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• Commercial/Travel&Outdoors Photographer | International Speaker • Adobe Ambassador | SLRLounge • @Canon, DJI, SlikUSA, PolarPro • LA | Global

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If you try to tell me there’s something better than a cup of coffee, the smell of breakfast, and a slow board game in front of a fireplace while you dry your boots I’ll slap you square in the jaw. If I could summon fall any faster I would. #whpadventure at Banff National Park


An emerald peach watercolor #saturwave comin’ in hot’n gonna give ya salty socks. 🌊🤙🏻 #whpadventure at Laguna Beach, California


For as many times as I’ve seen rays break through clouds I’ve yet to ever do it justice in a picture. at Laguna Beach, California


I’m not saying I’d want to tag along with the white walkers for some sweet instagram bangers, I’m also not not saying that. at Banff National Park


I love walks that require headlamps. at Lake Tahoe


Save me a seat. This or a hammock. Can’t wait to not catch fish off one of these soon. 🏞 at Yosemite National Park


“Look for the helpers” -Mr. Rogers at Laguna Beach, California


Don’t speak for the oppressed as your first step. They have voices. Listen. Give whatever power you might have to them and let them speak, prop them up, give them the mic, stand behind them, then repeat it. (And yeah I know this caption has nothing to do with the photo but it’s all I’m thinking about right now.) at Banff, Alberta


When that salty mini slab looks like a big ol’ chunk of gummy goodness. Tastes very different. 🌊 happy #saturwave, go get your britches wet. #whpmini at Seal Beach, California


“Happiness only real when shared” -Alexander Supertramp. Ps miss you both. Ps I made extra coffee for you @katchsilva 😭 at Eastern Sierra Mountains


These are some long lines I don’t mind standing in. at Huntington Beach, California


Some/most of you may not know this about me but I’ve had a stutter since I can remember. And not a small one. But over time it’s improved and sort of become a part of the fabric of my personality, even though I hate it and how hard it makes simple things. We are all pushing through, every day, some peoples “things” just can’t be seen or heard, but knowing we are all together in that might open your eyes to seeing your day more compassionately. at Azores

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