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NBA Draft Tonight at 7Pm/ct. Who should the Thunder draft? Comment below 👇. ( #TBT Steven Adams, 2013) #ThunderUp


For my next series of posts, I'll be posting Highlight Clips that you request in the comment section! - So comment some of your favourite highlight/s from past season! - #ThunderUp


Here is the MVP's full 2016-17 Season Highlight Reel.


Call it rigged but all jokes aside I could've of let Westbrook get no credit gotta give him half. - But congrats to Kyle Singler


2016-17 Awards: Most Valuable Player Award. - This shouldn't even be a post because it's pretty obvious who will win 😂😂. - But y'all know the drill; like the comment with the players name AND DON'T COMMENT!!! #ThunderUp


Russell Westbrook wins the 2017 Most Improved Player Award. Final Votes: Russell Westbrook - 222 S.Adams - 52 E.Kanter - 35 Next award is the Most Valuable Player Award. Will be posted soon. #ThunderUp


When the Off-season is lowkey already more entertaining than the regular season + playoffs.


Who won this trade? Imo clearly the Hornets. Kemba and Dwight lowkey going to be good


Wow. Who won this trade? Imo Nets because I have a feeling Russell is about to go OFF in BKN because all the roster is trash and he will be the No.1 option. But then at the same time a win for both because Lakers got rid of Mozgov contract.


2016-17 Awards: Most Improved Player. - To vote: like the comment with the players name labeled on it. -*COMMENTS DON'T COUNT AS VOTES* *ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE DONT COMMENT!!!!!!* #ThunderUp


Like for Russ 🔥. Comment for Steph 🔥.

Happy-Fathers Day! 📸: @TeamRussIG


Biggest 'What If' Team: PG: Russell Westbrook SG: James Harden SF: Kevin Durant PF: Serge Ibaka C: Kendrick Perkins 6th: Eric Bledsoe 7: Kevin Martin 8: Enes Kanter 8: Thabo Sefolosha 9: Jeff Green 10: Dion Waiters. Rate this team out of 10.


Who won this trade, Celtics or 76ers? My opinion 76ers.


Will it happen? Find out June 26th on TNT. #ThunderUp 📸: @RTPGFX


The @OKCThunder will reportedly pursue Oklahoma City native Blake Griffin in Free Agency. Lob City 2.0? #ThunderUp


Enes Kanter wins the 2017 Sixth Man of the Year Award. He won in another landslide with 316 votes. Final Votes: Enes Kanter - 316 D. McDermott - 29 A.Abrines - 25 Next award is the Most Improved Player. Will be posted soon. #ThunderUp


One word.. Finally 😂

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