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Just another sunny day in Iceland. #mystopover #iceland at Iceland


This shot is of sunset from one of the best basecamp locations, taken a couple weeks ago in Iceland. #mystopover #visiticeland at Iceland


The more time I spend in traveling, the more I find myself contemplating how small we are amongst the vast landscapes and immense beauty of our planet. However small we may feel, we need to keep in mind how big of an impact we have on our planet. The exponential growth in tourism over the past several years is both exciting and a little frightening. It's important that we all have the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, but we all need to do our part in making sure the beauty we experience is just as spectacular for those who follow us. #takephotosleavenothing at Skógafoss


Aerial shot from a recent trek though the highlands of Iceland. Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro. #dji #djimavic at Iceland


This shot is from a recent trip showing a good friend around Iceland for the first time. We had a fairly ambitious schedule for a short seven day trip, but we managed to fit in a lot... some rarely seen locations and many much more iconic spots like this one. It can be hard feeling creative or inspired when you visit the same iconic locations that hundreds of other people visit and photograph daily. Sometimes all it takes is a short walk off the beaten path to find something, although not necessarily new, a little bit different. at Kirkjufell


Iceland... This place never gets old. This shot was taken during a recent trip, showing my good friend @noahbeckeradventures around the island for the first time. I hope you enjoy! at Iceland


In 6 days I’ll be back in the land of fire & ice! I’m always excited at the opportunity to spend more time exploring and photographing the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. With its glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and crazy weather, it’s easy to see why Iceland has such a profound affect on the people that visit. This photo was taken two years ago on my first trip to Iceland. #mystopover #visiticeland #icelandair at Iceland


Flowers blossoming in the deep river valleys of Greenland. Only a few more weeks until I’m back in this magical land. Who wants to join me? 😁 at Greenland


Looking forward to Aurora chasing this winter with my friend and talented photographer @codyscapes! This shot was taken in Lofoten, Norway. at Norway


A quiet night in Lofoten. Ready for my next visit... at Lofoten Norway


Last light of the day shining on the small Norwegian fishing village of Sund in the Lofoten Islands. at Sund, Nordland, Norway


Sunset at one of my favorite mountains in Lofoten... the crescent moon even made an appearance! at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Oh Canada 🇨🇦, You are beautiful! Canadian Rockies shot during an 8,000 mile road trip across the U.S. and Canada. at Canada


Sunrise in Lofoten. I almost didn't make it to this location in time due to a couple snowplows deciding to stop and chat over morning coffee and blocking traffic in both directions! And by traffic I mean... just me. 🤔 at Lofoten Islands, Norway


One of the many amazingly beautiful locations in Lofoten. at Lofoten Islands, Norway


Winter sunrise in Lofoten. Stepping out of these little red cabins to take in the sunrise is quite a special experience. at Hamnøy


The diversity of the New Zealand landscape is incredible. Mountains, beaches, rain forests and so much more. I'm looking forward to returning and shooting in better weather conditions this time! If you're interested in joining me and @allan_photography in January, check the link in my bio. • #destinationnz #purenz #ig_newzealand #newzealandvacations #newzealand #tourtheplanet #capturenz#igers #AGameofTones #instagood #theglobewanderer #wonderful_places #ourplanetdaily #travelstoke #lonelyplanet #lovetheworld #natgeotravel #discoverearth #beautifulplaces #nakedplanet #earthpix #worldshotz #natgeography #earthpics #earthofficial #places_wow #natureporn #natureaddict at New Zealand

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