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Had to film today's video with a Kings jersey on to honor the memory of Sacramento Boogie. Kings fans, I feel for you. #AtLeastWeFreedAD


Reminder, Chris Paul can opt out and decide to be a free agent this summer. Imagine if he returns to New Orleans!!! DOUBLE TAP if you think this Big 3 would win a Championship together!!


This is a real quote by Draymond Green..... Why have NBA players just lost their minds this weekend lol


For the sake of Anthony Davis' career, this needs to happen #FreeAD


If you had the number 1 pick in the draft this year, who would you take?? Comment below! (As for me, I don't think you can go wrong with either one but I think I'd lean towards Fultz. I love lonzo, I feel like markelle might have more potential tho, dude was playing JV basketball 3 years ago....)


Real recognize real 💯 I think a video on why James Harden is the MVP might be in order..


This shot pretty much sums up The Knicks season...


Greatest Duo of all time, who you got?!? Tag a friend so you can have an epic argument in the comments 😂😂😂


NEW LIMITED EDITON MERCH TO CELEBRATED 500K SUBS! Available at Korzemba.com link is in my bio 💯 If you buy a shirt screen shot it and tag me on twitter or Insta so I can follow you. Thanks homies!


The Come Up, Episode 2: Michael Jordan (Make sure to double tap for more Come Up Episodes! The first episode can be found a few posts down! Also, comment who you think I should do next!) #TheComeUp #TheComeUpEps #jordan


In case you ever feel like you can't change your life around for the better... this Sasquatch of a human being was Marc Gasol in high school 😂


Double tap if you see your favorite player 💯


This still makes me sad...


I could watch this 1000 times and it would still be funny 😂😂😂


Chuck your almost in the hall of fame 😂🔥🔥


All 4 of these Stars plays on a losing team. Double tap if you think they need to be saved!!! #Freead #freeboogie


Quick Reminder that Giannis is 22 years old and he's already taking over games with ease... He's averaging 22 pts 9 rebs 6 asts 2 stls and 2 blks a game. I'm scared of how good he's gonna become


Possibly the most Iconic photo of Michael Jordan if we're being honest....