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Good morning Austria! @fischko20 and @feinerkerl here once again 👋 We are currently at Bodensee Nassfeld, as another closed road prevented us from hiking to a mountain for the sunrise. In the picture you can see the Ganges, the center of the milkyway, a few cows and @feinerkerl and @hemma_martina waiting for me 😂 We did not plan shooting the milkyway, but as D. D. Eisenhower said: "plans are useless, but planning is indispensable" . . #feelaustria #visitcarinthia at Naturpark Dobratsch Kärnten


Good evening Austria! @fischko20 and @feinerkerl here 👋 We had to change plans again due to a thunderstorm, but will be out for the sunrise tomorrow in the Carnic Alps. In the picture you can see @feinerkerl jumping into the water. Some local seniors recommended him to enjoy the warm water too and he did not think twice 😉 . . #feelaustria #visitcarinthia at Carinthia (state)


Good morning austria! @fischko20 here 🙌 Together with @feinerkerl we had to change our plans, as the road to the east side of weissensee is closed due to landslides. But we found another small lake, check out the stories for some impressions. I took this picture of @feinerkerl at "Alpl", just under the mountain Ganges. Even though it was my third visit at Ganges, I struggled to find the way back down for the third time, yesterday in the dark 🙈 But in the end we found the way back down 🙏 #happyend . . #feelaustria #visitcarinthia at Naturpark Dobratsch Kärnten


Good night Austria! @fischko20 here, together with @feinerkerl, we are currently on the way down from the mountain Ganges, check out the story for more about that 😉 I took this picture at Trogkofel, Carnic alps. But how did I take it? A) gondola 🚠 B) drone 🛰 C) put my gopro on a bird 🦅 D) climbing ⛰ What do you think? Tell me in the comments 😂 . . #feelaustria #visitcarinthia @fischko20 at Trogkofel


Hello guys, it’s @feinerkerl👋together with my buddy @fischko20 I will take over the @visitaustria account over the weekend. We’re going to visit the "Gailatler Alpen" in carinthia to show you some impressions of our favourite places there☺️here you can see me hiking up to the top of Oisternig- make sure to follow also the Instagram stories to get more images and behind the scenes stuff✌️ . . #feelaustria #visitcarinthia at Schutzhütte Oisternig


When the sun goes down.. Where is your perfect sunset place? 🌇🌄 Capture by @moritzenzomayer #feelaustria at Tennen Mountains


Good morning 🤗 Who of you is a morning person too? ;) Capture by @lindameixner #feelaustria at Gargellen, Vorarlberg, Austria


This morning I showed the view from the Hintersteinersee up to the Wilder Kaiser. This is the view from the peak called Scheffauer (2111m). Which one do you like more? ❤ Instagram takeover by @annespike #feelaustria #visittirol #wilderkaiser #hintersteinersee #scheffau #visitaustria at Scheffauer


Hi there! This is @annespike I will take over VisitAustria today! On a sunny hot day relaxing at the Hintersteinersee. It is just a dream. The (ice) cold water (around 19 degrees) and the view, are making your day unforgettable. 🌊🌊🌊 #feelaustria #visittirol #wilderkaiser #hintersteinersee #scheffau #visitaustria at Hintersteiner See


This is the last pic of my take over. If you are looking for an easy hike in the national park Hohe Tauern try the Dorfertal. There you can find a perfect alp scenery with cabins, cows and views. It's a way for your soul and every part of your family. @take_an_advanture for @visitaustria. #austriantime #nationalparkhohetauern #myosttirol @osttirolbergtirol at Dorfertal


Good morning folks, it's me again, Elisa from @take_an_advanture. For today I changed places. I'm now in East Tirol in the national park Hohe Tauern. There you can do some wonderful hikes with breathtaking views. For example go to the Stüdlhütte close to the Großglockner and try to inhale the power of the mountain. #austriantime #myosttirol #nationalparkhohetauern @osttirolbergtirol at Grossglockner


Part 15 of the Eagle Walk near Innsbruck. If you hike through beautiful landscapes make sure to stop, look back and enjoy the magical scenery. These are the moments I love most when being in the mountains. @take_an_advanture for @visitaustria #austriantime #lovetirol #visittirol @visittirol at Tirol, Austria

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