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Knicks lose another heartbreaker 113-110. Melo went off with a record setting 25 in the second, and had 33 for the game. They played solid but on the last possession they had 13 seconds and didn't even get a shot off Brandon Jennings tried to draw a foul on a three. He's been pissing me off a lot lately. Jennings has been such a bad shooter and finisher instead of focusing on making shots he only tries to flop and draw fouls. Pay attention next game and watch as every shot he takes with someone near him his arms will shoot out all over and he almost always misses and never draws the foul. This just drives me insane. Not blaming this loss on him tho that's just in general Lee should've taken the final 3 he had a decent look and passed it up. Everyone gets mad when Melo isos which I get but this is why. These guys are too scared to take the shot.


The unicorn returns! KP is available to play tonight when the Knicks host the Wizards at 8:00 on TNT. Noah and Thomas are still out. Let's get it!


The Knicks got a much needed win tonight soundly beating Boston 117-106. This was by far their best game of the year. Pretty solid defense for most of the game, just a fast pace and the fact that Boston only had 3 turnovers led to them scoring over 100. GREAT FOURTH QUARTER DEFENSE!! Thomas was shut down in the fourth by incredible defense from the Knicks guards particularly Lee. Everyone please go spam Lees account @courtneylee with some love for how he played tonight! He was dope off the bench and instead of moping for being benched he played harder and used it as motivation. He gained a ton or respect for me. D Rose was dope tonight. Melo didn't play well so instead of forcing shots he took a back seat. Great job from him tho being a team player. He rarely did isos. And he hit a big 3 down the stretch. Total team effort, and the second unit was dominant. Lee needs to stay on the bench tho, he almost had a triple double. He's better then baker and played better but keep the line ups the same. Love this rotation. D Rose- 30 PTs (13-24) 10 Rebs 5 assists Hernangomez- 17 PTs (8-13) 11 Rebs Lee- 9 PTs (4-8) 8 Rebs 7 assists Kuz- 17 PTs (6-12) Melo- 13 PTs (5-14) 4 Rebs 3 assists


Knicks Celtics tonight in Boston at 7:30. KP and Noah are out. This will be a tough game, Rose needs to play good D if we are going to win. Rose was terrible covering Schroeder last game and if that happens again Thomas will go off.


So, assuming Melo stays here is my idea on how to fix the Knicks. Step 1: I like what Hornacek is doing with the line up and I would like to see him use the lineup he plans to in Rose Baker Kuz/LT Melo KP. Melo is best at the 4 and if KP can hold his own rebounding this lineup can play very well. Baker stays there till Lee fixes his defense. Second unit of Jennings Lee Holiday OQ and Noah is dope and can do some damage. Step 2: Trades unless those lineup changes solve all our problems trades need to be made. The first trade we should make is Noah for Evan Turner. Same contract and the Blazers would likely accept. Turner can be a great scorer off the bench, with 6 man of the year potential. Also brings an athleticism and physicality our bench lacks. Trade some variation of Jennings Lee and Holiday to the Sixers for Noel or Okafor, but ideally Noel. Would prob have to deal 2 of those 3 guards and I would want to deal Jennings and Lee. Next trade is to deal Lance Thomas. There are several teams that are interested so ideally we can get a more physical defender (Nets shopping Rondae Hollis Jefferson, LT and 2 second rounders may work). Step 3: figure out what's happening with Rose. If he will resign for $20 million or less keep him, if he is really going to seek the max deal him. Don't forget he has a team option for like $21 million next year that the Knicks can use if they want him for another year at that price. Step 4: Win. Here's what the roster with these moves ideally looks like: STARTERS: Rose, Holiday, Melo, KP, Noel BENCH: Baker, LT, Turner, OQ, Hernangomez, Kuz With Noel and KP we have a front court that can dominate for years to come, we will have a decent pick in the draft to take a guard. This gives us a promising future and the ability to compete now. What do you guys think?


In his meeting with Phil today Carmelo Anthony reaffirmed his desire to stay in NY. I will post my plan for fixing the Knicks with Carmelo staying later tonight. But how would you guys fix this team?


Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony will meet at some point this week. This is great because they need to be on the same page always.


If you were Phil, what trades would you make right now? Or would you keep the team the same? Comment ideas! Also I think the starting lineup change was good and with a healthy KP will win games but I think the team might be too far gone.


The Knicks fall to Atlanta 108-107. Hornacek made a change to the starting lineup, which was Rose Baker Kuz Melo and Noah. I like Baker starting, he brought some defensive intensity. Melo played great with 30 PTs on 10-16 shooting, Noah had 17 Rebs, Rose had 18 and 9 and Kuz played solid offensively but I still can't stand his defense. Knicks as a whole had stretched of good D and stretches where it was awful. This isn't that good of a team and Howard didn't play. I'd like to see Baker continue to play since he played really hard and played good D. But I still think it's time to trade some guys.


PLEASE READ! Melo just said when asked about trade rumors "if they feel like my time in New York is over that's a conversation we should have". Now I love Melo so much, and you can look through my account I'm always defending him, but his time in NY should be over. They don't have a team that can win rn and that's what he deserves. It will suck to see him in another uniform but it's what's best for the Knicks. He won't end up in Cleveland because they can't give the Knicks anything valuable. He would most likely go to LAC. Here's my trade idea: Clippers get: Melo and Jonas Jerebko Celtics get: Blake Griffin, Wesley Johnson, Luc Mbah A Moute Knicks get: Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier and the BKN pick (will be top 3) This trade makes sense for everyone. Knicks get Crowder who's a good tough defender, Rozier who is a decent young guard, and that amazing pick. Clippers get Melo who would be sick if he played with CP3, because Melo needs someone like that who can run the offense and keep Melo in line. A lot of people argue that the clippers are better without Blake (which isn't true but still they don't need him that bad) so they'd be better with Melo. Clippers would be able to compete with golden state and Cleveland and make a legit run at a title. Celtics get the superstar they've been waiting for in Blake and 2 solid SFs to replace Crowder. Now the Celtics are contenders. Them giving up the pick is the most unlikely piece of this but I think they'd do it for Blake. Now they'd have a line up with 3 all stars. Plus both Thomas and Bradley become free agents after next season and Boston won't have the money to resign both so they are looking to make a trade now. They'd still have the top pick next year. What do you guys think?


Lance Thomas suffered an orbital fracture and likely concussion today. So here comes more Kuz 😞😞😞😞😞. Gonna miss his defense. Get well soon @mrlance42 ❀️❀️❀️❀️


Pathetic. Knicks down by 28 in the third. Nobody on this team gives a shit. All of you that say we should keep this team together because they have talent that doesn't mean shit. They will never be good unless they start playing hard, which they never do. Fuck this, make some trades. This roster has no shot at contending. They have the talent to but clearly they care more about stats then putting in work on defense. If you look at the box score Melo and Rose are playing great, but they aren't. They constantly take plus off on defense. Plus I fucking hate Kuz. He comes into the game in the 1st and gives up an easy lay up then turns it over then bricks a tough 3 early in the shot clock. He's probably the worst defender on that roster and that's saying something. But he's a decent scorer so give him minutes right! Because we need help offensively!


The Knicks are in Toronto to take on the Raptors today at 3:00. They will likely be without Porzingis. This is a huge game for the Knicks. They almost won last time in Toronto and it will be harder this time without KP, but I think this game will be decided by Courtney Lee. Lee needs to focus on defense, where he has been subpar this year. Last time he locked up DeRozan in the first half and he is capable of stopping him. He will need to play well for us to win today.


Here are my 6-10 NBA prospects in the 2017 NBA draft. 6. Malik Monk- He has all of the tools offensively to do become elite. He is a lethal 3 point shooter, and can score off the dribble just as easily as he can score from catch and shoot. Best shooter in the draft and very athletic leaped. At 6'3" he's undersized for the 2 guard spot which will make him fall outside the top 5 in this draft. Averaging 22/2/2. 7. Jonathan Isaac- He is a 6'11" small forward with a long reach. He will be a project in the NBA but has the potential to be a star. He has shown the ability create for himself and is currently a streaky shooter but he has the potential to become a lethal scorer. Also with his size he is a good shot blocker and can be an elite defender. Has a solid mid range iso game and is a good slasher. Also has nice handles. Very good rebounded for a SF. Very risky pick though. Averaging 12/7/1. 8. Frank Ntilikina- He is the youngest player in the draft and is currently playing in France, so a lot about him is unknown. I've seen some of his games though and he is a great game managing PG. He is 6'5" with a 6'9" wingspan so he can become an elite defender in the NBA. He is a good shooter and has solid handles. He would be perfect for the Knicks if they want to move on from Rose and keep Melo and KP. Averaging 5/1/1, but he is playing in a pro league at 18 years old so his numbers won't be impressive. His talent is. 9. De'aaron Fox- Everyone sees John Wall in him. Incredible quick PG at 6'4" who has very nice handles and can get to wherever he wants on the court. He is very athletic and can fly on alley oops. He is a very poor shooter, but he has nice shot form so I think he can develop a good jumper over time. If he does develop a strong jump shot he will be a stud. Averaging 17/5/6. 10. Harry Giles- The top ranked recruit out of high school has fallen to 10 because he missed his entire senior year and half of his freshman year. Has barely played for Duke so far but he is an explosive athlete at 6'11" 240. He's a monster on the boards and has a nice post up game and can shoot. He needs a lot of work but has the physical tools to be a stud. Averaging 5/5/0.5


Here are my top 5 prospects for the 2017 NBA draft. The Knicks will likely only be able to get one of these guys if they trade Melo and get a top pick for him or tank. Remember that college games are only 40 minutes long when looking at stats. 1. Markell Fultz- currently the consensus top prospect, no real weakness to his game. Elite scorer and distributed and is a 6'4" PG who has the potential to be a great defender. Averaging about 22/6/6 this year so far. 2. Lonzo Ball- Elite playmaker with great size (6'6") for the PG. He is an incredible passer and a very good shooter despite his weird shot form. Very athletic and finishes above the rim often. Can become a very good defender and if he develops a good mid range game he will be unstoppable in the NBA. Averaging 15/5/8. 3. Jayson Tatum- I'm very high on Tatum. He is extremely athletic and at 6'8" can play the 3 or 4 but I think he has the defense ability to cover 2s as well. Reminds me a lot of a young Melo except not as polished. Very good iso and mid range game, and he has become an excellent 3 point shooter. Excellent defender averaging 2.1 steals and 1.7 blocks. Averaging 17/7/2. 4. Dennis Smith Jr.- Very athletic PG at 6'3" who's major weakness heading into his freshman year was shooting but he has shown excellent range shooting 38% from deep. Great ball handler and playmaker. Can become an elite defender. Perfect modern point guard. Averaging 19/4/6. 5. Josh Jackson- I'm a little low on Jackson who most people have as top 3. He's an extremely athletic SF at 6'8" who is an elite defender. He draws a lot of comparisons to Kawhi Leonard, but his offense still has a ways to go. He is a very poor 3 point shooter currently shooting 25%, however he is shooting over 50% from the field so he is very good at getting to the hoop and playing off others. His shot needs work but if he can improve it enough to be a threat from deep he can become a superstar. Also a very good playmaker for a 3, since he averages 3 assists a game. I think out of my top 5 he needs the most work, but I still think he'll be a great NBA player. Averaging 15/6/3. Amazing draft class this year.


The Knicks won 104-89 tonight against the Bulls. Solid win they played well the whole game. Chicago was without Butler though, and the Knicks biggest downfall has been defending the 3 this year and Chicago is the worst 3 point shooting team this year so they still have a long way to go if they are going to try and turn this season around. But they played hard tonight, and if they play hard every night I'll always be happy tbh. Melo- 23 PTs (10-19) 9 Rebs 6 assists Noah- 12 PTs (6-10) 15 Rebs Rose- 17 PTs (7-15) 3 assists OQ- 12 PTs (5-7) 11 Rebs Kuz- 19 PTs (8-15)


The Knicks host the Bulls tonight at 8:00 on TNT. Kristaps Porzingis is OUT with a sore achilles. At this point I don't see the Knicks contending after a month of pitiful performances. They have the talent but it just looks like they don't care enough to play hard on D. It's time to make some trades. I have decided that I will begin posting insight on the top prospects in the upcoming draft to give us something to look forward to. I will start with my top 5 tomorrow.


Pathetic. Knicks lose on a buzzer beater 98-97. Even though they scored under 100 the Knicks defense was still atrocious Philly just missed a lot of wide open shots. Time to rebuild this is getting sad.