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@sannivierela takeover - Sharing the flower field with the iconic animal of Finnish Lapland. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Syöte National Park


@sannivierela takeover - As a Finn I'm most proud of our nature. It's full of beauty! Every lake, river and forest has its own story to tell if you are willing to listen. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Norvajärvi


@sannivierela takeover - I would love to spend my summer vacation on this small island! Just relaxing, watching the clouds float across the sky and leaving the busy days behind. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Rovaniemi, Finland


@sannivierela takeover - Summer in Finnish Lapland may be short, but we surely know how to make the most of it. There's no better way to enjoy the summer than having a midnight swim under the never setting sun! #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Rovaniemi, Finland


Hi everyone! It's @sannivierela here and I have the greatest pleasure to take over @ourfinland this week. Today I'll be sharing you these delicious treasures, cloudberries! They truly are the gold of Lapland's forests. #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Lapland (Finland)


When the fog rolls in. Photo by @tommihynynenphotography from Lapland #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Kaunispää, Lappi, Finland


Step back in time by taking a ride in this vintage tram. Photo by @khristev from Helsinki #VisitFinland #OurFinland @myhelsinki at Helsinki


When the nights start getting darker. Photo by @_ulalla #VisitFinland #OurFinland


Only an hour’s drive from Helsinki, Fiskars has, over the years, slowly come back to life. Communities of artisans, designers and artists now live and work here. For visitors, the area boasts charming museums, cafes, bed and breakfasts and even a hotel built in the 1800s. Photo by @nea_wanders from Fiskars #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Fiskars Village


In Finnish folklore, an element of mystery is associated with Lapland, our northernmost province. Photo by @emiliaeveliin from Lapland #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Lapland (Finland)


Take a (slow) boat into the heart of Finland. Photo by @noorauusitalo #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Kuhmo


Making the most of the beautiful summer sunsets in Finland. Photo by @paavopenttinen from Lahti #VisitFinland #OurFinland at Lahti, Finland

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