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5 months ago

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Dearest Rayyan, . 5 years ago, Mahnoor, Suha, Mama and Baba decided they wanted a baby in the house. A lovely little boy to love and to hold, with twinkly eyes and itty bitty toes. We prayed to Allah ta'ala to send you to us. We wanted to hug you and make a fuss. . That night as everyone slept, an angel came in Mama's dreams and said, "congratulations! Your wish has been granted. Allah is sending you the boy you all have wanted." . He showed Mama your tiny face all pink and scrunched up as can be. She fell in love and wept with joy, wanting to hold you for eternity. . We followed the path the angel had shown ,flew down to Lahore to meet you and make you our own. . Dadi Jaan and Khala jaani welcomed us with open arms, and took us to see the bundle of joy who had a smile full of charm. . We knew right then that you were made for us as we were a family made for you. Our hearts were bursting with love that was strong and mighty for you. We held your little finger and promised right there and then, to love you and protect you and give you the world that is your due. . Lots of love Mama, Baba, M & S . . I love narrating and writing stories. Specially if I know that it is something that has actually happened. I usually write things I see or experience myself. However the other week I was completely bowled over when someone asked me to write their story for them. . A letter from happy parents to their precious son on how he was very much wanted and hence adopted. I have never enjoyed writing anything more than I enjoyed writing this one. So honoured and humbled that the lucky parents of this adorable little boy chose me to be a tiny part of their joy. It has been a privilege. . With their permission I am sharing a bit of their story. Hope you enjoy it :) . P. S Names and places have been changed to protect their privacy. . . #birthstories #adoptionstories #adoption #babyboys #writersofinstagram #ig_pakistan #honestmotherhood #children #love #parenting #parenthood_moments #writing #storytelling #babiesofinstagram #kids_of_our_world #family

Photo by Sarah Pervez on November 13, 2019. Image may contain: one or more people and text