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A few of the many mountains surrounding Reine, a small, but popular, fishing village in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. It must be incredible to wake up every morning to this view! #norgefoto #norge


Pano of Kvalvika from above, shot with Mavic Pro. #dronestagram


After clear blue skies throughout the day, this unexpectedly beautiful sunset seemed to appear out of nowhere. #arctic #norgefoto #norge


Would you like to experience boat rides through glassy, iceberg filled fjords, hiking through valleys surrounded by epic mountains, lakes, and rivers and camp at locations with incredible views overlooking some of the wildest and most remote landscapes on the planet? If so, then you must experience Greenland! For more info about 2017 tours check link in bio. #greenland


A quiet arctic fishing village in Norway enjoying the last warm light of sunset. #norgefoto #norge #arcticlife


I've been spending quite a bit of time in Norway the last couple of years photographing some of the most incredible places I've visited. This night was extremely special to me as I was able to share this place and dancing lights with my father! It's safe to say he understands now why I've spent so much time in Lofoten. #norgefoto #ilovenorway #visitnorway


Senja from above. This 12 image pano was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro. #dji #norgefoto #norge


I love these conditions... A snowstorm at sunrise during a recent tour in Lofoten. I had such a good time co-guiding this tour with @stianmklo and @wid_ols! We certainly experienced some epic winter weather in Lofoten. #norgefoto #norge #visitnorway


This image was taken on the final night of a mountain trekking adventure with @arildheitmannphotography and @maxrivephotography in Norway. Just behind the camera we had built a small bonfire while enjoying dinner and our first cold beers of the trip. Not a bad place to catch the midnight sun setting, only to see it rise again minutes later. #norge #norgefoto


Sunset in Lofoten... I've missed you Norway! #norge #visitnorway


This crazy sunset was shot while co-guiding a workshop in Lofoten with @stianmklo and @wid_ols. I'm looking forward to sharing more images from this amazing week in Norways Arctic playground. #norgefoto #visitnorway


One of my favorite mountain ranges in the Lofoten Islands, taken last winter at sunset. I'm currently in Lofoten with @stianmklo and @wid_ols in epic winter conditions. Stay tuned for new photos from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. #lofotentours #visitnorway


Super stoked to be back in Lofoten again this winter! This may be a shot from last winter, but I'm sleeping in one of these cabins tonight:) the snow and weather are lining up to make for epic conditions this week! #ilovenorway #norgefoto #visitnorway


I can't believe it took me this long to visit Yosemite, especially after living in California for several years. I'm really looking forward to spending much more time exploring this beautiful park. #nps #yosemitenationalpark


Two days and counting until I'm back in one of my favorite places on the planet, Norway. Here's a sunrise shot from this past winter in Lofoten. #norgefoto #visitnorway


Can anyone spot the person in this cave? (Hint: they look small in comparison) Exploring caves and arches in New Zealand. I still can't get over the diversity in landscape and climate across this beautiful land. Rainforest, glaciers, fjords, beaches, and mountains... I think New Zealand has it all. #ig_newzealand #newzealandfinds


Just another day at the beach. #norgefoto #visitnorway


Standing on what felt like the edge of the world, staring out into the seemingly infinite expanse of sea, I could only imagine the solitude one must have felt standing watch at this lighthouse. #purenewzealand #ig_newzealand