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Another photographer walked by and said it was a good thing that she was in front of the camera and not me. Complimented @alicegower and roasted me to death at the same time. Damn. at Bryce Canyon National Park


All smiles at Bryce Canyon at Bryce Canyon National Park


This was the point in the day when it went from fairly brisk to so dang hawt. We went back to the car to change immediately afterwards. at Bryce Canyon National Park


This stretch of road on the way to the Needles, Canyonlands reminded us of Radiator Springs from Cars. It was such a cool place to drive through. at Canyonlands Needles Outpost


It was actually fairly chilly during mornings and nights in Utah. The little breeze made me (not her) hesitant to stand at the edge. at Bryce Canyon National Park


Angels Landing was a challenge for me back in June because I'm deathly afraid of heights. But after doing so many other hikes involving greater elevation gains since then, I can't wait until I go back to Zion to do it all over again. at Angels Landing


We woke up early in the morning for a sunrise drive into Cathedral Valley. Different from Utah's busy national parks, it really felt like we were the only ones there. at Capitol Reef National Park


I was 11 years old the first time I went to Utah. Seeing it again this year with @alicegower was a different experience because instead of staying at a lodge/timeshare, we pitched our small tent on BLM lands and cooked meals via portable stove. at Canyonlands National Park


The canyon plateaux look bigger in person. at Canyonlands Needles Outpost


๐Ÿœ at Canyonlands National Park


This was probably the hottest day during the trip. As we were about to get in the car, some couple approached me and asked in slow motion whether I spoke English or not. I looked at our car's California license plate and back at them like the Swaggy P meme and was tempted to say 'Unfortunately, I do not speak English' but it was really hot and they needed a ride to their car, so I said yes and we gave them a ride. at Arches National Park


โ˜€๏ธ at Canyonlands National Park


woo at Canyonlands National Park


All smiles in the rain at Capitol Reef National Park


6 am sunrises in Canyonlands at Canyonlands National Park


Candid at Mount Tamalpais


As we made our way back down from Angel's Landing, we felt invincible and ready to tackle more trails. But as soon as we started our next hike, we lost our breath and decided to leave the park and find a place to sleep lmao at Zion National Park


Seconds after this photo was taken, we saw a park ranger pull up next to our car that was in a no parking zone. Had we not ran/speed-walked up to him, he probably would have given us more than just a lecture ๐Ÿ˜‚ at Canyonlands National Park

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