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The Knicks will reportedly heavily target Jrue Holiday in free agency this offseason. Jrue is 26 years old and currently averaging 16 PPG 7.4 APG and 1.6 SPG on 46% shooting and 37% shooting from 3. Injuries have derailed his career as he was and all star at just 22 years old, but this year he has not missed any games due to injury, he just missed about a month because his wife had a serious medical issue but thankfully she's okay now. I love his game, great all around player. He's a good distributer and shooter, also a good defender. Perfect fit for this team. I think his injuries are mostly behind him so I'm all for this as long as Phil doesn't overpay too much.


Knicks lose a heartbreaker at the buzzer 92-91 as Melo just missed another game winner at the buzzer. Really good defensive game Melo was just off tonight. Lee was incredible and Lance Thomas was amazing. This year it's a tank by a thousand paper cuts...


Quick mid game post about Kuzminskas vs. Thomas. Now it's still the first quarter so it's very early but I just wanted to point out how important Lance Thomas is. The Knicks were up by 5 and had only allowed 11 points in the first 7 minutes with Lance in which is great against a good offensive team in Toronto. He had DeRozan and played solid D on him. Since Kuz checked in Toronto went on a mini 7-0 run because Kuz could not cover DeRozan (which ik is a bad match up for him) and he also took a terrible shot on offense. This is just a minor example but I just wanted to show how important Lance's defense is to our team. What do you guys think?


BREAKING: The Knicks have cut Brandon Jennings and signed Chasson Randle. Smh Phil why not trade Jennings then. Love Randle though I think long term this will help. @brandonjennings thanks for your time, ik it wasn't great but you always played your ass off! We appreciate you!


The Knicks barely beat the Embiid-less Sixers last night 110-109 thanks to a monster game from Melo who dropped 37 including the game winner with 0.3 seconds left. The fact that we needed Melo to go off to sneak past this team is bad. Definitely time to tank.


Derrick Rose's agent has said that he wants to stay in NY if it's possible. I highly doubt this happens as Phil was trying to get rid of him at the deadline to the point where it was reported that Phil didn't care what he got back for Rose he just wanted him gone. Honestly I would only consider resigning Rose for under $10 million. For those of you that are gonna flip out over that he has not proven that he can be a starting point guard on a competitive NBA team. Like I posted yesterday he has had a huge negative impact on the Knicks. I think on a deal for under $10 million a year and with Rose coming off the bench it can be worth it, I think he can be a great 6 man but not a starter. Thoughts?


Apparently the Knicks were willing to trade away Rose for Rubio straight up but the Wolves backed off and declined. Now Rubio is under contract for the next few seasons and will be making about $15 million a year until 2019. This may have worked out in the Knicks favor because Rose will be a free agent this year so the Knicks won't be stuck with another bad contract. However had they traded for Rubio they would've won more games this year (which might not be a good thing). For those of you that still think Rose isn't the problem with this team, here are some of his stats. Derricks Real Plus Minus is -2.92 (Rubios is +1.02). His Defensive Real Plus Minus is an atrocious -3.06 (there are only 3 point guards in the NBA with a worse rating) and his Offensive Real Plus Minus is +0.14. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the stat it measures how many points you add to your teams total per 100 possessions. So this means that Rose takes away 3 points per 100 possessions for the Knicks. Do you guys think that the Knicks would be better off without Rose?


Melo's staying put. Knicks made no deals as the deadline passed. Pic via @newyorkknicksmemes


The Timberwolves are interested in Derrick Rose and the Knicks have had some talks about a possible point guard swap. There are two big tumors going around. One is Rubio for Rose (not sure what kind of picks would be involved, also Kyle OQuinn may be involved) and another is a 3 team deal where the Knicks Pistons and TWolves all swap point guards. The Knicks get Jackson, Wolves get Rose, and Pistons get Rubio. Do you guys like any of these?


Melo's staying put. It is being reported that he will not waive his no trade clause.


Congrats to Kristaps on winning the skills challenge!! Way to go @kporzee !!!


The Knicks lost a tough one last night to the thunder 116-105. They had a 17 point lead in the 2nd quarter but blew it by the half. The first quarter they couldn't miss, and were unstoppable. Rose had 5 assists in that quarter and was doing a solid job defensively. Melo couldn't miss. But then the Knicks stopped moving the ball and playing defense. They turned it over a ton again and got killed on the boards. I don't understand why Rose can't facilitate like he did in that first quarter every game. He needs to be averaging way more than 4.4 assists a game. Melo averaged 4.2 last year... KP was awful but that's because he got sick again in the second quarter. We really missed Jennings, the bench unit wasn't very good. This was the last game before the deadline, so who knows what kind of team we have when we play the Cavs next week.


Carmelo Anthony has been named Kevin Love's replacement for the All Star game.


The Knicks are in Oklahoma City tonight to take on the Thunder at 9:30. Noah is out again and Hernangomez will start in his place. Big game tonight, must win to prove Sunday wasn't a fluke.


Stop with the trade rumors. Melo's staying put. He said when asked about the trade deadline "I never thought I would be anywhere else."


Charles Oakley has been invited back to MSG after Adam silver met with Oak, Dolan, and Michael Jordan to sort out their issues. I still hate Dolan a ton and he's an asshole and just doing this to save face, but I'm happy to have Oak welcomed back to the garden. #OakIsFree


There's a great article from about how yesterday's win over San Antonio was a blueprint for future success (link in bio). I'll summarize and add my opinion here. Yesterday's win showed that the Knicks can be a good team with their current roster. Everyone showed good effort on both sides of the ball, and nobody had that great of a game. The important piece of that is we beat San Antonio without any player on our team having an uncharacteristically good game. KP was great defensively but didn't really light it up on offense, D Rose played great defense for once (really liked what I saw) but offensively he didn't do anything crazy. He had some really pretty lay ups but those happen every game, and he only had 2 assists. Melo had a really nice second half but finished with 25 points on 9-21 shooting, nothing crazy there. Hernangomez and OQuinn were both solid and Lance Thomas played really good defense. Jennings and holiday were pretty quiet. Courtney Lee was amazing defensively, but that's how he's been his whole career. The Knicks won by playing all around solid basketball, and there's no reason they can't play like this every night as long as they play with this kind of effort. They still were atrocious on the defensive boards (why we do need Noah) and turned it over a crazy amount of times. However the defensive intensity was finally there. Yes San Antonio shot poorly, but a big reason for that was because the Knicks collapsed on shooters and contested everything, so besides Kawhi nobody was able to get in a rhythm so even when they were left open (which wasn't nearly as often as usual) they missed a lot of shots. When you play hard on D good things happen. Now New York won't become an elite defense all of a sudden, but they don't need to. They just need to become an average defensive team. Yesterday they changed up their approach and had their shot blockers stay in the lanes and had bigs collapse on pick and rolls. This wasn't a fluke. They played good D because of a change in the game plan, so this game has me very excited about the future. Now the season may already be too far gone, and this may be too late, but they showed a lot of promise


The Knicks got a huge 94-90 win over San Antonio. This was a giant win where the defense was great, and the Spurs had their worst shooting game of the season.