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Sunday morning Stephen Crafti tour of #WOWOWAMerriCreekHouse So delighted to be involved. The two turrets and back deconstructed silo were inspired by the surrounding waterfall cream brick homes & farm relics: #WOWOWAGeoRelic Thx to @atmabuilders for being incredible builders. Can’t wait for the lovely @samcoxlandscape garden to grow!! #WOWOWA


Foto aérea que nos muestra la Y de la casa Ye inmersa en la Selva Valdiviana por un lado y con la fachada frente al Río Cayumapu. Ph. @ianhsum #chileanarchitecture #woodarchitecture #woodhouses #landscapeandarchitecture


Gondoliers In Fog⁣ ⁣ A foggy scene on the canals in Venice Italy. I often wonder what they talk about on cold, misty mornings.⁣ ⁣ Canon 5D Mark IV, 70-200mm f/4L, handheld, 200mm, 1/200 second, F/8, ISO 320.⁣ ⁣ #venice #natgeotravelpic #theworldshotz #mysterious


Blazing Heavens with @derekvculver


Did somebody say Friday? #olympicnationalpark #morethanjustparks


With all the places I have been and have yet to go, being in the country is one if the most relaxing feelings. I love hiking and exploring l, don’t get me wrong, but it is usually too hot, or too cold, or the kids are hungry, the backpack is too heavy, legs tired, etc, and it can quickly take the fun out of it all. The flip side is, with all the time I spend working, I hate being away from them if ai can help it. This shows a nice middle ground, since it is both a relaxing morning under the stars, and also less than a mile from the house, with no backpack, hiking, and a cup full of coffee. In the last few months I have realized that it doesn’t matter where I shoot, what the engagement rate is, or if anyone even reads all this stuff. What matter is that I enjoy it, and will continue to do so until I can’t get outside anymore. . . . . . #wildflowers #milkyway #texas #earthpix #keepexploring #homesweethome #roamtheplanet #countrylife #bevisuallyinspired


Theres something super relaxing about this clip. I didn't have time to get down to Kingkling beach while I was on Nusa Penida so instead I flew over the cliffs to get a glimpse of what was below. One of the most unique coastlines I've ever seen #droneshots #bali #indonesia


Flying like an eagle above some of the highest peaks in Europe. For me it’s probably the best feeling in the world to soak in nature’s beauty from a different perspective. Is this your dream too? Then it‘s your chance now to see Switzerland from a different angle. I‘m honored to give away one heli flight worth CHF 2000.- sponsered by Socar Velvet 98. All you have to do is telling me which place in Switzerland you‘d love to see from above and tag your adventurous friend you‘d take with you. You can only participate in this contest if you‘re a Swiss citizen. In the link in my bio you can learn morn about Socar's collaboration with Swiss Helicopter and win cool prices every week. I wish everyone good luck! #ad #socarwinandfly


Just finished a wonderful and playful week as an architect. This year I am focusing on five personal collaborative projects. This week the architect Kato Hiroshi @kato.jp.dk from Japan/Denmark explored a topic both of us want to test out in a small building in nature. The following photos are test models made during the week of interesting talks and story telling. 2019 is heading in a new and beautiful direction. In the coming months we will both post photos of how this project will unfold and become reality. #saundersarchitecture #toddsaunders #norway #japan #canada #katohiroshi #1of5 #experiments


“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”


TEXTURAS DO PLANALTO A Sala dos Tratados, que fica no @itamaratygovbr, é embelezada pela obra Treliça, de Athos Bulcão. #brasilia #brasil #itamaraty #planalto #athosbulcao #visitebrasilia



Amazing real time Aurora footage from my friends at @norge


„Grand View“ - USA What I love about the craft of landscape photography is the fact to be able to blend all those detailed foreground elements that are typical for the landscape with their vast and wide view. The light is the special feature that makes a good photo to a WOW-Photo and again emphasizes the character of a landscape. #usa #grandcanyon #red #loveexploring #landscapepainting #stefanhefele #dreaming


my brother and I left for Europe in early 2015, a week or so after my twenty-third birthday, he was fresh out of high school. travelling together for those two months was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. if we weren’t sleeping in the rental car or tent we were awake digging up trouble in London, Edinburgh and Reykjavik. I had seen a lot of siblings lose touch or grow apart, considering he was about to head off to university and I was doomed to continue chasing whatever new and revealing, there wasn’t anyone I wanted to share this with more. in the six months we’ve spent travelling the two of us, @kai.mcd became my closest friend. not in the traditional sense, a more intimate one. In years since we haven’t seen each other often, living at opposite ends of the continent. It doesn’t make a difference. the time we’ve shared is more, more in depth, than people who shuttle through the everyday. no one knows me like he does, revealed by a deeper understanding. spending twenty-four hours a day we’ve seen the best and worst, learned the aspects of each other traditionally shielded from view. If I was in trouble, I’d call Kai, if I needed someone to shoot straight, I call him. don’t let life distract from the important, decide important for yourself.


Islândia, um local de infinitas possibilidades fotográficas. A ideia aqui era captar um movimento interessante da maré, por meio das formas desenhadas pelas espumas brancas da água, em contraste com as areias negras desta praia vulcânica, em Vík, cidade ao Sul da Ilha. #travessiaexpedicoes #islandia #iceland



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