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😔😔 No need to overreact though - the first game back from all star is always a bit weird. On to the next one. #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


It's been a while, but actual basketball is back! Bradley did travel with the team - not sure if he plays! Jaylen Brown is available and will mostly likely start if AB doesn't! Gerald Green did not practice yesterday so I assume he's out! Let's get it! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


#GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Hey @money23green do something other than riding your teammates success before you chat shit to a legend! You have not earned the that right yet! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Whilst teams below us (Wizs, Hawks and Raps) have made improvements to their rosters - remember that Celtics have only had their starting 5 available for something like 22 games! And in our last 14 or so games our defence and rebounding numbers are up to what they've been all year and our offense remained up there as well! Hopefully we have a healthy roster for the second half and can build on the first half! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


If you look at the bigger picture it isn't a bad thing we made no moves! Annoying is that Raps got PJ Tucker. #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


I said it before, but I'll say it again, I would like to see us make a trade but we are still in a good position going forward if we don't! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Try to not go too crazy people 😂 #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Happy Birthday to 2008 NBA Champion Rajon Rondo! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Some fans acting as if its trade or bust for the Celtics, I don't think that's the case, I think if Danny isn't able to get a trade done, that the roster we have is capable of making some noise in the playoffs! We may have our rebounding flaws but we have gotten ourselves second in the east with that flaw! We don't have to go all in for a championship this year, we're a team on the rise not a team that's peaked! Also, don't believe everything you read, there's a lot of bullshit out there, check the source to see whether it's a reliable one! Edit: I'm not saying don't make a trade, I am saying that IF we don't, that we won't be screwed. #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Trying to screenshot on Snapchat without her noticing... #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


A lot of people have said that Al Horford has been a big disappointment, but he's definitely needs to credited for us being 2nd seed! Statistically nothing stands out but all around fairly solid by him - plus the stats don't tell the whole story in his case! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Hustle game winning plays! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Who really cares about the score? But Isaiah really doesn't score less than 20 at the moment! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


So its the All Star game tonight! Let's go Isaiah. Let's go Brad. #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics


Last year! #GreenRunsDeep #NationCeltics