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Back from Utah and already missing my mountains. @lovestitchclothing #sponsored #mylovestitch


Woke up in Utah at 6:30am because my body is still on NY time. SEND HELP


One more from my set with @chineselaundry #sponsored #chineselaundry at SoHo, Manhattan


Another day, another portrait by @eunicebeckphoto ☺️


One of my favorites, ever.


Just a little bean pretending she went to Cambridge. at New York, New York




Tryna play it cool while a family of mosquitoes ate my legs for dinner. In other news, isn't @eunicebeckphoto insanely talented?! at New York, New York


People like to say New York isn't a friendly city, but I firmly disagree. I see small acts of service every single day while walking around. I try to be sneaky with my service, so I did a little something for someone on my lunch break Friday and did my best to quickly disappear back into the masses. I was caught at a crosswalk before I could put my headphones back in, and a man lightly touched my arm and said "God bless you for what you just did." It brought tears to my eyes because I connected on a deep level with two humans who were strangers to me in a matter of minutes. You don't have to look very hard to find an opportunity to connect with someone else. So go! Get out of your house today and find someone to serve. No matter how different our paths are, we're all on the journey of life together, and it's a whole lot sweeter when you open your heart to others. ✨


When I was 12, my parents took my sister and I to Mule Days in Columbia, Tennessee. Since then I've always liked mules especially ones I can put on my feet... like the Capri. Here's an image from a set I created for @chineselaundry #chineselaundry #sponsored


Summer of '17 in Central Park✨


I read the book "The Happiness Project" five years ago and was reminded of it when @damselindior picked it up recently. The author, Gretchen Rubin, shares her Secrets of Adulthood, and I have one to add to the list: •Don't waste away your time living the life you perceive others expect you to live. If I've learned anything in young adulthood, it's that I'm in control of how I spend my time.The more intentional I am with my time, the happier I feel. When I was younger, I agonized over what others thought of my choices and how I lived. Somewhere in the past year, I realized nobody really gives a crap. They are busy living their lives, and if by some miracle they do care what I'm doing and criticize it...who cares?! Living your life true to your heart will never make you feel inferior.


T-2 weeks until I'm back in my happy place 🤗


Balboa Island x @levis


Step into my office, babe. 🤗


Had my first encounter with a cockroach in my bathroom last night...I fell off the toilet and ended up using a washcloth as the murder weapon. 🤦🏽‍♀️


Is it Friday yet, though?


I've been focusing on self love for the last few months, and it's crazy how it has magnified happiness and confidence within me that have been lacking in the past. We all give into comparison and jealousy at times, but at the end of the day, I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate every little piece of the human looking back at you. If you can't, that's okay! It's a process, and if you need some support... your girl Shel has your back. I'm only a DM away. Ha❤️

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