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UA🐘 • John 4:23 • Drummer • NET🌐 D² 💎 • 11.24.16💙🔐 MrJSO🎥 • You have to be odd to be #1

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All these lights around me, but this Diamond shines brighter than them all ✨


Iconic. When the Afro American Gospel Choir sung on stage with ya boi Kirk


Stay Alive Challenge Accepted


This year, we decided to surprise my mom for Christmas by bringing some family up. She's always trying to pull on over us, so it was time to get her back


Met her under the mistletoe😘🎄


What's 9+10?! TWENTY ONE Happy 21st Birthday to this beautiful princess👑Enjoy your day sweetheart & I hope it's as lovely as you are! Don't worry, we'll celebrate your birthday and finals being over when I come up to Tennessee😘🎉💙


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BON QUI QUI😂2 whole decades without a criminal record✊🏾But on the real, I wish you all the best this year and I pray that you'll see blessings on blessings🙌🏾I miss you man


To my brother from another mother, Happy Birthday Man🎉😎Its crazy how close we became and now you family to me✊🏾Enjoy your day bruh😂don't wild out too much this year


I intend to populate Instagram with children's characters for Child Cancer Awareness Week. Give me a like and I'll assign you a character


It's funny how great things start unexpectedly😁Every day has been a memory so far, from all our snapchats, & staying up late to FaceTime😂Hearing your voice or seeing your smile makes my day a bit brighter💡And I know we got what it takes to make it work ... My #wcw😍


We had to get in on the challenge too @uactp


No matter how much I complained about FC, you were always a bright spot. Recording the football games was a highlight of my senior year because I always looked forward to Friday nights and just getting to cut up with you on the way to the games. You made such an impact on everyone you came across at FC and you will be sorely missed. It's hard to say goodbye to another Falcon, but I know heaven gained another Angel with Coach J and Ocho #onceafalconalwaysafalcon


Moment of silence for all the pins🎳we took down last night


Even though we can't stand each other on Game Days(Auburn/Miss St) we're all united as one my brothers & sisters


Mark your calendars! It'll be here before you know it!


Getting the word out about @thesankofaua week going on! Don't forget to come check out our Breast Cancer Awareness table from 11-2 at the Ferg! Come out and support our events going on and spread the word


~Drummer ... A uniquely creative musician with limitless skills~ #iamthelighttour


Man free is a college student favorite word! I've been a drummer since I was little and I'm hoping to get my second kit ever if y'all decide to pick me @lovecustomdrums