memory of this comforting cake... Have a lovely day, dearies! ❤️ • Smagen af chokolade og kirsebær er kagekærlighed og jeg er i et elskeligt humør! 😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


Cherries and almondkisses of Amaretto...❤️ I'm too busy loving my son to photograph and create new memories at the moment, but the cherries I enjoy and my beloved boys provide the kisses...😘 • Kirsebær og mandelkys af Amaretto! ❤️ Jeg er for forelsket i min søn til kamerakreativitet og nye madminder for tiden, men kirsebærrene og mine kære drenges kys nyder jeg! at Copenhagen, Denmark


This day is to be enjoyed celebrating the love of my life and dearest friend! 😍 He's good for all the love in the World and I'm a better person in his presence. Happy birthday! May you live a 100 years! Hooray! ❤️ • Denne dag skal nydes og mit livs kærlighed og kæreste ven fejres! 😍 Han er god for alverdens kærlighed og i hans selskab er jeg et bedre menneske. Tillykke med fødselsdagen! Bliv gammel, grå og lev i 100 år! Hurra for dig! ❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Goodnight greetings from me to you, hoping you're all enjoying life and this precious moment...❤️ • En glædelig godnat hilsen fra mig og håbet at I alle nyder livet og dette øjeblik...😘 at Copenhagen, Denmark


As of now I'm the happiest person alive! Just as anticipated, Ask (Old, Nordic name for Ash) arrived in June in time for the blooming trees...🌿 Sunday morning the 18th of June the World welcomed him and his presence perfects it...❤️ The pregnancy has been a joy and his birth an experience of a lifetime. My life as a mother has started and now the loveliest of all is watching the love of my life and father to my child enjoying a precious moment with his new favourite person! 😍 Now, it's time for a walk in the woods to enjoy nature and the beautiful trees that gave my son his name... So happy greetings to all and thank you for making the World a place of a beauty for my son to live and grow in! ❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Toasted bread with creamy cheese, caramelized strawberries, herbs of basil and balsamico 😍 Flavours of perfection! You'll love it! ❤️ • Toasted brød med friskost, karamelliserede jordbær, basilikum og balsamico 😍 Smager simpelthen perfekt! I vil elske det! ❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark


Appetite for a tasty toast? Bake the bread and wait for it...😘 • Appetit på en velsmagende toast? Bag brødet og glæd jer...❤️ at Copenhagen, Denmark

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