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Gearhead adventures & my 9 year build with TCP Magic, Toyo Tires, Brembo, Rays, Adaptronic, Stance USA, Amuse, SpeedsterJP, Lucky 7, & Garage Life. Similar users

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It's been a whole 3 weeks since Fuji circuit. Even though I'm in Europe... I'm still wired and can't wait for Round 4! @tcpmagic @madmike.123 #TCPmagic #RX7 #FD3S #TeamMagic #FD3S #BecauseJapan #FDJP #drifting #26B #Brap at Fuji International Speedway


Landed with an insane surprise & I can't sleep. I grew up reading Super Street, Import Tuner, & Modified before I started working in our industry. Before I had a license or a car.... just my skateboard. Growing up with Stephen & Andrew Ruiz (if you know anything about time attack) I was exposed & infected. After playing punk shows it was late night touge battles in James' STi. I bought my FD (stuffing my guitars & halfstack in her) and landed a job at HarmanMotive/@AQmotorsports. I met @ryannovak, JC Meynet, & Frank Chen (the roughnecks of West Coast time attack). Fast forward few years still daily driving my RX, I ended up growing into Bulletproof's build manager for 4 years with countless cover & feature cars... still daily driving my heavy street FD. When I was asked to help & build something special for Kawato-san to debut at SEMA.... it became clear in my head what I needed to do. On my own, started a clean slate, and went to work on my "hypothetical dream build" and this was the end result. I'm 29, still live in my apartment, still street park my car, still daily drive it, still have the skateboard, & still take the train when I'm working on her. I stopped my life to finish my car but it wouldn't have been possible without friends/the industry in my corner that really had my back & believed in me. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. #itwasalladream #fromthestreettoreality #somethingfromnothing #superstreet #trmnl7 #tcpmagic #fd3s #rx7 at London, United Kingdom

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