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If at first you don't succeed... keep going back to the same damn location. Between the weather and tides lining up with sunset, I didn't think we were going to get any decent shots at this beach. On our 4th attempt, @allan_photography and I headed down the steep muddy trail in a downpour of rain in hopes that the sun would poke through the clouds at sunset. This time the stars all aligned. #destinationnz #purenewzealand #ignewzealand


34 days until I'm back in Norway... not that I'm counting. Here you see sunset at Kvalvika Beach in Lofoten. #norgefoto #visitnorway


The sun came out for all of 15 seconds during this sunrise at Moeraki, just long enough to get a couple decent shots off. #destinationnz #purenewzealand


I can see why LOTR was filmed in New Zealand, there are just so many locations that look like they belong in a fairytale. This waterfall included. #destinationnz #purenewzealand


I've now spent 3 seasons in Lofoten and my favorite by far is winter. There's nothing quite like seeing mountains covered in snow all the way down to the sea. #visitnorway #norgefoto


Moonlight over Mt. Cook and Lake Pukaki in New Zealand. #purenewzealand #destinationnz


I don't know how many times I visited this location, but the weather never seemed to cooperate... finally, on this cold winter morning, I got lucky! #ilovenorway #norgefoto


The Northern lights dancing over snow capped mountains and beach in Lofoten. #norgefoto #visitnorway


Last light of the day on the west coast of New Zealand. I was lucky enough to share this view with a curious sea lion that wandered onto the beach only a few meters away. #purenewzealand #destinationnz


The last sunset shoot of 2016 was in New Zealand with these willow trees growing in the water. Apparently they are what remains of an old flood fence along the lake. #purenewzealand #destinationnz


Happy New Year everyone! 2016 has been a crazy year Year filled with an insane amount of travel, adventure and photography. I would like to thank all of my family, friends and followers that have supported me and my photography throughout this whirlwind year, capturing these images wouldn't have been possible without your help, inspiration and kind words. Here's a photo from one of my favorite places that I was fortunate enough to spend a good deal of time in this year and has become a bit of a second home, Norway. Thank you and Happy New Year! #visitnorway #ilovenorway


Whether it's snow capped peaks, lush rainforest or warm sandy beaches, New Zealand has a climate for everyone. Personally, I prefer the cold snow covered mountains:) #destinationnz #newzealand #purenewzealand


Happy Holidays from New Zealand! This glacial lake at the base of Mt. Cook was quite spectacular with all of the massive icebergs, calved from the Hooker Glacier, washed ashore from a recent storm. It's amazing how long the mountain holds the sunset light. #newzealand #destinationnz #purenewzealand


Here's a shot of Mt. Cook from last nights sunset, taken with my DJI Mavic Pro. I'm currently in New Zealand exploring the islands with @maxrivephotography and @allan_photography... not a bad place to spend the holidays. #newzealand #dronestagram #dji #destinationnz


Now this is what I consider the perfect beach vacation... crisp cool air, snow covered peaks and crashing waves along the Lofoten coast. Who else likes going to the beach in full winter gear??:) #visitnorway #ilovenorway #norge


I definitely don't have the patience required to be a wildlife photographer, but if an animal happens to jump in front of me then I might just take a photo. Here's a horse enduring the cold Icelandic winter. #iceland #everydayiceland #igersiceland #mystopover


I was hoping for more dramatic clouds, but this little pink guy is all that showed up... kind of like the cherry on top. #ilovenorway #visitnorway #lofoten


I feel like my latest road trip had me bouncing from season to season, but I'm glad I was able to catch some of the fall colors in Colorado while visiting my good friend @tommy5mith! #coloradical #colorfulcolorado #coloradogram #coloradolove