24 days ago

Over excitement is a behavioural problem and sadly be the cause of so many dog fights. Not only that, most dogs who are over excited aren’t thinking, which can cause them to be very disrespectful towards other dogs personal space. Unfortunately most humans think it’s a happy dog but it’s not. Think of it like this....would you go and jump on top of everyone at a coffee shop as soon as you arrived? Hopefully not, you’d be nice and polite and wait for the mutual invitation to shake hands or hug.....make sense? Georgie has just arrived, watch how she barges Into the other dogs faces and space. You will see Wilma trying to address it and the rest ignoring it. There comes a time where enough is enough and you will see my Jaffa correct the behaviour. My 2 won’t encourage any form of behavioural problem and even when Georgie rolls on her back both Jaffa and Mocha almost turn away from her (follow through). This is Georgie saying sorry, sorry, sorry (but to the extreme). If my dogs got up to lick her or tell her it’s ok, Georgie would never learn the lesson. They just want Georgie to be polite and respectful. With the wrong dog at a dog park Georgie can get bitten from behaviour like this and it’s my dogs job (& mine) to make sure we help avoid that by teaching appropriate behaviour to keep them safe😊 I learn so much from watching my dogs and the one big take out from this is to be VERY clear with your expectations and follow through! If you’re having problems like this, rehabilitation starts at home first by never encouraging over excitement and stepping in to stop it when it does. What they practice at home they’ll practice elsewhere on other dogs and humans😊 #dogtraining #dogbehaviour #dogbehaviourist #dogtrainer #dogsofinstagram #dogsocialisation #packwalk #dogrehabilitation #lovedogs #socialdogsarehappydogs #doggydisneyland #dogs #puppies #adogslife #dogislove #puppytraining #rescuedogs #dogwhisperer