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Gia soy Amorgos! Goodbye! We will meet again.


Harvey Chops Lyons graciously allowed us recruit him as a model for the promotion of our upcoming Sunday Sessions fundraiser for Penny Marathon. Harvey was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis back in July and was a very, very sick boy. He has bounced back incredibly and is now walking about two hours a day and his latest blood test showed his C reactive protein to be a big fat and very welcome zero. He's back for another blood test next week, and hopefully we'll have him totally off the Prednisolone soon. As you can see from this photo, one of the side effects of the drugs is muscle wastage, which for Harvey has mainly affected his face. If you'd love some gorgeous, colourful portraits bringing out the beauty in your dog, make sure you book in for our Sunday Sessions fundraiser on 14 October. There will be lots of colourful accessories to choose from to feature in your dog's photos, like Harvey's here. Your $50 session fee will be donated to Penny Marathon, and you will have the opportunity to order some gorgeous products complete with fine art photos right after your dog's session. If you don't have a dog, you are welcome to come along anyway as it is market day at the Addison Road - Community Centre, so come on in and say hi <3 Click here for further deets: https://jolyonsphotography.com/sunday-sessions-2018


I just left the @officialfstoppers Studio where we wrapped up the post-processing for Photographing The World 4. This is an image from a really fun lesson we shot in Patagonia earlier this year and hopefully we’ll have the entire tutorial available for download soon!


Spud. Squirrel Squad. 🐿😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ photographed in Petaluma for our recent shoot with @2_hounds_design . . . . . #thelabsandco #2houndsdesign #australiankelpie #commercialdogphotography


. オーダーキッチンは憧れますが なかなかお値段が張ります。 . こちらのお家は、既製のキッチンに カウンターを造作してコの字キッチンに。 . ゴミ箱や食器を収納できるようサイズ調整。 . コの字キッチンの良さは 調理中の移動が少なくて済むこと。 料理好きな方におすすめの形です。 . 他にも沢山のお家を ホームページの施工例でご紹介しています。 @collabo_house からご覧ください。 #キッチン #コの字キッチン #造作キッチン #カウンター #ウッドワン #ステンレス #木目 #ダイニング #リビング階段 #無垢床 #杉 #ディクラッセ #ペンダントライト #自分らしい暮らし #デザイナーズ住宅 #注文住宅新築 #設計士と直接話せる #設計士とつくる家 #コラボハウス #インテリア #愛媛 #香川 #新築 #注文住宅


Sunset at Berg Lake | Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada | Photo by @jennexplores ---------------------------------------------------- Selected by: @jsn.ptrsn ----------------------------------------------------⭐️Follow our partners!⭐️ @enjoynewfoundland @enjoyoutdoors #berglake #mountrobson #mountrobsonprovincialpark #britishcolumbia #bc #canada #enjoycanada #explorebc #imagesofcanada #reflection #lake #view #sunset #sun #clouds #landscape #earthfocus #earth_shotz #eclectic_shotz #shotzdelight #way2ill #illgrammers #theimaged #depthsofearth #travel


What You See Is Not What You Get by @olivier_ratsi_photography ・・・ WYSI*not*WYG project, Anarchitecture #wysinotwyg #deconstruction #disturbingspace #disturbing #glitchart #glitch #glitchphotography


One of my favorite shots from my Iceland trip last year 💧


Midnight Magic! I love the moon light, there’s nothing like it’s soft even touch! Stay Positive Be Happy!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was truly a memorable night with fun adventurous souls @brown_eyed_woman @lirpa___ and @xo_alexarae As we played with light into the night, we completely lost track of time and that’s when one knows you’re having some genuine fun! Continuously inspired by @ericparephoto and @kimhenry.dance


Instagram Boyfriend duties 😂 #ShotOniPhone


I’ve been spending a ton of time at home the past few weeks, working in the yard and loving our little home. I’ve photographed a lot of moments like this with Maddie over the years but I just love her so much, so I think I’ll just keep at it 😊


The Three Kings or The Three Wise Men. Sadly, the Three Kings are now just 2 1/2 Kings. The Kings are the 3 hoodoos on the right. The leftmost King lost his head. Sigh... Maybe he was a member of the US Congress as they’ve all lost their heads. There’s a lot of that going around... New Mexico Badlands. Single Exposure. _______________________________________The NM Badlands are an extensive area with multiple sites and no paths. The best way to find your way around is with GPS. If you want a guide in this area I recommend Kialo Winters @chacorunner from Navajo Tours USA. He specialises in the New Mexico Badlands, and knows many good photo sites. I recommend him highly. _______________________________________


秋。 ・ 3連休2回分ボーっと過ごしてたから旅欲高め。 ・ 琵琶湖行こうかな。 ・ #旅人の交換日記 #名和晃平 #東京ガーデンテラス紀尾井町


Denali observes as a man on a pile of rocks 1000m away takes the last bite of his sandwich (a devastating blow that leaves her forever changed). #foreverchanged


Sunday Drives with Delicate Steve


If you caught Episode 2 of Pupparazzi last night you might recognize these little squishfaces!! 🐶🐶 This is Kanga and Roo! Both of these gorgeous little Chihuahua siblings were born with no front legs as a result of a genetic defect. After they were born, they were brought to a shelter where they waited for a very long time for someone to come along who would finally embrace them for every ounce of their differences and uniqueness! These two get around without any trouble standing on their back two legs, and they also have a couple of pretty sweet sets of wheels to help them zoom across long distances! 💨 What I love most about Kanga and Roo and dogs just like them is that they don’t feel bad for themselves! They just adapt and move forward - enjoying every tiny happiness and joy of life along the way! . Who here caught Episode 2?! I’d be so humbled to hear your thoughts! #pupparazzi #kangaandroo #chihuahua #chisofinstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #specialneedsdog #specialneedschihuahua #chihuahualovers #dog #dogphoto #dogphotographer #kayleegreer #dogbreath #dogbreathphotography #professionaldogphotographer #commercialdogphotographer #commercialdogphotography #dogsofig #chihuahuafanatics


cabo de sao vicente - portugal