World Of Mae

5 months ago

The following is my own little personal ode to #FredRogers in honor of #worldkindnessday ♥️Cardigan Hearts♥️ #MrRogers influenced my life beyond measure. As a little girl he was a constant light of warmth, kindness, and #peace. As I look at the choices I have made as a professional, as a mom, and who I decided to share my life with; it all goes back to that feeling I felt as child sitting on the living room floor everyday listening and watching as they zoomed in, I was invited into that all encompassing feeling of #home...of total acceptance...of meaningful #connections to #friends and #community. He created an unshakable sense of #security. Now as an adult I realize I wasn’t alone...he invited US ALL in. And it’s the people who fully dove into that invitation as well who I feel so immensely #thankful for now and forever. As today’s celebration is so reflective of these influences and looking through that lens at our own community here at Sweet Potato (born from World of Mae love & kindness) it’s such a full circle moment. My #heart will forever be wrapped in my Mr. Rogers #cardigan and I plan to honor his #legacy to my fullest potential by creating many more cardigan protected hearts through #friendship, community, and true acceptance within all of our shared endeavors. Thank you Mr.Rogers and all the friends you created for me and my loves to learn and grow together with in this life! #sparkkindness #differentnotless #wontyoubemyneighbor #neighborhoodofmakebelieve



@fairystrong that is the best picture with the kids

5 months ago