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Freedom is the oxygen of the soul 🛶 at Maligne Lake


Daily Nepal sights 🏔 Photo by @h_elen_a at Khumbu


[ˈlan̥tmanːaˌløiɣar̥] A landscape formed in an eruption around the year 1477. 😳 Now it's known for its natural geothermal hot springs 👌🏼 at Landmannalaugar, Iceland


The sun sets over Milford Sound. Time well spent watching it ⛰ at Fiordland


3 A.M. start rewards... 🏃🏼 at Wanaka, New Zealand


Dreaming about the Himalayas this morning 🇳🇵 Did you know that the Himalayas provide more than half of the drinking water for 40% of the world's population? But the Himalayan Glaciers are affected by global warming and it's said that over the next 50 years those people may face a serious drinking water shortage unless the world acts quickly global warming | @climatereality at Himalayas


Such a good feeling when you finally arrived at a place you have been dreaming about for years. Make it happen and go! There is never the right time anyway... Find @mattcherub 🔎 at Landmannalaugar


Southern Icelands braided rivers blew my mind. Seeing them from an airplane made me go crazy with my camera. Such a wild place! #halendid #icelandnationalpark at Iceland


@h_elen_a is climbing in Céüse, France for the next two weeks. 💪🏼 Can't wait to have her back! 😁 Did you have already a summer adventure? Or what's next for you? Let me know in the comments 🙏🏼 at Fiordland


This was the view from our balcony last week in #myosttirol 🏔. We had such a fun time at the #moaalm and were blown away by the beauty of the Dorfertal on the next day. Honestly I can't wait to go back to this area with more time to climb some of those peaks we saw! Check my story for a few more images of that week. . @visitaustria #austriantime at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat - Wearactive Austria


The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. It connects the state of Salzburg with Carinthia (@visitcarinthia) and goes up to 2,504 m (8,215 ft). The road was opened in 1935 and the land next to it is highly protected by the #nationalparkhohetauern . @visitaustria #austriantime at Grossglockner High Alpine Road


"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else" ~ Leonardo da Vinci. Austria has some pretty wild corners. The wilder it gets the fewer people you meet... . @visitaustria #austriantime #myosttirol at Osttirol - Dein BergTirol

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