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Super stoked to be back in Lofoten again this winter! This may be a shot from last winter, but I'm sleeping in one of these cabins tonight:) the snow and weather are lining up to make for epic conditions this week! #ilovenorway #norgefoto #visitnorway


I can't believe it took me this long to visit Yosemite, especially after living in California for several years. I'm really looking forward to spending much more time exploring this beautiful park. #nps #yosemitenationalpark


Two days and counting until I'm back in one of my favorite places on the planet, Norway. Here's a sunrise shot from this past winter in Lofoten. #norgefoto #visitnorway


Can anyone spot the person in this cave? (Hint: they look small in comparison) Exploring caves and arches in New Zealand. I still can't get over the diversity in landscape and climate across this beautiful land. Rainforest, glaciers, fjords, beaches, and mountains... I think New Zealand has it all. #ig_newzealand #newzealandfinds


Just another day at the beach. #norgefoto #visitnorway


Standing on what felt like the edge of the world, staring out into the seemingly infinite expanse of sea, I could only imagine the solitude one must have felt standing watch at this lighthouse. #purenewzealand #ig_newzealand


One of my favorite memories from this past year was exploring the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Greenland. The feeling of being so remote, away from all of the daily distractions of phone, email and social media, completely immersed in nature, was incredibly refreshing. I think we could all use a little time out every now and then to unplug and enjoy nature, whether it's as remote as Greenland or as close as a neighborhood park. #getoutdoors #greenland


Anyone like rainbows? After a windy and rainy night of camping on Roy's Peak, we decided to pack up and head down the mountain. As I was breaking down my tent, I turned around and saw the sun finally breaking through the clouds... Rainbow and all! #ig_newzealand #purenewzealand


Not a bad view from this waterfall, far above our camp below. Thanks to @arildheitmannphotography & @maxrivephotography, I was able to witness this and many other beautiful locations in the Misty Mountains of Norway last summer. #visitnorway #norgefoto


Just another day in Lofoten. Even though this shot was taken at 11pm in early April, there was still a soft orange glow on the horizon from the sunset. It was a gentle reminder that the long summer days were approaching. #visitnorway #ilovenorway


The story goes, these beautiful Russel Lupins are the result of a farmers wife secretly purchasing £100 worth of seeds in 1949 and traveling the countryside spreading the seeds in hopes of adding a little beauty. The invasive species has become the focus of many debates as it's great for the local sheep population, but terrible for the natural landscape. Either way, it's hard not to be amazed by the sea of colors you'll find scattered across this beautiful country. #ig_newzealand #newzealand


Not a bad showing of stars at the Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand. #ig_newzealand #newzealandguide


Here's a photo of a fairly popular view in Zion National Park, Utah. I only had 2 days to visit the park and the weather only wanted to cooperate for one of those days. Either way, I'm so happy I took the time to visit this incredible park. The snow covered desert landscape was unbelievable. #nps #zionnationalpark #zion


Rock formations and arches off the coast of New Zealand. One of my favorite parts of shooting landscapes are those rare interactions with wildlife. At this particular location, while shooting sunset, a very large and curious sea lion journeyed out of the water and up the beach, within a couple meters. He hung out for several minutes, just observing us taking photographs and then slipped back in the water and vanished. I'm certainly not a wildlife photographer, but I can completely understand the allure of capturing those special moments. #ig_newzealand #newzealandguide


A sunrise shot from one of the few calm mornings in Lofoten this past winter. It's always a struggle to get out of a warm bed and venture out into the cold dark arctic morning, but moments like this make it all worthwhile. #ilovenorway


Sunset at Mt. Tongariro, an active volcano that last erupted in 2012. One of the most amazing experiences of this New Zealand trip had to be hiking down from this active volcano across a crater in the clouds at night. It was a bit eerie, yet peaceful at the same time. #purenewzealand #destinationnz #ignewzealand


If at first you don't succeed... keep going back to the same damn location. Between the weather and tides lining up with sunset, I didn't think we were going to get any decent shots at this beach. On our 4th attempt, @allan_photography and I headed down the steep muddy trail in a downpour of rain in hopes that the sun would poke through the clouds at sunset. This time the stars all aligned. #destinationnz #purenewzealand #ignewzealand


34 days until I'm back in Norway... not that I'm counting. Here you see sunset at Kvalvika Beach in Lofoten. #norgefoto #visitnorway