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So I know everyone has had a lot to say about the ‘Jigsaw’ make-up design but whatever your reaction, @rachelhevesi did a fantastic job of applying it everyday and @joshturimakeup made them very real. This video is full of visitors and silly moments for you guys! #timelapse #thepunisher #makeup


Chelsea just confirmed Higuain will sign his contract with the team today ✍️💸 ~ #GonzaloHiguain #Higuain #ChelseaFC #PremierLeague #Mercato #TransferMarket #Football #Futbol #Soccer #OhMyGoal


فيبي 😂😂😂


I read this quote in @karenthompsonwalker’s The Dreamers the other day, and it oddly made me feel a bit better about being anxious. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sure, worrying is a time-wasting, soul-crushing nightmare at times, but it’s kinda impressive that I can come up with so many imaginary scenarios in my mind. More on this in my latest blog post (link in profile!).


قبل امس شفت ست حلقات منه عجييب . . The good place . . لدعايه والاعلان التواصل بالخاص . . 🖤🔥


Pronti per decollare con Paranoia Airlines! Insieme all’album riceverete un pezzo a vostra scelta da questa capsule super cool realizzata da @fedez e @chiaraferragni ✈️💣🔥 #ParanoiaAirlines


Wallpaper Wednesday is going neutral! @stphaniekraudesigns displays their charming Haverford project guest bedroom which features our Margate wallpaper from the Anna French Watermark collection. #wallpaperwednesday #annafrench #wallpaper #interiordesign


🤔 • - @hmd.tv 🎥


TUESDAY SHOESDAY: Slide into the season with modern mules, woven wonders and barely-there sandals. From classic black to new neutrals, we've got you covered. #DressFromTheFeetUp Tap the link in bio to shop your favorite looks from Instagram at #NETAPORTER.


#currentmood Will be a bit quieter with things this week as I’m in need of my own advice to rest more. It’s been a long month already with getting everything ready for launch despite being equally as exciting. ⁣ ⁣ Things however take their toll when you start adding in small extra things, combined with what I’ve written about before, I am the type of person to push myself without really realising just how much and this last week I’ve done exactly that! So it’s time to pull back a bit and be more mindful of myself. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I’ll still be around & the shop is still open for all orders and pre orders but, in general I’ll be a bit quieter and not replying as quickly to DMs and comments, thank you in advance for understanding 💖 ⁣ ⁣ If you need to get in touch for a quick reply then email is the way to go or hit the contact tab on the website 💖 (Postcard available via link in bio)


OFFICIAL: Marseille confirm the signing of @mb459


Are you ready for the new age of tie-dye? #Harrods #HarrodsXPantone #ThisIsHarrods


While @johnderian’s peculiar alchemy defies easy classification—there’s no foolproof how-to guide for the Derian look—the designer’s background provides a few clues. He was born and raised in Watertown, MA, the youngest of six children. “I was the forgotten child, so I became the most creative. I spent my time drawing, making things, playacting, building forts, and collecting rocks and other bits of nature. I was totally content being by myself until about age 11, when I realized I had no friends,” he recalls, laughing. While living in Boston, Cambridge, and Provincetown in his late teens and early 20s, Derian made and sold dried-flower arrangements, studied painted finishes, immersed himself in the world of antiques, and waited tables at the Boston restaurant 29 Newbury, where his fellow servers included photographers @jackpierson9, Mark Morrisroe, and David Armstrong. “That was my college—the college of life,” he says of the time he spent amid the ferment of Boston’s avant-garde art scene. “I’m still a waiter in my brain,” he adds. “I never leave a room empty-handed.” In his own East Village home, the happy union of timeworn antiques, vintage textiles, and all manner of natural curiosities epitomizes the designer’s singular sensibility. “It’s just a bunch of things I love,” he says modestly, underplaying his brilliant eye for composition and color. The kitchen—a poky yet picturesque affair in the East Village boho style—opens directly onto a superbly cozy sitting room whose walls are lined in a king’s ransom of dishware, cake stands, compotes, and tureens dating from the 18th to the 21st centuries. The mix encompasses an assortment of signature Derian decoupage as well as pieces from the designer’s collaborations with the French ceramics maker @astierdevillatte. As Derian loves to cook and entertain, the fetching collection of servingware gets frequent exercise. See more of the apartment via the link in our profile. Photo by @stephenkentjohnson; text by @mayer.rus; styled by @michaelreynoldsnyc


🕵️‍♂️ SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! There are 5️⃣ things missing from the second photo of @DavidLuiz_4 v Tottenham, can you find them all? 🤔 #CFCSpotTheDifference #CFC #Chelsea




🎬✨ . the sopranos تتوقعون اختاروه مجامله لانه اشهر دور قام فيه ابوه؟؟


. . مين يروح معي 😻😸 . . . . . . اصنع فيلمك القصير وابدأ بتطوير نفسك 🎬 - حول ابداعك من الفكرة للشاشة👌🏼😉 - ورشة صناعة الأفلام القصيرة ‏ Filmmaking Workshop ١٨ - ١٩ - ٢٠ فبراير ٢٠١٩ (( من الفكرة إلى الشاشة )) - للتسجيل والاستفسار ‏@m.w.bader 📲٠٠٩٦٥٦٦٥٤٠٠٨٥ 📲٠٠٩٦٥٦٦١٥٥٥٦٦


The 2019 #Oscar nominations are officially in! 👏🏽 Congrats to #AStarIsBorn's #LadyGaga, #BohemianRhapsody's #RamiMalek, and #BlackPanther on their nominations. Click the link in our bio to see the full list of nominees. #OscarNoms 📷: Warner Bros; Fox; Marvel Studios


The head could be a little fresher this morning, if you watched my stories last night, you’ll know why. Thank you @stockdalesofyorkshire for having us and treating us to some super tasty nosh and sorry that @mizzknits and I were the cacklers in the corner. Head over to stories to find out what we were laughing at. For those asking the book is by @misterwoodywoods and I bought it at a fair at the @hepworthwakefield Coffee and carbs are first on the hit list now as I’m off on a little adventure to meet up with some of my all time favourite grammers for a sleepover. There will be antiquing, rambling, more cackling and definitely more booze. I’ll story the lot today so stay tuned. @thisstyle_rocks @1fiveone @thespacemaker_interiors @the_idle_hands @meganaceinteriors Im coming for you.............. #sixgomadinyorkshire . #ihavethisthingwithfloors #floors #tiles #hexagons #lookingdown #abmlifeiscolorful #styleithappy #abmlifeissweet #myhomevibe #hexagons #mosaic #ihavethisthingwithtiles


🎬✨ . seinfeld . الشخص هذا تحفه و دايم تجيه اصابات و جروح بظروف غريبه 😂😂😂و ايضاً المسلسل و شخصيته مظلومه انصحكم بالمسلسل اذا تحبون المسلسلات الكوميديه الي مدة حلقتها تكون قصيره



🎮⚽️ Four #Bundesliga stars have made it into the @easportsfifa #TOTW — give it up for @ysommer1, @danielcaligiuri18, @leon_goretzka and @anterebic! 🙌 #FIFA19 #FUT


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COOKIE‼️🎶🎂🎁 #hellohello