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Offering a nutrient dense menu is of the utmost importance to us at TownHall 💪🏼 We've partnered with our friend @beingbrigid, RDN, (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Functional Medicine) MS, LD on mini-series to talk nutrition and our food. Check out Episode One: Food is Medicine! (Subscribe to our @Youtube channel for new content, link in bio!) Sound ON! 😁 #THorNowhere at Townhall


NEW Veggie Burger! 🤤 Vegan bang-bang sauce, cheddar cheese, shaved red onion, tomato, shaved pickle, shredded romaine, on top of a brioche bun! #NoSoy #THorNowhere (Gluten-Free Available) at Townhall


CONTEST ALERT! We've teamed up with our friends @rawtrainer for a #NonGMO social contest 🔥 Winner will receive a $100 gift card from us and a Five Day Raw Food Flush Pack from Raw Trainer (five breakfasts, five lunches, five dinners, five superfood smoothies) How to enter: 1. follow us and @rawtrainer 2. Tag three friends in the comments section of this post. Winner will be announced this Friday at 12 pm noon! at Townhall


Thanks for coming by @jackieleemusic 👌🏼He sings a mean Country ballad, check him out 🎵 at Townhall


💯🔥💯🔥 at Townhall


Keeping it fresh and low-glycemic with our Chilled Organic Zucchini Noodle bowl. 🍴Avocado, champion mango, spicy Thai chilis, mint, radish, Granny Smith apples, chipotle apple cider vin. (GF) + add steak or shrimp! 👅 (patios are open, and vibes are always 😊) at Townhall


#THorNowhere Shirts! Want one? We're giving them away! Ask your server .. or send us a DM for details 👌🏼 #FkOffToGMOs Tag a friend! at Townhall


#THFam Our friend @aubreystrawb_rny has such an inspirational story 😇 Aubrey began documenting her food and fitness journey (originally for her own accountability) and ended up building a beautiful community of MANY like minded individuals! Check her out on IG to learn more. Thank you for your love and support Aubrey! "I love TownHall because it takes the guess work out of healthy choices & makes them trendy. I love supporting a local business that makes healthy eating a delicious way of life, not just a few options on a menu. They truly care about what they're bringing to the table, and in return, the customer leaves feeling cared for. It's a very cool experience." #TownHallOHC #TownHallorNowhere at Townhall


SAY WHAT ONE MORE TIME! 🆕Cocktail! House maple syrup limeade, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (👌🏼) and choice of spirits: OYO Stone Fruit or Honey Vanilla, Ketle One Citroen, Deep Eddy's Peach, @watersheddistillery Four Peel Terremotto Jalapeño Lime, Milagro Silver, @jameson_us Black Barrel, @stranahans TownHall Selection. #summerofthecoldpressedjuice at Townhall


"It's simple. Eat like crap, and you will feel like crap." - @markhymanmd #dumpthejunk #friendsdontletfriendsdrinkstarbucks at Townhall


The weekend - time for friends, family, and a wholesome dinner! We have a whole new cocktail menu, new organic sides, and the sun is shining on the patios! 100% grass-fed steak, sweet corn, butter poached sweet potatoes, chimichurri! #summer at Townhall


A very special thank-you to our friends @danivitale (pro dancer), @seanmalto (pro skater), @espn, and @sportscenter for coming in and raising the energy with us! In the land, we ALWAYS show up and we ALWAYS support 🔥 at Townhall


The TownHall family knows how blessed we are to live in such a great Country. Go Cavs!!! at Townhall


Eating healthy can be tough unless you’re at TownHall. All of the flavor, none of the GMO’s. Our earth bites are all organic and cooked in grass-fed butter/avocado oil! (Miso Bok Choy - miso dressed, crisp bok choy, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, sesame seeds, avocado oil) #THorNowhere #TownHallOHC at Townhall


Happening Now: @sportscenter LIVE filming 🔥cc: @themichaelsmith @jemelehill @scottiepippen #THorNowhere #TownHallOHC at Townhall


Non-GMO Fam! @RawTrainer! "Townhall is our spot because we know we will get fresh, organic, clean meals every time. We love that they keep the public informed on the latest health and wellness trends and actually care what people are putting in their mouths. We love that it is so family friendly and we can let our RAW babes run wild while we enjoy brunch 😜" #BigFOFFToGMOs at Townhall


What's is Paleo? The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to eat back in the day…WAY back in the day. If a caveman couldn't eat it, neither can you. This means you can eat anything we could hunt or gather – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds. We have Paleo options available daily, but every Wednesday, we put out and extra special Paleo specific menu! Join us from 5-10 pm to try it out. 🍴Tag a friend, we're giving away a Paleo pizza tonight! at Townhall

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