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thankful for the opportunities I have been given in my life & excited for the next steps of the journey. Proudly representing Lithuania & @nyknicks.

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Grateful that life gives me opportunities to meet people like @reggiemillertnt 😳👌🏼🙂 #livingthedream


Away W against great team! We lose together, we win together. TEAM.




Tough L and probably no modeling perspectives for me in the near future..:) #knicks #rockybalboa


Same place, 14 years ago:) 👌🏼🎞


Nors pats dar tuo metu buvau mažas, tačiau artimiausių žmonių pasakojimai ir jau vėliau pamatyti vaizdai iš tos nakties įvykių Lietuvoje, tavęs niekados nebepalieka abejingo. Ačiū visiems, kurie tuo metu bandė apsaugoti mūsų šalį svarbiausiose objektuose ir tiems, kurie kantriai tikėjo. Tik dėl tokių drąsių ir atsidavusių savo Tėvynei žmonių, mes dabar galime džiaugtis didelėmis Lietuvos pergalėmis! Ačiū Jums! #Lietuva #laisve --- 26 years ago this day was one of the most important for our country - the braviest people fought for our independence. A huge THANK YOU for them, for the freedom which we can enjoy right now. #independence #freedom


Great evening. Nice win and a pleasure to meet @theofficialai3. Thanks for the nice words! #knicks #nba #livingthedream


Lunch in NY with Lithuanians. So happy that @donatas_motiejunas is finally back! Good luck for the rest of the season!!!(except tomorrow, haha😂)


Sometimes you don't need to make the buzzer beater to win the game, sometimes you just need to give your 100%, fight and dive on the floor.. Great job @mrlance42


Yesterday I was elected as a best basketball player in Lithuania of 2016. So so happy with this award. Couple years ago couldn't even think about titles like this, last year I was 2nd and this year I won.. Maybe I've got this award a little bit in advance, so it obliges me to prove everything with my hard work and good playing. THANKS to all the people who voted for me.. #dreamscometrue --- Dar kartą didelis ačiū už Jūsų balsus šiuose rinkimuose. Kaip ir minėjau, galbūt šis tutulas yra šiek tiek "su avansu", tačiau tai tik įpareigos toliau sunkiai dirbti, kad įrodyčiau, jog Jūsų pasitikėjimas buvo ne veltui:) #svajonėspildosi


2016 was a great year. A lot of changes, decisions and challenges. Some of the dreams came true, some of them are on the way.. I wish you to be positive, successful and, most important, healthy next year. Have a good one!!!




Merry Christmas everyone!!! --- Linksmų Šventų Kalėdų! --- Feliz Navidad!


Hope that all of you have a chance to spend Christmas Eve with your families. I am so happy, that this they are with me...


Season of giving together with @gardenofdreamsfoundation. Not only Christmas, but every time is a good time to help the others if there is a possibility.. #sharing


Two great mothers and my braliukas🇱🇹🇱🇻


That's what @egleandr is doing while I am away or at the practices😌💃🏻🏀 happy to find ourselves in NY.


@nyknicks Christmas party!